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Edward left Bella. Bella became a vampire. But more than that, she became deranged. She's a monster who feeds on agony. Now, will Edward find her this way?


2. Myself and I

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My territory, you filthy rat. I think as I sit in the treetops, disguised as a bird, watching a werewolf below me. You could be a meal if I wanted you to be. You wouldn't even know what hit you.

Jacob wanders these woods looking for me all the time. I wonder if he'll ever give up. He sits on top of an old tree trunk and looks around. He cries - howls - of anguish. Then he dives into a hollow tree and he changes. He comes out in his normal clothes, and he hasn't aged a bit in the last fifteen years since I've died. He looks around. He knows my ability, and still none of them have been able to find me.

"Bella! I know you're out here...Please..." He expects me to back down. I am not going to fail. Not this time! "Please! Stop this!" He cries more.

I fly to a perch beside him and he flinches, noticing me. I answer his request through a bird's beak, in my own voice for once.


"Why not?!" He hisses at me.

"Haven't you ever heard, Jacob? Vampires don't quit."

"Nor will I." He declares.

"Well then you've got one long hell of a life to deal with."

He shivers. I fly away, and when I'm far enough, I change into a human, and I could enjoy the warmth of human food, atop my human taste buds, but it’s not as entertaining. So I prey on a woman (who I’ve been stalking on my occasional visits out of the forest) who has quite a shock, seeing me, her ‘husband’ telling her I’ve been ‘having an affair’. Then I feast on her broken heart.

I don’t like leaving my forest. But it was necessary. The dog wouldn’t leave me alone.

I find a hotel and pay for it using the woman I feasted upon as my disguise. I steal her I.D. and her look. In the hotel I wait for two days, and then I escape into the woods as a bird. I know he’s not here. I don’t smell him.

The month after I died I had built a fort, high in the trees, too far up for anyone to see. In it I can live as myself. So now I fly up there and change into my normal, vampire form, as Isabella Swan. I have a couch, a wireless TV, a cell phone, a desk, and my paintings. I picked up art after my death because I needed a hobby besides hunting. I watch TV to see what’s changing in the modern day; I am still interested in ways to confuse my prey, so naturally I need to be aware of their lives as well.

I fly far up into the mountains where there is a hidden lake, and not far is the meadow. There is a large hidden waterfall inside a cave where light seeps through a vast hole in the top. And I can live like a queen, because it is as big as a football field, and no human has ever discovered it. There are many mini caves surrounding the area. But the waterfall is the best. On a sunny day, the cave is bright and more like a large swimming pool. And the waterfall makes the perfect shower.

I undress and stand behind it. I put out one hand and feel the heat of natural hot springs right before the waterfall. The water heats up my icy skin tingling my entire body, erasing every sprinkle of human blood and gore. This is where I am myself, also.

A rock falls down and hits me in the head. Above I hear the howling of a werewolf. But I also smell something else. Vampire.