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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Hunter is cocky, cynical, and careless. His two weaknessess are lack of trust and writing. When his mother encourages him to do something other than writing, he drives to a nearby state park for some peace and quiet. However, when darkness closes in around him, Hunter finds himself lost. Frustrated and tired, he decides to look for it in the morning when the sun is up. In the dead of night, Hunter wakes up to unfamiliar voices. One is a beautiful voice of a woman and the other is the voice of a hateful man who wants nothing to do with Hunter. The man and woman turn him into something he thought never was possible. Hunter is then forced to endure a new life, a new set of values, a new family, and a new diet. He then comes in contact with the werewolves of La Push and meets Jacob. After he eventually comes to terms with himself, a massive responsibility is forced on his shoulders that changes him…hopefully, for the better. Most characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. IRIS!!! Beautiful banner, I owe you a high five and maybe a surprise... ;)

Disclaimer: pretty much, all of these heart-melting characters belong to that Stephenie Meyer chick. Except for some choice additions... P.S. Is there any way I can bribe you guys to review more?

17. Happily Ever After?

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2630   Review this Chapter

Hunter and Jacob were about to follow Alicia when they heard Edward’s voice in their heads ordering them to stop. Grudgingly, they obeyed. Carlisle and Esme were the first to arrive, only a few moments after Alicia had fled and Edward was behind them shortly. They were also the first to spy the piles of marble flesh. Carlisle instinctively reached into his pocket and pulled out a box of matches.

“This’ll stink like you won’t believe,” he said grimly, dropping a match onto the combined pile of Trevor and Curtis. Hunter was secretly glad that Curtis was one of the first to fall. Although, he couldn’t explain to himself why. The blonde hair curled and shriveled in the fire and plumes of purple smoke wafted up from the pile.

“We need to follow her now,” Hunter growled.

“You really should be a little more trusting then that, Hunter,” Esme said, clicking her tongue in reproach.

“Trusting? My sister is being chased by three psychotic vampires and you want me to be more trusting?!”

Esme laughed. “You’re forgetting that the entire pack is following them.

Hunter grinned wickedly. “And you want me to miss that?”

Jacob barked his agreement and sauntered off, following as Hunter sprinted towards the smell of Alicia. The purple clouds of smoke slowly disappearing behind them. Edward was quickly by Hunter’s side and he wasted no time in infiltrating Hunter’s thoughts.

Did Emmett tell you about Theodore and Alicia?Hunter rolled his eyes. And how they secretly want their whole coven dead after they slaughter Vivien and me? Yeah, Emmett filled me in on that one. Maybe we could provoke Theodore and Alicia into a kind of self-destruction, you know? If we tell Luna about their plan then-

Then what? Luna is only one person and we have a coven and a pack to do most of the work. I think we’re fine with the original plan, Edward, Hunter scoffed, speeding up to avoid Edward’s frustrated face.

I don’t think you understand. If we can get Luna to be on our side of this then we don’t have to kill her!

You’d give her that option anyways, Hunter pointed out.


As they neared the pack, a loud howling reached their ears. Jacob responded with a loud barking and a howl. Hunter cringed, his sensitive ears regretting running so closely next to Jacob. Jacob watched Edward’s face and Hunter felt like he was missing something.

You’re right, Edward announced.

What do you mean? You’re missing something.Hunter let the thought sink in, the worst case scenario playing through his mind on fast-forward. What am I missing?

Apparently, the three left over never reached Vivien and Rose. They never really had a chance with a whole pack of wolves on their trail. Edward sounded triumphant and his face showed it.

Has the pack pounced yet? Hunter wondered.

They’re waiting for you and Jacob. They’ll let you do the honors.

Hunter muttered a thank you sullenly, not quite used to another voice inside of his head. He was sure to make his mind blank as they sprinted the next two miles. When they arrived in less than a minute, Hunter found it very hard to keep his mind blank. The mammoth sized wolves had pushed Theodore, Alicia, and Luna into a tight circle. Most of the wolves were growling or smiling their wolfish grins. Theodore and Alicia were clinging to each other, snarling threateningly at the wolves, while Luna sat on the ground. Hunter felt sorry for her. She sat by herself, her knees pulled up to her chin, and her eyes were wide and frightened.

Hunter and Jacob slowly approached the group like circling sharks. Theodore’s eyes darted from one face to another, trying to determine the weakest members. Hunter didn’t give him that chance.

Jumping into the ring of fur and teeth, Hunter twisted Theodore’s arm behind his back and tugged him close.

“You had better give me a damn good reason to not tear your face off,” Hunter snarled in his ear.

“And what if I don’t?” Theodore asked calmly.

“You’ll find out how it feels to have your nose separate from your skull!” Hunter shouted, throwing Theodore to the ground. Hunter paced in a circle around his victim and the werewolves howled in anticipation.

Alicia opened her mouth to let out some retort, but Theodore silenced her. He stood up and coolly dusted himself off. “And no one would intervene if I fought back?”

