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Not Like This

When Bella jumped off the cliff, Alice didn't see anything, and Jacob didn't make it back to the beach in time to pull her out of the sea when he did. What happens to Bella when no one is there to save her? May continue if you like it. R&R! (Be nice about the banner--it's my first time making one ^.^)


5. Regrets

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I saw the look in Alice’s eyes and went back to staring at the ground. If I were still human, I’d be crying… All I had to show for that, now, was a giant uncomfortable knot in my chest that made it hard to breathe—even though I no longer needed air, my lungs felt like lead when they were deflated in my chest.

“Ed…Edward?” Esme asked tentatively, her hands covering her mouth in shock as her eyes landed on the female camper, face down about six yards away. I glanced up at Esme quickly, then back at the ground—I couldn’t stand to see the pain on her perfect face. It was too much.

“Where’s the other one?” Alice asked.

Edward gestured in the direction of the fallen camper, whose body was half-hidden by the encroaching brush. “A little farther out that way,” he said. His grip tightened on my arm momentarily and for a crazed moment I wished he would get angry already—yell, glare, something! Was he so ashamed he couldn’t bear to look at me?

Rosalie was growling. I could hear it rumbling in her chest, and it frightened me—I’d never thought of Rosalie as a true vampire in that I’d never seen her hint at viciousness besides the unnerving glares she used to send my way.

Rosalie darted over to me and slapped me so hard and so quickly I thought I felt my cheekbone splinter as my neck popped loudly and hyper-extended with the force of the hit. I hissed in pain, ducking my head farther. Edward snarled at her half-heartedly, but that was to be expected.

I had nearly undermined everything the Cullens stood for.

“Control yourself, Rosalie,” Esme snapped. I didn’t say anything; I deserved that and more.

“They’re alive,” Edward said softly. I heard Alice sigh in relief and shame flooded me once again. “She managed to knock the female down pretty roughly, and raked the man with her nails—superficial cuts only, but he hit his head on a rock when he fell. We should take them both to the hospital, and Bella needs to go home.”

Emmett and Alice escorted me back to my new home, gripping one wrist tightly as we ran in tandem while the others took the campers to the hospital.

“We should have you talk with Jasper. He’ll know what you’re going though,” Emmett said when we arrived, his golden eyes soft with sympathy. “How is your cheek? I know from experience Rosalie hits pretty hard,” he joked, searching my haunted face for a slight smile.

I shook my head ruefully. “It’s fine—I deserved it,” I said throatily, my newly-silky hair hiding my face from view. “I can’t believe I actually came so close to… to…” My voice faltered. My chest knotted up again and I wished vampires could cry.

Emmett and Alice took me to Edward’s room and I collapsed onto the leather couch, my face in my hands. I shuddered as the memory hit me once again, replaying itself over and over and intensifying the horrendous details, mocking me.

I crouched, ready to spring.

The woman turned toward the tent and proceeded to put away the fishing rods. Perfect—they were absolutely defenseless now. The breeze wafted their scents to me and the man’s was infinitely more appealing.

I decided I’d get him first.

I jumped out from my hiding spot, using the woman as a springboard to complete the jump. The man had turned to run but barely gone anywhere. I reached out, my nails glinting savagely in a shaft of sunlight, and swiped at the man. I raked my nails against the back of his head, knocking him down. He hit his head on a jutting rock with a sickening yet strangely satisfying thud, and I paused for a moment to revel in my victory, my throat itching as I watched the blood trickle out of a wound I’d caused.

Just as I bent down to bite and drain him, Edward appeared out of the brush and tackled me with a terrifying crash. Emmett appeared a fraction of a second later, and the two held me down as I screamed and thrashed, trying to get free.

I’M HUNGRY!” I screamed at them.

He’s HUMAN, Bella! Do you want to be a murderer?” Emmett roared at me furiously.

Everything clicked into place, and the vampiric instincts that had driven me to attack left me all at once, making me feel as though, were I human, I would have lost a week’s worth of meals.

I closed my eyes in pain, wishing I had the oblivion of sleep as an option.

“It was hard to find her—not only did she use the trees instead of the ground to travel, but it was a faint scent. Well… faint for Bella, anyway; you know her scent is particularly heavy. It was as if… as if she was somehow suppressing her scent. Emmett, I’m scared that, if we weren’t so attuned to her, we wouldn’t have found her until after it was too late,” I heard Alice say. It was clear, but slightly muffled—maybe she was downstairs?


I could suppress my scent? My body shuddered at the first implication that came to mind, and I gasped in joy. Maybe… Maybe it was possible… I would have to test the theory, but I couldn’t help but feel relief coupled with happiness bubble up inside of me.

I might be able to stay friends with Jacob!

I resolved to try and call him as soon as I could, and thanked whoever was responsible for being immune to Edward’s gift—he would hate the idea, I knew, but I couldn’t help but be excited. I had to admit a small part of me resented Edward’s disappearance still.

I was struck by a sudden thought that instantly killed my good mood.

What had happened to Charlie, since I’d been gone? What had he been told?