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Fatal Mistake

Edward's warning to Bella about being changed.

Hard to understand?

1. Chapter 1

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Fool's sorrow gives great regret

To those entertained who place their bet

For hearts are dead unless given reason

Dependency's truth disappears each season

Promise me love

I promise you this;

Your fatal mistake

Is sealed with a kiss

And upon this vast and endless path

I'll show no fury, I'll show no wrath

But to see your pleasure, you owe no debt

It gives me strength beyond my let

And perhaps the morrow

Will make you sing

And perhaps we'll fly

On eternity's wing

But for now a triumphant warning is due

It's not all easy, it's not on cue,

It's curses are weary, drooping with woe

Your sanity will be uncomprehendingly low

Draw me near

I'll draw you close

You'll scream in pain

From the venomous dose

You'll doubt my ability to end your life

Beginning each day is a brand new strife

Surprise me as I hopelessly pray

My beautiful fool will see another day

Death is not revived

So please make your choice

Forever in heaven

Or forever my voice