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Without You

Bella is on her own when she finds the clearing. When Laurent finds her there, her werewolf saviors are nowhere to be found. Is Laurent a good guy, or will his bad side overcome him? Thanks a jillion to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the wonderful banner!!! :D

So, I had this story on here for a little bit... but then I deleted it. I totally forget why, actually. So, if you've read it already, you don't have to review... until I put up new updates, that is :)

3. Traitor

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The car ride was long. Even with the intense speed, it took several hours to get to our destination.

Laurent and I talked only a very little. I tried to sleep for a bit, but the effort was futile. It was like everything that happened in the past day was slowly sinking in. My mood sank lower and lower as the minutes ticked by.

When we finally stopped it was dark. I could hardly see what was outside of my window. I could use quite a few more hours of sleep. Sleeping in a car never really rested me up. It was too uncomfortable, and much too restless. I had my head rested on the window. I didn't want to move. I needed sleep and I needed my family.

“Bella, we need to get out of the car,” said Laurent, his voice hushed.

“Where are we?” I asked groggily. I rubbed my eyes. Car travel always made me feel like I needed to rest for a couple... hundred days. That's why I didn't do it much.

“We're at a hotel, the safest place I can think to be right now,” he answered.

He got out and walked human speed to my door. When he opened it, he saw that I was a little to tired to actually move. The arctic blast of air wasn't even enough to clear my head. All I could think about was how much I was starting to miss my family, and especially my Jacob. I needed him. Quite frankly, I'd be happy with anyone. I just needed someone to tell me it was going to be okay.

Laurent shrugged and slid his arm around my waist. He supported all of my weight as we walked.

“I called in reservations, so we just have to pick up the key,” he murmured.

Minutes later, we were in the room. It was one of the nicest hotel rooms I'd ever been in. There was a huge bed on the wall, a mini kitchen was on the other side of the room. A big screen TV was settled in the living area. My mouth dropped open.

“Tired?” asked Laurent, smiling wryly.

I nodded weakly. He settled me on the bed and set my bag next to me. I didn't even know he had it.

I was much to tired to take my shoes off, let alone change into jammies. I managed to kick my shoes off before lying back on the bed. I didn't even bother to cover myself.

I heard Laurent chuckle softly. He lifted me gently, and slid me under the blankets.

“Laurent?” I yawned.

“Hmm?” he asked. He sounded distracted. I opened my eyes to find him staring, almost scrutinizing, my face.

“Is everything going to be okay?” I wanted the truth.

He was silent for a second. His brow furrowed. “Do you trust me, Bella?” He ignored my question.

It was my turn to be quiet. Why had I decided to go with Laurent so readily earlier? When I looked into his eyes... I couldn't help but go along with what he said. I trusted him. “Yes,” I whispered.

“Sleep, then. We'll talk when you wake up.” He smiled, it dazzled me. It was the second time he'd been able to affect me like he had. It scared me. Laurent did, after all, have red eyes. The color that eyes turn after a vampire cheats on the “vegetarian” diet. It was irrational for me to feel dazzled by someone who ate people, not to mention dangerous.

Laurent saw the change in my expression. “What's wrong?”

“I... I...” I choked. I missed him. Laurent had made me feel what I thought I had safely buried deep down inside me, and it reminded me of how much I really wanted my other family to come back. How I longed to see everyone's smiling faces...

I started to cry.

Laurent sat down on the bed and stroked my cheek. He let me cry, no questions asked. And boy, did I cry for quite some time. I thought there were no more tears to shed for my lost future... but I was wrong. Not only was it for the lack of... the Cullen's... in my life, but it was for Jacob. I'd never see him again. It was for Charlie, Renee, even Phil.

When I had finally run myself out of tears, I shuddered. Laurent moved to get up off of the bed. He wanted to let me sleep in peace.

“No,” I whispered. I couldn't let anyone else leave me right now.

“You want me to stay?” he asked. He was clearly surprised. I was too, actually. Usually, I'd want a vampire like Laurent as far away from me as possible. Perhaps I'd gone insane.

When he sat back on the bed, I grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards me. I wanted something to hug, something that would satisfy me enough to let me sleep without fear of abandonment. Laurent seemed like the perfect fit for the role.

He accepted the new development and rested his head on the pillow, right beside mine. I looked at him, it was the first time I really looked closely at his face. His cheekbones stood out, his lips were full. His dark hair fell into his red eyes. His eyes searched mine, probably looking for some explanation to my need for someone. I broke the eye contact and felt my eyelids droop.

“Bella,” he whispered. His breath blew in my face, it smelled fantastic. It'd been so long since had gotten to smell anything remotely like that.

“Mmm?” I hummed.

“Do you want me to stay here?”

“Mmhmm,” I answered. There was no way I'd let him leave. Now that I had this presence beside me, I wasn't going to give it up easily. Especially since that presence was a vampire.

I heard him laugh quietly. He slid his arm around my waist. It wasn't uncomfortable, like I would have thought it would be. It felt natural, like his arm fit perfectly there. He reached behind and turned off the light. I buried my face into his chest. I could feel he wasn't breathing.

“Are you okay?” I asked. My words were a little slurred, I was so tired.

“I'll be okay,” he answered. As if to prove a point, he took a deep breath. “Okay,” he repeated. It sounded like he was reassuring himself.

Finally, I drifted to sleep.

Once again, I dreamed.

This time I was at my house. My room was dark, the rain splattered against the window harder than usual. It was nighttime. I was sitting in my bed. Jacob was in the doorway, his face distorted. It wasn't my Jacob... it was an angry Jacob, furious even.

“Jake?” I whispered.

“How could you?” he yelled.

“Shh, you'll wake Charlie!” I said.

“After all he did to you!” shouted Jacob.

“Calm down, please,” I begged.

“Don't tell me what to do, traitor,” he barked. “I'll leave you to get back to your business.” He fled the room.

I finally looked around my room for the first time. Sitting beside me was Edward, but he started to change. His eyes shifted from gold to red. His hair darkened.

Soon it wasn't Edward sitting next to me on my bed, it was Laurent.