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An unexpected event

Jacob imprints upon someone who is unexpected. a vampire a man

(chapter eight: debate is up!)

so basically, i wondered what would happen if Jacob imprinted on a vampire. the idea evolved until jacob was imprinting on a male vampire. enjoy!

1. Chapter 1: Him

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it happened at the wedding.

My gaze was locked upon them, swaying lightly over the dancefloor. Pain, jealousy and anger all rippled through my mind. Seeking anything, anything at all to distract my mind, I looked across to the guests and tried to supress the emotions, but the rage spilled out of its careful flood gates, and I had to fight to keep it down.

I closed my eyes, focusing on my steady breathing. Slowly, reluctantly, the rage retreated into it's cage, ready to rise up again, should the need arise.

Before I even opened my eyes, I could feel someone else's gaze upon me.

I sought out the owner to those probing eyes, and found, with surprise, that they belonged to Jasper Hale.

Normally, I would have adverted my eyes, away from the filthy bloodsucker. However, this time, I was filled with a strange curiosity for what lay behind those eyes.

He was looking at me with a mix of curiosity and concern, something I only expected from Bella. Without thinking about it, I blinked for a fraction of a second.

Funny how a spit second can alter your life so much in so little time.

In that tinest measurement of time, my world exploded. Nerves in my body and brain responded, as my gaze grew softer,more longing, and my stance became rigid, tense.

I wanted him, him and only him, forever.

He seemed to notice the changes, his eyes widening with comprehension, disbelief, and curiosity

Jasper Hale. What had Bella told me about him? He wasn't strong, or a mind reader, neither could he predict the future.

He could feel what I felt.

It all made perfect sense to me. Whatever had been there before, any hatred, revulsion, and sense of right and wrong were washed away by words like soulmate, destiny, and love.

Love? How could I? How could I possible be imprinted upon Jasper Hale? it was all wrong, but at the same time, achingly right.

What could I do ? I would have to tell Sam. I would have to tell Bella. I would have to tell Him.

How would they react? How could this work? I wanted to be with him, too badly. My body ached for his touch, a desire that surpised me.

I had always thought, had it not worked out with Bella, that if and when I imprinted, it would be on a girl. Certainly, I had always shown preferance towards females, but now... I wasn't so sure.

"Jacob?" Bella's voice startled me, snapping me out of my daze.

"Are you feeling alright, Jacob? why are you standing so still?"

Bella's voice sounded raw, I could see the concern in her eyes.

"It's nothing, I just-" I sighed. "Maybe I shouldn't have come. This is all a bit too much for me"

Bella frowned, and her mouth turned downwards, in disaproval.

"Maybe you should go and sit down, Jacob, or maybe you should just leave" she said, her voice changing with the last proposal. Dejected, offended by my words, she pleaded with me through her eyes.

I looked at her, and shook my head.

"Maybe I will just go and sit down". My head exploded with possiblities, as I walked, heart thumping, over to where he sat, alone, amongst the chairs.