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An unexpected event

Jacob imprints upon someone who is unexpected. a vampire a man

(chapter eight: debate is up!)

so basically, i wondered what would happen if Jacob imprinted on a vampire. the idea evolved until jacob was imprinting on a male vampire. enjoy!

8. Chapter 8: Debate

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Jane's POV

"Jane, dear one. You have returned. Welcome back"

"Aro" I nodded towards him

"I trust your journey was pleasant? How is Carlisle? Good, I hope."

I smiled slightly, restraining my power. Gliding forward, I touched my forefinger gently to his palm. I saw his eyes widen as the startling information flooded through out connection. He quickly controlled his eyes, and flashed a smile in my direction.

"Interesting. My my, the Cullens have been busy... “He murmured “Jane? Inform the others. We meet at sundown."

I nodded, and strode quickly from the room. Whatever happened in the next few hours, whatever decisions were made, one thing was certain.

That werewolf was going to die.


Alice's POV

I hated not knowing. I hated not seeing, not being able to watch over him. He could be anywhere, doing anything. He could be in danger, he could be hurt! I exhaled sharply, and slammed my fist into the door.

I blinked in surprise as the door splintered underneath my hand, and fell away from the frame, landing with a heavy thud on the floor. Oops.

I sat down heavily on the couch, and tried to catch up with my mixed and twisted thoughts. Jasper would never. We were a pair, a package deal. I knew that. I had always known that, ever since I opened my eyes into this life. Then why couldn't I stop the doubts and worries forming?

A light knock on the doorframe roused me from my worries, and I looked up to see Carlisle standing quietly in the doorway.

"Alice? I heard..." He noticed the splintered wood on the floor around him, and smiled.

"I heard the door" He crossed the room in three quick strides, and sat next to me on the plush suede couch.

"I know this must be driving you mad. The holes in your vision, and the helplessness of not knowing."

I nodded, and, seeking another topic, voiced a question which I had been meaning to ask for a while.

"What have you found out? About the imprint, I mean"

Carlisle sighed, and shook his head.

"My knowledge of this topic is... sketchy, at best. I know very little of this phenomenon, as it is a very new concept for me. A new concept for us"

When he spoke of us, I knew he was not only referring to our family, but to the entire vampire... collection across the world. Including the Volturi.

"From what I do know, there is nothing that suggests this is normal, but the events do follow the accepted pattern of a normal imprint"

"But why was it Jasper? Doesn't an imprint usually occur between two people of opposite sexes?"

Carlisle nodded his forehead creasing.

"That’s what I don't understand. My guess is - and this is only a theory - is that the emotional trauma Jacob must have felt seeing Bella joined to Edward in that way, would have left his mind vulnerable, and in desperate need for comfort. Thus, the imprinting compulsion was awakened, and Jacob latched onto the first person he saw. Which just happened to be Jasper"

I blinked, and took this new revelation in.

"So what you're saying is... it was just luck?!" In my outburst of anger, I flew up off the couch, and onto my feet. "Pure, dumb luck that Jacob just happened to look at Jasper in that moment?"

Carlisle looked up at me, a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"Yes. Simply, Jasper was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Quite a cliché, when you think about it"

I stood perfectly still for a moment, contemplating his words. Luck. It was just luck


Heidi's POV

I strode, irritated down the cold stone corridor. What could possibly be so important that they had to call a meeting now .Huffing in frustration, I turned the corner and was met with a sturdy door made of wood and iron. Taking a minute to compose myself and fix my hair, I pushed the door open and burst into the hall.

The hubbub of voices that filled the hall died down around me, and a sea of dark burgundy eyes turned towards me. Hmph, I would have to go food shopping soon...

"Heidi" Aro's cheerful voice greeted me "You're late" His tone was disapproving.

I tilted my chin upward in defiance, and fixed the three cloaked figures in front of em with an angry stare

"I was busy"

"Who are you talking to, Heidi? Because you couldn't be talking to us. Not in that tone" remarked Marcus icily.

I bit back the acidic remark that was bubbling on my tongue, and hung my head, studying the roughly cut stone of the floor.

"I'm sorry" I muttered "I- it won't happen again"

"Good. Now, to business. Aro? I believe you asked us all here for a reason?"

Aro sighed, as if dreading breaking the mood

"Yes... It seems the Cullens have been busier than we thought, in their quaint little town of Forks." He paused, finding the right words. "They have made a pact with the werewolves"

A few gasps broke the tense silence that followed his words, and I realised with surprise that one of them was mine.

Felix, always opinionated, spoke up.

"So? Why do we care? They are not a part of this society, they are outcasts. We know - I know that they are freaks, a weird exception to our way of life"

Aro frowned, and Jane took over, relishing the opportunity to be the centre of attention.

"The problem is, Felix - she sneered at his name - is that one of the Cullens, Jasper, is quite friendly with one of the...beasts. He imprinted on him."

Jane paused, waiting for a reaction from the crowd.

When none came, she let out an exasperated sigh.

"The point is, they know. They know about who we are, and what we are. They are a danger to our secrecy. Not only that, but these werewolves have the power to kill vampires. Essentially, they are a threat to us. A threat to our position and a threat to our way of life."

As she had been speaking, her voice had been rising steadily higher and higher, and she paused briefly to calm her voice and regain her composure. When she spoke again, her voice was flat, determined.

"The werewolves must die"


Alice's POV

I held my silence for a few moments, until another thought occurred to me. Resuming my place on the couch, I faced Carlisle, and tried to keep the hope from showing in face.

"Carlisle, with the imprint... you have to see the person after you have become a werewolf, for the compulsion to be triggered, right?

He simply nodded, urging me on.

"The very first time you see them?"

Confusion flickered across his face, as he tried to understand where I was leading with this.

"Yes Alice, Everything you have said so far is true. What are you getting at here?"

"Well, Jacob has seen Jasper many times before, right? How come Jacob didn't imprint then?"

Carlisle sighed

"Alice, I know you wish this never happened. But we can't turn back." He cleared his throat, and glanced towards me. "We can outlive it, but there is not a mythical creature on this earth capable of manipulating time. As I explained before, this particular imprint is a fluke. None of the 'normal' rules apply to this situation."

I nodded, and turned my head towards the window, gazing deep into the trees. It was a few minutes before Carlisle broached the silence.

"Alice? Where is Jasper?

"He's gone to meet Jacob", I murmured, still absorbed in the forest. "Down by first beach, maybe. Why?"

Carlisle's wide, calculating eyes flicked from mine to the window, into the depths of the forest.

"Carlisle?" I asked, fully alert now. “What is it?"

"I think... I think" He paused, trying to keep his face composed. "I think Jasper broke the treaty."