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I think of you.

Silly fluff really (: Edward and Bella talking in bed.


1. Chapter 1

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Bella Swan rolled over and sighed blissfully. Despite what she though was logical, her dream was a reality. Edward Cullen was lying beside her, smiling perfectly at her. She lazily opened her eyes and saw it was still dark.

“You didn’t sleep long,” he whispered gently. She smiled goofily, and he bit his lip to suppress a laugh.

“Hmm, Charlie is asleep, we’re all alone an already in bed… what do you want to do?” she whispered mischievously, becoming slightly nervous.

“Bella is that all you think about?” Edward laughed.

“No… I also think about books, movies, shopping, school, friends, family, life and occasionally I spare a thought for my dear, old Edward.”

“Bella, you really are absurd,” he sighed, laughing.

“Why, what do you think about?”

“Well the same really, but when I think about books, I think about reading to you. When I think about movies, I think about watching movies with you. When I think about shopping, I think about shopping with you. Friends and family, I think of you. When I think about my life, I merely think of you.”

Edward had become slightly nervous despite himself. His voice was hushed and rushed, almost too fast for Bella to understand. He could hear her heartbeat increasing. Her face was neutral, like she hadn’t heard a word. He gently brought his hand to her cheek. She finally smiled, and it was as though it was the first time her saw her smile all over again. Her intoxicating smell had become stronger to him. Her warmth was suddenly much more evident.

They lay staring at each other, both trying to find ways to articulate their feelings.

Giving up, Bella asked, “ Can I change my answer?”

Edward laughed and buried his face in her hair, inhaling deeply. He gently moved his face, kissing her neck, cheeks and finally his lips touched hers.

Suddenly Edward pulled away from Bella and sat straight up. Before Bella could say a word he was standing by the window. Though she could barely see in the made, Edward winked at her. Edward opened the window and Alice was suddenly standing in front of Bella.

Bella opened her mouth, as if to protest, but simply sighed and rolled onto her stomach. She could hear Edward’s low whispering, but not make out what he was saying. She heard the window being closed, close to silently except for the soft thud at it hit window sill.

Bella sat back up, and Edward was kneeling at her bed, stroking her hair.

“They’re not please at how much time we spend here, they want to see you.” he whispered in her ear.

“Sure, sure.” Bella said, feeling the tiniest sting of pain at the phrase.

Edward frowned, knowing Bella all to well. He wanted to tell her he loved her, and shower her in endless gifts. He wanted to spend all his time with her, but he understood her perfectly. He loved her and she loved him. That was enough.