“I would expect you to fight back.”

“So, then, can we make a deal?” Theodore asked smoothly. Alicia tilted her head to the side and made a quizzical noise but no objection.

“What deal?” Hunter hesitated to ask.

“A fight to the death,” Theodore announced.

Hunter snorted. “It’s a shame we’re both already dead.”

Theodore rolled his eyes. “You know what I mean.”

“And if I win?”

The werewolves growled low to each other and watched Theodore’s reaction. A few edged closer but pranced away, unsure of the situation. Most were eager to watch the two vampires tear each other to shreds. There was something primitive in the behavior of humans, combined with wolves, that brought out the old desire for violence. Now the wolves played the audience of the Colosseum, encouraging the marble skinned gladiators. Edward and Emmett watched outside of the circle, confident in Hunter.

“If you win,” Theodore began, “you can do whatever you want with us.”

“And if you win?”

Theodore flashed a wicked smile. “Then I will suck your sister dry and you will watch.”

Hunter mechanically bore his teeth and growled threateningly.

“Unless,” Theodore added, now the one pacing, “you don’t think you can beat me.”

Do it. Stay out of this, Edward. You’re younger, faster, and stronger. He’s just putting too much faith on his experience, Hunter. Do. It.

“Fine,” Hunter said out loud.

They sealed the deal with a hand shake. As soon as they let go, Theodore leapt on Hunter and tackled him to the ground. Hunter, briefly stunned, didn’t immediately fight back. Once he shook himself out of shock, he tore into Theodore’s shoulder with his teeth. Theodore shouted and grabbed Hunter’s skull, gripping it, and smashed it into the ground repeatedly. This left a small crater where Hunter’s strong head had made impact. Hunter pulled himself away from Theodore and collided with him. There was a sickening crunch of their bodies and a groan issuing from both of the vampires. The werewolves yapped their approval.

“Theodore, get up!” Alicia shrieked mournfully when Theodore didn’t move.

Hunter sat up slowly, keeping his eyes on Theodore. He slowly edged his way to the motionless body, secretly wondering if vampires could be knocked unconscious. The wind rustled Theodore’s shaggy black hair and Hunter caught the emotional scent. It was a peculiar secretion of anticipation and dread.

And then he pounced.

Theodore shot up from the ground and wrapped his arms around Hunter’s waist. Hunter had heard the expression dead man’s grip, but didn’t understand exactly how severe it was until now. It was impossible to break away from Theodore who gleefully squeezed Hunter out of breath and out of options.

“Had enough, newborn?” Theodore seethed in Hunter’s ear.

Wheezing softly, Hunter managed to choke out, “Not on your life.”

The odd comment caught Theodore off guard and his grip loosened slightly. However, it was enough to allow Hunter time to throw Theodore off his back and tear Theodore’s arm from its socket. Theodore’s scream echoed in the surrounding valley and the werewolves barked and growled and cried with enthusiasm. Edward and Emmett chuckled to each other and proudly watched their young brother. Theodore was more than furious and let his anger get the best of him. Hunter easily pulled his other arm away from the body and tossed it to the wolves.

A pair of werewolves, almost bored of the fight, leapt on the arm and began a sick game of tug-of-war. Hunter didn’t notice. He was too busy defending himself from the armless fury of Theodore, the self proclaimed master of violence. It became apparent that Hunter would steal the title. But Theodore wouldn’t give up so easily.

He shouted obscenities and lunged at Hunter. Hunter sidestepped the flying torso, which could have resulted in serious consequences. Instead of turning around quickly and recovering, Theodore lost his balance and fell to the ground. For half a second he comically rolled around, trying to right himself and stand up.

But only for half a second.

Hunter thrashed the body of Theodore to pieces in another half a second and heaped the body in a pile. Panting, he stood up and looked at the mass of flesh. Hunter nodded to Edward who pulled out a lighter and set the pieces on fire. While the purple smoke ascended, and while they could still hear the echoes of Theodore’s agonizing shrieks, all watched.

When the pieces stopped hissing, Hunter turned to Alicia and said exactly what Carlisle would have wanted him to say.

“You have two options, Alicia,” he began. “You’re first option is there.” He pointed to the flames licking the skin and bones of Theodore, melting them. “Or, you could survive this day by a simple change of diet. It’ll take some getting used to, but-”


Surprised, Hunter let an unintelligent word slip his lips. “Huh?”

“I won’t. Not without him,” Alicia said mournfully, watching the smoke.

“Suit yourself.” Hunter shrugged and nodded to Jacob. “This one’s for you.”

Jacob snarled, letting his razor teeth show. They were the size of daggers but Alicia didn’t flinch. She stood proudly, glaring, as Jacob circled. Her long hair billowed in the wind and Alicia didn’t make so much as a groan when Jacob ripped her apart.

