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Edward left Bella. Bella became a vampire. But more than that, she became deranged. She's a monster who feeds on agony. Now, will Edward find her this way?


3. I Am Queen

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A large growl ripples down into the caves, echoing ghost-like.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” The stentorian voice cries.

It makes me terrified. I crouch down and begin backing away from the opening. The loud voice is full of rage and dominance, like an angry god condemning me to eternal hell. My whole vampire life I have been in charge of everything, and have been in control of myself. But now this voice makes me certain that I am not Alpha anymore. This voice sends me quivering. If I was in my human form, I’m sure I’d pee myself.

The voice is followed by loud stomps and the cave ceiling shakes, sending rocks and dirt falling into the water. I swim until I reach the other side, and then I do not have the strength or willingness to change form.

“Bella, we had to tattle. We had no other choice. What were we supposed to do?” Jacob’s timid voice says.

“Give up!” I yell. “Who’s there? Who is that?”

“WHO DO YOU THINK?” A large, dark silhouette falls down into the cave. His voice makes me weak. He begins swimming towards me.

This is where time freezes. My choices are forced on me, here and now. And I know what to choose.

“Get. Away. From. Me. Now.” I seethe. “Do NOT come any closer.”

“What are you going to do to me? I’m not afraid of you, Isabella.” He says icily.

“You take one step closer and I’ll dismember you!”

He swims forward more. I lunge. We scrape, we claw, we rip, and then I see his face. His black eyes, his hard jaw. I pause. He pauses.

Memories flow through my head. The last time we saw each other…he said goodbye.

And then, without hesitation, I rip his head off.

I pull the thing out of the water, and go back in for the body, I continue to rip him apart, and he fights, but I win.

Finally I take all the pieces out of the cave. Jacob stands there awe-struck.


“Nope. He can be put back together good as new. But not now.” I bury the body pieces – all but the head. I take the head to my fort as Edward yells and shouts.

“You are not the Bella I used to know! What happened to you?” He rants.

“What did you expect to find, Eddy? Your precious little breakable human? Your timorous little whore, waiting for you to come back and rescue her? I'm not breakable anymore. And in my world, I am never at risk.” I say as I jump up to my tree fort. “I am impenetrable, void of any difficulties that are risen with having camaraderie. I am queen. Up here, my castle, and this land, my kingdom. And no one like you can leave me behind. I am in control.”

I place his head in a glass jar atop the TV.

“Now...what to do with you? Shall I leave you behind in the forest, heartless, as you did to me?”