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An unexpected event

Jacob imprints upon someone who is unexpected. a vampire a man

(chapter eight: debate is up!)

so basically, i wondered what would happen if Jacob imprinted on a vampire. the idea evolved until jacob was imprinting on a male vampire. enjoy!

7. Chapter 7: Leave

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Jasper's POV

"Alice?" I whispered into her ear. Her eyes flew open, startled by my tone of voice.

She groaned


"You're gone again. What are you planning with the werewolves?
I smiled. There was no sneaking past Alice.

"I thought... I might have a talk. With Jacob"

"Why? What about?

I could feel her getting agitated, and I sent a wave of calm towards her.

"I want to talk with him. About our current... situation. I need to tell him how it has to be, Alice. He needs some closure."

Alice nodded

"I understand. Just... be careful. A young werewolf... perhaps not the safest thing to be around"

I nodded, and leant down to kiss her forehead. I playfully mussed up her hair, and glided swiftly out of the room.

I so hated lying to her. I could not guarantee that, in the heat of the moment, Jacob would not lash out at me.

I left the house, and began to run toward the forest. I switched off my mind, and tried to concentrate on the euphoria of running. I did not want to think about what I was about to do.

I could feel his emotions from a while off. As I stepped out from the trees, and onto the smooth rocks, Jacob whirled around, surprise and hostility radiating off him.

When he realised who I was, his face broke into a smile, and joy flew out of him, smacking me right in the chest. Suddenly, despite myself, I was happy, too.

For a few seconds, maybe more, we stood in an awkward silence I hesitated, and waited for him to speak

"Jasper, I... I trust you know?"

I simply nodded, delaying the inevitable.

"I, um, wanted to talk about that... and what we are going to do"

I winced, and hoped I wouldn't hurt him too much with my words.

"Jacob... it simply can't be. You know I don't... love you; neither can I grow to love you. I think... it would be best for both of us if you were to leave"

I adverted my eyes from his, but it was no use. I still felt his anguish like it was my own.

I risked a quick glance at him. He was hanging his head, tears falling thickly down his russet cheeks.

When he spoke, his tears obscured his voice, and it came out in a cracked, barely audible whisper.

"Jasper, I can't. I just can't live without you. I can’t even be apart from you. These past few days have been unbearable for me. Even now, I’m fighting the urge to reach out and touch you, to hold you. I don’t even need... that. I could survive on your friendship alone."

His pain curled inside me, and I forced the next few words out.

"But we can’t. Both supernatural beings, built to destroy each other. How can anything between two such enemies ever flourish?"

"We could try."

Hope blossomed from him, and I dreaded having to be the one to squash it. This wasn’t working. I would need to cut much deeper, lie to him more, if this were to work

"No. we can't. I don't love you! I love Alice. Not you! How could I want anything to do with a... filthy dog". I spat the last words.

His sorrow washed over me, and I tried to continue with my lie.

"Go away. Leave me and my family alone. I hate you, Jacob Black."

His face crumpled in pain, and he hung his head

He looked up at me, the tears flowing faster and faster down his cheeks. He spoke in a low, intense voice.

"But I love you"

I silently shook my head

"Could I hug you? Just once?"

I knew that by granting his wish, I would only drive the pain deeper, and make it so much harder for him, when he was gone. Despite the sensible voice in my head, I nodded, and pulled his tall frame into my arms. His embrace was fierce, fuelled as it was by pain and passion.

We stayed like that for an immeasurable moment, until I knew I could no let it go on any longer.

I pulled away from him, and walked swiftly towards the fringe of trees that encircled the rocky bay. I as I was about to start running, curiosity overwhelmed me, and I risked a glance back through the trees.

Jacob was sitting in the sand, curled into a ball. Tears were staining the sand around him, and he was shaking, both from the sobs that were wracking his frame, and from the desire to transform into a wolf.

I could feel his pain; feel his anguish mingled with intense passion. His emotions were mine, and I took a half-step towards the beach.

No. It could never be.

Shutting my eyes, I sprang into the dense undergrowth, and ran as fast as I could, leaving the beach far behind.

Goodbye, Jacob