Jacob signaled mentally for the other werewolves to pounce. They took turns tossing body parts between them. Chewing, tearing, shredding, ripping, biting, and slashing were simple motions that ended poor Alicia. No one noticed that Luna was still in the same position. She sat on the ground, her knees tucked beneath her chin. Luna had watched silently with a more intensely depressed face.

When the wolves threw Alicia into the now raging inferno, Edward approached Luna quietly.

“You have that option, too,” he said in a gentlemanly tone.

Luna nodded understandingly and allowed Edward to help her up.

--- --- ---

“Look at them. I mean it, look!” Vivien nudged Jacob in the side and pointed to Hunter and Luna. Since they arrived safely home, and after Luna agreed to several lifestyle changes, Hunter had managed to approach her.

He was timid and bashful around her, which struck Vivien as odd. Her brother was always proud and sure of himself, even if it meant crushing someone’s feelings in the process. But he was delicate with Luna, who had maintained a perpetually hurt look throughout their conversations. As Vivien and Jacob watched, curled up in each other’s arms on the couch, they could see Hunter slowly getting desperate for approval from Luna.

“Is that what you meant?” Vivien asked softly in Jacob’s ear.

“What’re you talking about?”

“When you said he wouldn’t be lonely for long?”

Jacob smiled. “Yeah. In the clearing, when she paused before leaving with the others, she just looked at him. She seemed more upset in that moment then…well, then right now.” Jacob motioned to the sad look on Luna’s face.

“But she always looks like that,” Vivien scolded.

“My point exactly.”

“If she likes him, why doesn’t she act like it?” Vivien scoffed, frustrated with the newest addition to Carlisle’s vampire coven.

Jacob shrugged. “You tell me. You’re the girl, remember?”

Vivien huffed angrily. “Whatever. Girls are stupid.”

“That’s why you’re my favorite.”

“Awww,” Vivien cooed, kissing Jacob gently on the mouth. He kissed her back fervently.

An angry cough came from across the room. Vivien and Jacob broke away from each other to see Hunter glaring in an irritated way. He grumbled something under his breath about him. Although Vivien and Jacob couldn’t hear the comment, Luna did.

Luna laughed.

Hunter jolted and stared at Luna. She pressed her hands to her lips, trying to control the giggle. It was a happy sound, like the wind through blossoming trees. By reading Hunter’s lips, Vivien determined that that was exactly what he told Luna. Luna did her best to blush, the white skin pinked slightly. Hunter grinned and continued complimenting her until Luna was forced to stare at her feet. She mumbled something and Hunter’s grin subdued to a satisfied smile. He leaned close to Luna and let his lips graze her cheek. Luna looked up at him, shocked, but her face didn’t seem as mournful.

Vivien read the words run away with me crossing Hunter’s mouth.

Luna nodded eagerly and followed him up the stairs. The others were too busy talking and laughing to notice when a window opened and two thuds hit the ground running. Jacob let out a sad cry and tried to jump up, hoping to catch Hunter. Vivien pulled him back down on the couch.

“He’s happy,” was all she could say.

Jacob and Vivien cuddled closer and listened to the mournful shout of discovery. Bella rushed down the steps, holding a thick binder in her hands.

“They’re gone!” she shouted, looking down at the tattered blue binder.

Edward rested a comforting hand on her shoulder. “What do you mean?”

“I went upstairs to talk to Luna and they were gone,” Bella explained. Carlisle and Esme were upset by the loss of a son. Edward held Bella close to him and rocked her back and forth gently, he would miss the cynical brother. Jasper did his best to lighten the mood, but it didn’t work. He turned to Alice for comfort. Emmett was downcast and Rosalie was mildly upset. But no one seemed to be as upset as Vivien when she took the binder and opened it up.

She let out a small squeal. “A note,” Vivien shouted. “He can’t say goodbye to me in person he has to leave me a note!”

She hurried back to the couch and buried herself in Jacob’s arms.

Bella cleared her throat and, picking the note off of the ground, read it out loud. “Vivien, if I could have told you how much you mean to me I probably wouldn’t be able to leave. We’ve been through a lot together. When Dad died, we only had each other. Then, after Mom’s divorce, it seemed we needed each other more. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you this in person, but at least you have a record now that I said it. I love you, sister, and please take care of that smelly creature you’re cuddling. And have my book. You might need it more than I do. Remember when I told you that I write to help me relive my life? Well, since I changed my life sucked. No pun intended. But with Luna, things will be different. I don’t need to relive my life before this day. You take the book and don’t let Jacob eat it.

“Sincerely, Hunts.”

Bella finished speaking and looked around. The solemn faces looked to the ground and darted at each other. Bella glanced at the old blue binder and opened it. Hunter had let her read some of his book before, and she remembered the introduction almost by heart. His story had helped her understand him more, and she hoped that it would help the others as well. She turned to the first page and began reading.

“I was lost. The beautiful green foliage and towering trees that swayed above me at first seemed to be a refuge