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Not Like This

When Bella jumped off the cliff, Alice didn't see anything, and Jacob didn't make it back to the beach in time to pull her out of the sea when he did. What happens to Bella when no one is there to save her? May continue if you like it. R&R! (Be nice about the banner--it's my first time making one ^.^)


10. Werewolf, Meet Vampire

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Four Months Later

I smiled widely, taking in a lungful of human-scented air through the car window and feeling exceptionally pleased with myself when I realized it wasn’t so appetizing. While I would miss the complete privacy of the cabin in Alaska, it was great to be home!

I ached to see Charlie and ease his mind, but I couldn’t yet—I could withstand the smell from a distance now that several months had passed, but Edward and I didn’t want to risk anyone’s life should my restraint end at that. Instead, I was coming home to visit Jacob.

Edward grudgingly half-smiled when he looked over and saw me bouncing on the seat with pure unadulterated joy radiating from me. I grinned back, feeling a little guilty that I couldn’t control my happiness at finally seeing my best friend in front of my boyfriend, but shrugged it off—as he had pointed out(while trying to seem appropriately sad, but failing), Jacob and I were now natural enemies, so there was nothing to worry about. I frowned thinking of that conversation, but shrugged and shoved it out of my mind—I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of my happiness today!

“Excited, aren’t you,” Edward murmured rhetorically. I caught a flash of pain in his eyes and fought the urge to roll my eyes.

“At this point—no offense—I’d be this happy to see Jessica,” I rebuked him gently. “I haven’t seen anyone outside of you and Alice and Jasper in a long time, and even then the others couldn’t visit often.”

Edward grimaced at me before needlessly turning his attention back to the road. “That dog better mind his manners,” he growled softly. “I’ll tear him limb from limb if he doesn’t.”

I smirked. “Start flexing then, because Jacob’s not all that tactful,” I said jokingly, narrowing my eyes dangerously when Edward perked up at the thought.

Edward eased the car off the main road, taking a worn path into the forest carefully, watching for stray branches stretching into the path’s way. The quiet purr of the engine faded into the background noise of numerous birds and wildlife scurrying through the forest as we stopped and got out, running the short distance into the forest to find a small meadow similar to the one where Edward had shown off his skin to meet Jacob in.

Edward stopped so suddenly I almost crashed into him, managing to step nimbly off to the side just in time. I looked around interestedly, comparing the layout of the small meadow to my “special” meadow and finding only a few things alike. Edward was tense, his eyes darting every which way and his nostrils flaring gently as he tried to locate Jacob.

I found a flat-topped rock to sit on and sank gratefully—I felt strangely lightheaded after running sometimes; Edward said it was probably an endurance thing. A shaft of sunlight shone on the rock just next to my hand, so I amused myself with watching my own skin sparkle as I drew my hand in and out of the ray of sun.