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Not Like This

When Bella jumped off the cliff, Alice didn't see anything, and Jacob didn't make it back to the beach in time to pull her out of the sea when he did. What happens to Bella when no one is there to save her? May continue if you like it. R&R! (Be nice about the banner--it's my first time making one ^.^)


3. First Hunt

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My skin was flawless, despite the minor breakout I’d noticed two days before. I was a few shades paler, though not by much. The lingering baby fat around my face had disappeared, making me look instantly older. My eyes…

I needed to feed, I realized as I despaired over the red rimming inky black, and instantly shuddered at the thought of murder—that was a good sign, right?

Edward sidled up behind me and smiled at my wonder. “And I never thought you could be more beautiful,” he said as his scent filled my nose, making me feel almost light-headed. Exuberantly, I turned to him and hugged him.

I heard a choking noise. “Bella—relax! Let me breathe!” Edward gasped. Startled, I let go and took a step back. “New vampires are very strong, Bella—go easy on the hugs!”

I chuckled. “So now I have to worry about breaking you instead of you breaking me?” Edward half-glared at me, like I’d called him weak. I remembered the pain I’d been in because of him, and my face darkened angrily. I saw Edward inadvertently take a step back with a twinge of dark pleasure before I scowled and turned away from him. “Maybe that’s a good thing, considering I’m not good for you,” I spat.

“Oh, Bella...” Edward put a placating hand on my shoulder, but I shrugged it off. “Bella, honey, I promise you that was the one and only time I’ve ever lied to you. I love you,” he said beseechingly. I whirled around, my anger flaring.

“Do you know how much pain I was in? I went months without happiness because of you! I couldn’t leave Forks because I was so scared you would come back while I was gone, or you’d try to finally get in touch with me and at least tell me you were fine, or worse, I’d forget you! Were you trying to cause me so much pain?” I screamed angrily, wincing inwardly as the sound hurt my sensitive ears.

“I… I thought you were better off living a human life,” Edward said, standing his ground. “I wasn’t trying to hurt you—I was trying to save you from another incident like the one on your birthday!” He wrapped his arms around me gingerly as I stayed still.

I couldn’t believe it—oh, how I had waited to hear those words! “You… you do love me?”

Edward smiled, a hint of exasperation in his eyes. “Isabella Marie Swan. Of course I love you. What, you had no trouble believing I was a vampire but believing I love you is a challenge?” I glared at him, and went back to the mirror, admiring myself.

My throat itched. It was a niggling thing at first, easily ignored, but as soon as I took another look at my eyes, it burned like fire, and my stomach cramped—I didn’t think that’d be possible—with hunger.

I turned to Edward, terrified. “I’m hungry,” I whispered, my hands shaking slightly. I heard l heavy footsteps a few seconds before the door opened. Emmett walked in, with Alice following close behind.

“Grizzly time?” Emmett rumbled jovially. Alice smiled at me widely, making me feel much better—if anything, she would have seen the outcome of my first… er, hunt.

Edward nodding, taking my hand. “We need to go very deep into the forest until she gets a handle on her thirst,”

Alice waved away his concerns and bounded over to me, happiness radiating from her. “She’ll be fine! Impressive kill,” she added to me excitedly, bobbing up and down on the balls of her feet.

Was I the only one slightly worried here?

Of course I was.

Alice knew everything. That was enough for everyone else.

Twenty minutes later I was running, exhilarated. I could see Edward ahead of me as I followed him and the rest of the Cullens out to a hunting ground. Apparently, it’s very hard to turn down a competition when you’re a new vamp, so I was doing my best to catch up to Edward (he called me slow!), feeling slightly awkward because of the fact that my heart wasn’t pounding, my lungs weren’t screaming for air, and I was not tired.

I could get used to this! I could definitely see why Edward loved to run. I instinctively knew where to step—I didn’t trip once on any root or get hit by a wayward branch. It was simply amazing.

Suddenly they stopped, and it was so sudden I narrowly avoided crashing into Jasper. I felt the familiar embarrassment, but no heat telling me I was tomato-red.

I could really get used to this!

I noticed strange smells as Emmett smiled and licked his lips eagerly. “I smell grizzly,” he said excitedly to me, rubbing his giant hands together. Edward’s eyes darkened considerably as he turned to me.

“Do you smell that? That’s food. Just close your eyes and give in to your senses Bella; instinct will do the rest,” Edward said as the family broke into small groups and went their separate ways.

Nervous and shaking, I did what he said, and closed my eyes as I filled my lungs with the scent of bear. My limbs stiffened as I thought of the blood rushing through the animal’s veins.


Without another rational thought, I jumped and impossible height and landed in a tree, peeking out through the branches. I saw my target and instinct prompted me into herding it against a stone wall.

I’m not going to go into specifics, because all I can remember thinking of is how badly I needed food, but I drained the bear dry. My thirst was somewhat satiated, though I really wanted more. Figuring it was a side effect of the recent change, I jumped back into a tree and circled the area, jumping effortlessly from branch to branch without hardly a sound. I could smell something strange, new, delectably mouthwatering, in the breeze. My head clouded—maybe this was mountain lion? Whatever it was, it was bound to be tasty.

I followed the scent for about three miles before dimly noticing an empty campsite with a shabby tent and two sleeping bags. Was there a mountain lion around the area, waiting for the people to come back?

Part of me knew I should leave; I wasn’t quite sure I could handle being around humans if they were so irresistible, but this smell was so intoxicating I nixed my thoughts of leaving.

The smell became stronger.

“—And Mark thought I was joking! I told him I wasn’t, and he got really upset,” I heard. A pretty young woman appeared talking to an older man, both with fishing poles in their hands—they’d just caught dinner, judging by the sky.

I tried to turn away, but couldn’t. The smell was so strong, so desirable… I could snap both of their necks so quickly they’d never know what hit them.

I wanted their blood. I yearned for it. The vampiric side of me won over my human side, and I crouched, ready to spring.

I was a deadly weapon, and these people wouldn’t even know what hit them.