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Not Like This

When Bella jumped off the cliff, Alice didn't see anything, and Jacob didn't make it back to the beach in time to pull her out of the sea when he did. What happens to Bella when no one is there to save her? May continue if you like it. R&R! (Be nice about the banner--it's my first time making one ^.^)


7. Extra Beauty

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“—So I figured that we could meet at the treaty line, and Emmett could come and hold me back if things got out of hand.” I sat back and gauged Carlisle’s expression. No good—it was carefully blank.

“Emmett certainly is the strongest,” Carlisle mused. “I would feel better if Jasper went along as well, but if the pack leader has no problem with it, I don’t see why you can’t visit your friend.”

I grinned widely and threw my arms around Carlisle, remembering at the last second to keep my arms loose because of my strength. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I said happily. “You don’t think I’ll lose it, though, do you?”

Carlisle frowned slightly, his forehead creasing as he thought over my question. “Alice believes you may be able to suppress your scent. If that’s true, I’d rather you master that before you go and meet your friend. If not, then I’d suggest you wait a few months and let the worst of the bloodlust and sense sensitivity pass before you try,” he suggested.

I smiled sheepishly. “I don’t know what I did, honestly. I just remember smelling… them… and I wanted to get there without anyone knowing,” I admitted, looking down at my hands in shame.

Carlisle chuckled. “Bella, it’s hard for everyone. The only reason my record, so to speak, is so clean is because I consciously distanced myself from humans. I was so horrified at becoming what I am that I retreated to the wilderness that I knew no one traveled through—back then, those woods were thought to be haunted. It was the perfect place for me,” he said, ducking to meet my eyes. “This is not your fault. We had hoped you would be given a choice, and that your change would occur under happier pretenses, but we have to make do with what we’re given. We won’t let you become a monster, Bella—I believe Edward would insist on moving to Antarctica if he thought you were such a great danger to humans,”

I smiled, a little giddy from relief. Carlisle seemed to think he’d said something wrong, judging by the look on his face.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Bella, you have to be sure this is okay with the pack leader. Not only that, you must wait until the worst of the change’s consequences have passed,” he warned. “You can’t—you must not—try to sneak out of here and go see your friend. We cannot and will not allow it, not until we’re sure you have some measure of control over yourself.”

I smiled again in relief. “Oh, is that all? I understand, Carlisle. It’s just—I sort of thought I wouldn’t be allowed,” I admitted. “Even if Sam said it was fine, if Alice said nothing bad would happen, if I could become completely scentless—somehow I thought you would still say no.”

Carlisle smiled kindly at me again, his expression reassuring. “Edward would only say no because he wants to protect you, Bella. Try not to judge him too harshly—he is trying to loosen up.” With that, he patted my hand and left.

I heard the front door open a second before Edward came back with a funny look on his face. “I had no idea you missed Jacob,” he said stiffly. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

I raised an eyebrow. “And risk making you angry? Besides, I’ve seen Jacob almost every day for a while now—of course I was going to miss him,” I answered. “Would you mind if I visited him?”

Edward’s lips tightened into a thin line, and his stance stiffened. Just as I thought—he wouldn’t approve. “You just don’t realize how dangerous a young werewolf really is, Bella. He could become overwhelmed with your scent and instinct would force him to phase and attack. I can’t risk that happening to you,” he explained, his voice tight.

I frowned. “I heard Alice say she thought I could suppress my scent, and Carlisle thinks that if that’s true, I could train myself to suppress my scent so that he won’t feel the urge to phase.”

Edward’s eyes suddenly softened as he trailed his fingertips over my cheek. Instead of the icy trail I was used to his fingers leaving, it was pleasantly warm. “You know I care about you,” he said, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. He swept me into his arms, holding me close to him. My unneccesary breathing quickened as he threaded his fingers in my hair.

He kissed me.

I can’t describe it in words—they just can’t do it justice. His lips were exquisite, and my heightened senses picked up every detail I couldn’t feel when I was human, exhilarating me. I deepened the kiss, and felt a little thrill when Edward complied.

I could have spent the rest of eternity that way, now that I didn’t need to breathe. I tightened my hold on him, savoring every moment. This is definitely one of the perks of immortality.

“OUCH! Bella, let go!” Edward gasped. Startled, I sprang away from him, narrowly avoiding the cell phone resting on the floor. “You forget your strength,” Edward said as he rubbed his midsection. “That’s another thing you’ll have to get under control before you can think of seeing that dog.”

“You mean I can go?” I asked hopefully. He shot me an annoyed look.

“I don’t know about that,” he said sourly. “As much as I know you want to go, we’d have to be sure you weren’t in any sort of danger. A young werewolf can be as unstable as a young vampire.”

I tried my best to make my muddied eyes into big puppy eyes. “Please, Edward?”

Edward looked at me and frowned. “We’re going to have to get you more… food. Your eyes still have red in them. I don’t know about you going, yet, okay?”

I fluttered my eyelashes, feeling ridiculous. “At least say you’ll think about it?”

Edward smiled at me goofily. “Okay,” he agreed. “I’ll think about it.”

I smirked smugly to myself—this extra beauty was really paying off.