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At Dawn

I will definitely add onto this chapter. Stay tuned. KEEP READING! PLEASE REVIEW! Suddenly, when Edward invites Bella to the meadow for a special occasion, Bella becomes suspicious. She thinks that it's simply a date. But Edward thinks otherwise. Will Bella survive this so called "date"? Or will she look at Edward in a different light? What will happen? Secrets will be revealed. Idenities will be forgotten.

This story is about Edward and Bella's "date" in the meadow. Will Edward do something, that they both will regret?

1. The Note

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I was on the ground. Helpless. Screaming in pain. Edward was smiling a wide grin. A devilish grin. He was leaning down towards me. I felt my jaw tighten and my eyes close. I winced. Something sharp dug into my skin, again and again. Alice was trying to tell me something. She had a vision. I writhed in agony. No more Charlie, I thought. No more Jacob, Billy, Mike, no more anyone. No more me. I shuddered on the ground at the thought.

I saw a pool of dark red liquid spread out around me. My blood I thought. The hole in my stomach widened with a rip of pain. I screeched into the darkness.The nothingness.

I awoke screaming and thrashing about in my damp sheets. I felt my cheeks and noticed, They were wet. I had tears rolling down them. I resumed my crying until I was empty with tears. I usually was empty. I spent so much crying these days. I never had time to do anything, except cry. The only thing I could do these days was meander into the sinister forest and ball my eyes out.

looked over to the clock and noticed that it was 2:00 AM. The usual time I always woke up screaming. My stomach lurched. To subdue the pain, I curled up into a ball and shut my eyes as tight as I could manage.

I had dreamt about Edward. His sweet, beautiful, flawless face morphed into a frightening grin. A grin I didn't know. He was always smiling, and to see him even show the slightest bit of a frown was unbearable. Impossible.

I sat bolt upright noticing that my furniture had been overturned and moved. Someone had been in my room and I hadn't noticed. I tried to stand up, but my legs were far to unstable. So I grabbed hold of the frame of my bed and pulled into a standing position. I could feel the buzz of the fridge under my cold feet.

Noticing a scrap of worn paper on my dresser, I moved across the floor and picked it up. I read it to myself twice and then once more. Incredible as it sounded, it read:


I have a favor to ask of you. Will you please join me in the meadow at 2:00 AM? I have a gift for you. If you do come, I'll see you. I love you, forever.


I tried to breathe but I couldn't find my breath. I staggered to the dresser noticing I had paced as I read and reread. I would call Alice later. About her vision.

Edward had something planned for me. A gift he said it was. I racked my brain for ideas of gifts vampires could give. Nothing came to mind. Excited and jumpy, I couldn't wait another second. I slipped into a pair of boots and snatched a light jacket from my open closet. Charlie had probably come in to check in on me and cracked it open for some light. As protective as he was, I did appreciate his effort to try and cooperate with me, a struggling teenager.

I dashed down the carpeted stairs and studied myself in the mirror. I still looked fresh with sleep and knew if i was to meet Edward, I should at least look nice. So I dabbed on a little shade of my mom's cover-up she had given me and applied a light coat of mascara.I then glazed my lips with a bit of gloss and I looked at myself again. I looked casual and not to eager so I debated that I looked good.

While I opened the front door, the frigid November air blew straight into my lungs. It felt good. I needed a little extra oxygen every once in a while.

Instantly regretting that I hadn't worn a heavier jacket, I hopped into my red Chevy. I slid the keys into the ignition and the engine roared to life. I was afraid that Charlie would hear and be suspicious. Just as I predicted I saw his bedroom light flick on and was struck with fear.

Knowing I wasn't supposed to be doing this, I pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street.

When I got to the end of the road, I fell out of the car and closed the door shut. There the trail was.

I ventured my was into the forest and found that it was more serene-looking then it ever had been. I enjoyed myself on the way there, whistling a tune happily, laughing at the sound of my boots squelching against the mud. I thought to myself that I shouldn't be this happy or energetic at this time of the night.

I found my pace quicken, obviously eager to see Edward. I didn't slow though. I actually ran faster and faster until a parting in the trees came into view and I sprinted.

The meadow blinded my eyes. I blinked and they abruptly got used to the lighting. The meadow was glorious. In the middle of the tall grass, there was a brown picnic table set up with a basket overflowing with food on top. Lanterns were entwined into the branches of the tall trees and there was my Edward.

Edward was standing in the middle of the field, right next to the table, smiling so big, I thought his handsome face might break. I found my lips stretching into a grin also.

"Hello, Bella." Edward called, waving to me. "Nice of you to join me."