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At Dawn

I will definitely add onto this chapter. Stay tuned. KEEP READING! PLEASE REVIEW! Suddenly, when Edward invites Bella to the meadow for a special occasion, Bella becomes suspicious. She thinks that it's simply a date. But Edward thinks otherwise. Will Bella survive this so called "date"? Or will she look at Edward in a different light? What will happen? Secrets will be revealed. Idenities will be forgotten.

This story is about Edward and Bella's "date" in the meadow. Will Edward do something, that they both will regret?

2. The Beginning on The End

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I found that my jaw had been lowered to my chest. Edward chuckled.

"Bella. Come sit with me." I had been too much in awe to realize that he had sunken to the grass, and patted the ground beside him. I nodded pathetically and meandered aimlessly over to his side.

Edward looked gorgeous today. He was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans with small holes at the bottom. His kin, flawless as ever, was a shade pinker than what it usually was, and his feet were in white sneakers. I thought he was dresses accordingly for a date. And he really was.

He noticed me scrutinizing his looks and stared at himself. "Am I over dressed?" he asked casually. "No. You're fine. You look good." I managed to squeeze out. I was sitting right beside him now, breathing in his sweet breath. It felt like fire against my skin. I hadn't noticed I was extremely cold.

"Bella, tell me something." he said. It startled me, from the intense silence. I squeaked my affirmation. "Do I dazzle you?" he questioned. This answer was easy. Yes. Of course he dazzled me. I was obviously dazzled right now.

"Y-Yup." I chirped. I was getting more comfortable around him now. My shrugging shoulders pinching my neck, released, and I was relieved. I was getting better around him.

"You dazzle everyone, Edward." I stated confidently, digging deeper into his arm. I really did love him. He was my everything. My soul mate. I knew it.

"Splendid." he pronounced. He looked pleased with himself. I loved that smirk on his face. "Want something to eat?" he asked, concerned. "Sure." i answered, excited. He lifted me up into his arms and dashed to the table. It was liked I was a royal princess. At least that's what it seemed like.

Suddenly, I was sitting at a table, enjoying a plate of pasta. I thought of Lady and The Tramp. Was that what was happening with Edward and me? Was I a delicate lady and he the tramp? Or human and the vampire.

"Do you like it?" he asked. I had only noticed him observing me, when he leaned over with a napkin at hand. He wiped some cause from my chin and licked the napkin clean. We both looked at each other and started to laugh, together.

All in a blur, he tackled me and pulled me to the grassy ground. I heard myself giggle and roll on top of him. He chuckled and growled playfully. I leaned down and pushed my lips against his. He pushed back. This was the most forceful kiss he had dished out yet. He parted his lips and I felt his breath enter my lungs. I choked. I started to cough.

He leaned away and cracked a smile. Even though it was embarrassing, we talked over our kiss, and laughed all along.

Suddenly, Edward gasped. I looked over at him, flirting. He tried to smile and I felt my forehead crease. He pointed up into the sky, and said, "Look, I almost forgot, because we were having so much fun, but there's an eclipse tonight." he explained. My eyes widened. I almost forgot about the gift. I sat up and jumped up and down in eagerness.

He leaned me back down and pecked me on the cheek. He pulled me closer to him and I let him, happily.

I hadn't noticed it, but we had a perfect view of the bright moon. I inhaled his shirt. It was covered in grass now. I closed my eyes and thought of the Cullens and how I was going to call Alice today. I remembered my dream. My frightful dream. I pushed the thought aside, enjoying the moment.

Edward poked me in the shoulder. I awoke and immediately looked up into the sky. The eclipse was indeed happening. I smiled and looked at Edward, he looked over at me and outlined my lips.

"The eclipse." i murmured, sleepily. He nodded and pointed one of his fingers up into the sky. I looked up and saw the moon disappear.

Just then, two cold spears, dug touched the back of my neck and broke my skin. I screamed. They did this over and over again, until my eyes flitted open and then closed in one rapid movement.

No more Edward I thought, no more Jacob, or Charlie. No more Cullens, or Alice. No more me I thought. No more Bella.