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Not Like This

When Bella jumped off the cliff, Alice didn't see anything, and Jacob didn't make it back to the beach in time to pull her out of the sea when he did. What happens to Bella when no one is there to save her? May continue if you like it. R&R! (Be nice about the banner--it's my first time making one ^.^)


2. Miracle of Morphine

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“Bella! Bella, thank goodness you haven’t changed! We have to get you to Carlisle,” a familiar voice whispered. I turned towards it, limbs shaking against the restraints the hospital had put me in, too scared to hope.

Alice! She flew to my side, her eyes round and worried, and placed a heavenly chilly hand on my forehead.

“Alice… help…” I tried to say, but my voice was barely a whisper.

“I’ve already called Edward; he’s on his way here. His plane should land early tomorrow morning,” she informed me, her eyes darting back and forth.

“Wait… where were you?” I asked thickly.

“We were in Denali. Edward was in South America,” she added before I could ask, not meeting my eyes. “Carlisle should be here in the morning—try and rest, Bella. I wish I could get the venom out for you, but he’s really much better,”

With that, Alice put her refreshingly cool hands on my burning face. Slightly soothed, I fell asleep again as the venom’s pain dulled to a throb.

Man, I love morphine.

I woke up several hours later instantly, as though someone had doused me in water. I looked around in the dim light, panic swelling as I realized my vision was even better than before. I heard Carlisle come in, talking quietly to Alice, and I was surprised to note I could hear them as clearly as if they were talking to me.

“I couldn’t do it; I was scared I might not be able to make myself stop!” I heard Alice say. I could imagine her pacing back and forth, wringing her hands, her perfect face scrunched with worry.

“Shh, Alice, it’s not your fault,” Carlisle whispered. “If anything, it was the werewolves. The venom had been thinned, and now her change is occurring a little faster than it should be, considering how much venom Victoria managed to inject.”

“Isn’t there anything we can do? I doubt this is how she wanted to change,” Alice answered dubiously.

Carlisle sighed, and I felt the air shift slightly with my ridiculously heightened senses. “Not really—all we can do is make her more comfortable until she completes the change, and get her used to feeding on animals when her first bloodlust hits.”

I couldn’t help myself—I whimpered, and both vampires were next to me in a flash, their eyes full of concern.

“Did you hear us?” Alice asked quietly. I nodded, my limbs shaking still from the venom, and she and Carlisle exchanged a look.

“I didn’t notice hearing changes until the second day,” Carlisle whispered in something close to awe. “

I bit my lip, trying to save my throat the agony of mindless screaming. “I—I can see better,” I whispered, noticing for the first time my surroundings—Carlisle had managed to wheedle me out of the hospital. I was in Jasper’s room, strapped to what looked like a thick slab of metal. Maybe this was what the Cullens had to strap every to during their change… Suddenly, I didn’t want to ask. Carlisle and Alice had exchanged a worried look that made me feel sick to my stomach. My frantic heart started beating even faster.

“Bella… There’s nothing we can do, but allow the venom to finish. This is happening faster than it should,” Alice said quietly. “Your senses should start really sharpening in a few hours, if the rest of your change is anything to go by—Carlisle thinks that if you are going to have any sort of extra gift, it should show up around the time Edward should be here,”


Even thinking his name was like a strong balm, taking the edge off of the pain. “Charlie?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

“Your friend got to him first. He knows you almost drowned and that you were hurt,” Carlisle said, indicating my immobilized wrist. “We told him you contracted a disease through the open wounds, and we moved you after saying we could try better here—I fooled the hospital into thinking I brought cutting-edge medicine and small equipment from L.A. before I head back out there again,” He sighed, looking ten years—human years, mind—older. “One way or another, we will have to fake your death. You won’t be able to visit your family for up to a year after the change, because of the strength you will possess, and the bloodlust you will have to learn to control. I… I’m so sorry, Bella; I wish there was another way but the venom’s too thin and too widespread by now to do anything else, and we don’t have the convenience of college as an excuse for you to stay away from your family for so long,”

I started to shake, and Carlisle quickly injected more morphine into my arm as I tried not to be too squeamish about the needle going into my arm. I was shaking from fear, but the morphine was welcome anyway. I fell straight to sleep again, thinking of Edward amidst the pain.

“Oh, Bella… It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” I heard early the next morning. I cracked my dry eyes open and nearly wept with relief to see Edward sitting beside me. His eyes were so full of sorrow I thought my heart would break—I realized with a start that I could no longer hear blood rushing in my ears, or feel the pain throbbing in time with my pulse. My heart had stopped beating. Irrationally I wondered if I was dead—as if that were possible, in my new state!

Was the change over?

“Ed…Edward?” I stuttered, surprised at the sound of my voice. It was almost… musical. Not higher or lower, but… It just seemed like I’d perfected my voice and set it to music. It was so odd to hear that coming from me!

He smiled at my hesitancy and surprise. “It takes getting used to,” he said wryly. “Looks like you’re still the same color,” he added teasingly, his light voice at odds with the worried look on his face. “Want to see?”

I nodded, and he undid the restraints holding me down, watching me carefully lest I try to bolt. He motioned me over to a nearby full-length mirror and I followed.

I didn’t trip once.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and I faced the mirror. I cracked one eye open and my jaw fell in surprise.

That would take getting used to.