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An unexpected event

Jacob imprints upon someone who is unexpected. a vampire a man

(chapter eight: debate is up!)

so basically, i wondered what would happen if Jacob imprinted on a vampire. the idea evolved until jacob was imprinting on a male vampire. enjoy!

6. Chapter 6: Options

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Jasper’s POV

"I can see a room. It's Charlie’s living room. Bella is there, and so is Edward. He’s holding her... she's crying, sobbing about "5 o'clock". He whispers in her ear, she look at the clock, and walks out of the room. Then it fades to black

She looked at me, worry rolling off her in waves.

"What does this mean?"

"The Volturi... It seems they may have their 'demands' granted"

She inhaled quickly, and her hand was holding her silver cell phone in an instant.
"Edward..." she quickly described her dream, and snapped her phone shut.

Sensing her rising panic, I spoke to re-assure her

"Alice, you know that your power is imperfect. What you saw... might not happen"

"But this one seemed so clear... All I can do know is watch for a change in the Volturi's decision. I can't stand not knowing!"

"I know" I said, and pulled her into my arms.


Jacob's POV

It was blissfully silent. The only sounds were the quiet rustle of the trees, the occasional call of a blue jay, and the sound of my own steady breathing. I was completely alone in the forest, which surprisingly made me feel happy. I needed some time to untangle the heady rush of the past few days

I considered my options

Option one: Run away. It seemed so simple, so easy. A coward's way out. Besides, I couldn't do that to Bella... The new Mrs Cullen. I expected to feel pain from those words, but all I felt was a small tinge of grief, a delayed reaction. Strange how I felt about her now. Not fiercely passionate, but like I wanted her to be happy. And now, I guess she was. Blissfully happy. If only everything was as simple as two people loving each other. I sighed. In reality, we wove more complicated webs.

Option two: Do nothing. Simply continue with my life the way it is now, all the time pining for - I couldn't bring myself to think his name- him. This was the safest option, the most liveable, for everyone. It was also the scariest option. I would become... something akin to Bella, all those months ago. A zombie. A shudder rippled through me, and I fought the easy desire to phase. I wasn't yet ready to face the pack. Sam, of course, would be understanding, however surprised or disgusted he was underneath. And the rest of them... they would probably piss themselves laughing, until they realised it wasn’t a joke. Despite myself, I smiled a wry smile.

Option Three: Try to talk to Jasper. Fight for what I wanted, what I so desperately needed. He didn't even have to... want me in that way. I would settle for friendship, I would settle for anything, whatever the price. Anything to be close to him.

I shook all my thoughts from my mind, and began to run. Elation rushing though me, I stripped off my clothes and phased.

As I dashed through the forest, I could not feel any of the pack. Relief flooded through me, as I headed for the deep forest that surrounded First beach. I felt another consciousness join me in wolf form, and Sam spoke.

"Jacob. I know. Please, meet me at first beach. We need to discuss... this whole situation"

His voice sounded overly calm and formal. I guessed he was trying to hold down his surprise at my imprint, almost in awe of the spectacular turn of events.

I soon arrived at first beach, and I stopped on the fringe of the forest. There, standing by the waters edge, was a lone figure. Still in wolf form, I loped silently over to him, and sat silently beside him.

"Phase back, Jacob"

I turned away from him, and phased back into my human form. I looked down, and realised with horror that I had no clothes on, having discarded them so hurriedly earlier.

Sam laughed, and pulled a pair of black track pants from his bag, and threw them at me. I caught them easily with one hand, and pulled them on. I looked across at Sam.

"Sam, I-"

"Jacob, its fine. I know that you have no control over it... I should know" he winced, and shut his eyes, no doubt thinking of Leah, and how he had hurt her.

"We, as a pack, need to think about our options"

“I already have. The only option that seems bearable for me, and everyone, is to try. Try to talk to him, to let him see it my way"

Sam's eyebrows raised, and he opened his mouth to protest.

"Listen to me. I know it's wrong. I know. It's like a romance across a battlefield, between opposing sides. But it won’t be like that. I know he can never love me in that way and all he could ever be to me would be a friend, at the most, a brother. Please Sam, let me just try"

"Jacob, how can you be sure that he will be willing... to be your friend?"

"I'm not sure. If he doesn't want me, I will accept that, and try to move on."

"But Jacob, they are our mortal enemies. The sole reason we are like this is to protect our tribe, protect it from the bloodsuckers! Everything about us is designed to kill them. We run fast, so we can catch them. We have sharp teeth, so sharp we can tear through their granite skin! They are our opposites in every way. We are warm, they are cold. Their very smell disgusts us! How can you want that?

Sam was shaking from his outburst, something that rarely happened. It was so unlike Sam to lose control in a situation like this.

"Because I love him" I said simply.

He sighed, as if to brush the matter aside.

"Fine, Jacob, I’ll be behind you on this. Just... don't turn this into a war. Your actions could very well break the treaty. Be careful."

He turned, and ran toward the forest, vibrating like a tuning fork.

I sat down on the rock. How could I go about it? I would have to ask him to a meeting, I guessed. And it would have to be on neutral ground.

My head spun as I considered the possibilities.

Suddenly, a sickly sweet smell burned in my nostrils.

I whirled around, facing the pale figure stepping out of the forest.