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Without You

Bella is on her own when she finds the clearing. When Laurent finds her there, her werewolf saviors are nowhere to be found. Is Laurent a good guy, or will his bad side overcome him? Thanks a jillion to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the wonderful banner!!! :D

So, I had this story on here for a little bit... but then I deleted it. I totally forget why, actually. So, if you've read it already, you don't have to review... until I put up new updates, that is :)

21. Wrong Hand

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We all got on the same plane ride home a week after the fight. It was going to be a big few days at the Cullen's house. I was going to see Jacob, my dad... I was excited, but also incredibly nervous. My dad hadn't seen me for months... Jacob told me he thought I was dead, so I told Jacob to tell him I wasn't. Even that was a while ago. I didn't know how he was going to react.

After Victoria killed Irina, Carmen was practically inconsolable. She fought with new vigor, killing anything and everything in sight. When the fight was over, though, she remained silent at all times. Even the offer of a shopping trip from Alice didn't perk her up, which was really a sign that something was dreadfully wrong. She and Eleazar sat next to each other on the plane. They held hands, but neither of them said a word.

Edward was sitting on one side of me, and Laurent was on the other. After Laurent saved me from Victoria, Edward admitted that just maybe Laurent was good enough for me. He always seemed to be around, though, which was a little bit strange. I didn't have the heart to tell him to leave, though. I knew once we got to Forks, he'd spend more time with his family and let me have some actual alone time with Laurent.

Laurent squeezed my hand, the one with the ring on it. We had been on the plane for a few hours, and nobody was talking. “Are you okay?” he murmured.

I smiled and nodded. “I'm fine.”

He grinned. “Great.” He kissed my hand, and then turned his gaze out the window.

I looked down at my left hand, the one with a massive diamond ring on it. It was really a no-brainer, saying yes to Laurent. I loved him, he loved me... it seemed obvious that we would get married. Alice was already planning everything, no matter how hard I tried to protest. It was a useless attempt, though. She would end up planning it, and it would probably be the most extravagant wedding I've ever seen.

When the pilot said we would be landing in Seattle in less than ten minutes, I began to get nervous. Laurent could tell.

“What's wrong?” he asked.

“I've been gone for a very long time,” I replied.

“You're alive,” he pointed out.

“Yes, but I'm also getting married. My dad is going to kill me.” Thinking about Charlie's reaction made me even more nervous...

Laurent chuckled. “I guess you have been up to a lot while you've been away.”

I thought I would have the whole drive to Forks to think up a story I could tell. It didn't even cross my mind before. I had no idea what I would tell Charlie. I was wrong, though. Waiting for us just outside the gate were Charlie and Jacob.

When Charlie saw me, he broke into the biggest smile I'd ever seen from him. “Bella!” he exclaimed. I dropped Laurent's hand and ran towards him.

“I'm sorry, Dad,” I whispered when he caught me.

He hugged me tightly. “I'm not going to ask any questions right now. I'm just so, so happy you're alive.”

He let go and then looked past me. When he saw the entire Cullen family, Laurent, Carmen, and Eleazar, he frowned.

“I'm not going to ask questions right now,” he repeated quietly.

I turned to Jacob, but instead of seeing the happy, excited smile I was used to, his face was grim. He was looking at the vampires, too.

“Jacob?” I asked quietly.

He looked down at me, and he smiled half-heartedly. “Hi, Bells.” He engulfed me in what was, quite possibly, the biggest hug of my entire life. It was probably because he seemed to have grown a foot while I was gone. He also chopped off all of his hair. In general, he was just much different.

Charlie cleared his throat after a second. “Uh, Bella... who are those people?” he asked, breaking his no question promise. He gestured towards the Cullens.

“You know them,” I replied, hoping he wouldn't point out that he didn't know all of them.

Carlisle strode up to him and shook his hand. “It's nice to see you again, chief.”

Charlie nodded, but looked past Carlisle. “Who are they?” he asked, pointing towards, Laurent, Carmen, and Eleazar.

The three of them stepped forward. “Well,” I started uncertainly. “This is Carmen and her husband Eleazar,” I explained, pointing to the both of them. Carmen tried to smile, and Eleazar waved.

“I wish we could stay longer, but we actually have to catch a flight back to Alaska right now. See you later, cousin,” said Eleazar, clapping Carlisle on the back. “I'll call you when we get there.” They both strode away quickly, saving me from having to explain anymore.

“And this?” said Charlie, gesturing to Laurent.

I glanced at Laurent, but he just smiled at me and stepped forward. “I am Laurent.” He thrust out his hand. “I am one of the Cullen's good friends.”

Charlie nodded, but eyed him suspiciously. “Well, if it is alright with all of you, I think I'd like to take Bella home now.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but Carlisle interrupted me. “That sounds like a great idea. If it is okay with you, though, we would like to have Bella over tomorrow.”

Charlie was silent for a moment, but then finally nodded.

A few minutes later, when Charlie, Jake, and I were sitting in the cruiser, Charlie noticed something... I was reaching to change the level of volume on the stereo, when Charlie caught an eyeful of my left hand.

“Bella, that ring is on the wrong hand,” he said nonchalantly.

I bit my lip. “No, it's not,” I whispered.

What?” roared Charlie and Jake at the same time.

“Bella, what the hell?” gasped Jake.

“He left you!” exclaimed Charlie. “And you just get back with him?”

“He hurt you, Bella!” yelled Jake.

“You need someone better for you!” growled Charlie.

After a few more seconds of outraged exclamations from Jake and Charlie, I yelled, “Stop!”

“But... but Edward left you, Bella,” said Jake, loathing in his every word.

“Well, it's a good thing I'm not getting married to Edward then!” I snapped, trying desperately hard not to turn around and punch Jacob in the face.

The two of them were dead silent. It was finally my dad who spoke, and his voice shook. “Who are you getting married to?”

I looked down at my lap. Charlie had talked to Laurent for all of three seconds. I had no idea how to break it to him that I was getting married to him.

“Bella,” urged Jacob. “Who are you getting married to?”

“If it's the big one, Emmett, I swear, I will be forced to do something drastic,” warned Charlie.

“It's not Emmett, Dad!” Just the thought of being with Emmett made me cringe. It wasn't that he was not attractive, it was just that I'd have to face the wrath of Rosalie.

Finally, I sighed. From the way that Jacob and Charlie were glaring at me, I figured I couldn't just stay quiet forever. “Laurent. I'm getting married to Laurent.”

“Wait, that French guy at the airport? You're marrying him? I don't even know him!” exclaimed Charlie.

“You do too know him,” I retorted.

“Talking to someone for a few seconds does not count as 'knowing someone,' Bella,” sighed my dad.

“I'm sorry,” I whispered. “But I am marrying Laurent. I don't think you understand how much he has helped me for the past few months. He really has saved my life, Dad.”

Charlie shook his head. “I wish I knew what happened, Bella.”

I put my head against the window. “Maybe later, Dad.”

I doubted I would ever get to tell him what happened. He couldn't know that the Cullens were vampires, so there would be basically no way to tell him what happened. I just hoped that maybe Carlisle would have an idea. If not, I was going to have a big problem on my hands.