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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Hunter is cocky, cynical, and careless. His two weaknessess are lack of trust and writing. When his mother encourages him to do something other than writing, he drives to a nearby state park for some peace and quiet. However, when darkness closes in around him, Hunter finds himself lost. Frustrated and tired, he decides to look for it in the morning when the sun is up. In the dead of night, Hunter wakes up to unfamiliar voices. One is a beautiful voice of a woman and the other is the voice of a hateful man who wants nothing to do with Hunter. The man and woman turn him into something he thought never was possible. Hunter is then forced to endure a new life, a new set of values, a new family, and a new diet. He then comes in contact with the werewolves of La Push and meets Jacob. After he eventually comes to terms with himself, a massive responsibility is forced on his shoulders that changes him…hopefully, for the better. Most characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. IRIS!!! Beautiful banner, I owe you a high five and maybe a surprise... ;)

Disclaimer: pretty much, all of these heart-melting characters belong to that Stephenie Meyer chick. Except for some choice additions... P.S. Is there any way I can bribe you guys to review more?

6. A Hunt Is Announced

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I sat up on the rooftop for nearly a day. It wasn’t until the following night that I filled up all of my notebooks with doodles and note-takings and observations. Mostly the observations concerned the werewolves and this new, odd family that I’ve been inducted into. It was a massive coven of vampires, really. Joseph and Anna often told me how unusual it was for there to be more than three or four vampires in a coven. In this coven, I had found there were four men and four women, all of them paired off together. By listening to their conversations below me in the house, I could identify them all. There was the lone girl who was whimpering in the room when I arrived. Her name was Bella and the worried, copper-haired one who rushed upstairs to her was Edward. The quiet blonde one from the forest, I found out he was the one who initially tackled me, was named Jasper.

Jasper! Of all of the strange names, I feel I liked his best. It was unusual, though not something dumb like Goldenrod or Mongoose. His counterpart was the fragile woman in the doorway. Alice was small enough that I thought the wind could easily snap her in half. The kindly man with light colored hair was Carlisle. He was the master of the coven and had someone as well. Esme reminded me sharply of Anna, in the fact that they both wanted desperately to be my mother. Esme, however, was a little more patient and motherly than Anna. Anna treated me like a passing fancy for a child and Esme could pass more easily as a genuine mother. Emmett and his significant other, Rosalie, were the simplest of the eight. Emmett had his sheer strength and Rosalie had her insane beauty. They looked like the perfect pair. Like a personal trainer and his supermodel wife.

And they wouldn’t stop talking about me.

It didn’t help that most of their conversation made no sense to me. I contemplated going down and being with them, just to ask what they were talking about. I thought better of it, though. The last thing I wanted was to socialized with the ones that tore Joseph to pieces.

“He’s hard to read,” Jasper announced to the family.

“What do you mean?” Alice asked, holding tightly to Jasper’s arm.

He looked over at her then looked around the rest of the family. “Well, he keeps his emotions under control very well, which doesn’t help us understand him at all,” Jasper said, confused.

“Sure it does,” Carlisle remarked. I decided that he was a well-spoken man and everything he said sounded important, even if it was really trivial. “It shows us that he is cool-headed and understands the importance of keeping himself under control.”

“I think that was obvious by the way he simply walked away from us, hiding on the roof,” Rosalie said with an attractive voice. I could picture her pursing her ruby lips in frustration.

“He’s not hiding,” Edward snapped in my defense, “he’s writing.”

“Writing?” Bella’s small voice chortled. “What’s he writing about?”

In my mind, I could picture Bella as a small animal. Something helpless and cute, like a rabbit or a lost puppy. She was clumsy and innocent and asked too many questions, which annoyed me to some extent. Edward troubled himself over her constantly out of some undying love or whatever. Bella often returned the favor with undying gratitude as well as absolute adoration. They were a match made to please audiences everywhere. The classic hero always saving the damsel in distress. Or, rather, the damsel who couldn’t walk in a straight line to save her life.

“He’s writing about his last family,” Edward responded. I could picture him stroking her head gently.

The rest grew solemn and respectfully quiet…except for Bella.

“What about his last family?”

“The way they were…ended,” Edward said carefully.

“And how was that?” Bella asked again.

How do you think it was? I thought to myself, enraged. Didn’t your precious Edward tell you of how he and the others ripped Joseph apart, limb by limb?!!

“Well,” Edward inhaled and chose his words selectively, “Jacob was largely to blame for Anna-”

“Who’s Anna?”

“Anna’s the one who changed him.”

Bella breathed in. “Oh.”

Is that all you can say, little Bella?

She only wants to know more about you.

This new voice in my head I recognized as Edward’s. It was such a shock that I physically fell over. How was he able to get inside my head? Was this something that I was imagining, or was this really possible?

What the…? Relax, Edward’s thoughts came again, don’t hurt yourself. Are you mocking me? Do you have to ask?

I sat up and relaxed a little. Intelligent conversation, even if it was a small argument, was hard for me to come by. Even when I was alive, it was hard to come by.

Apparently, I do. Now, are you going to answer me or not?

I waited for a response.

Why don’t you come down? he asked.

Why would I do something stupid like that when I could sit up here by myself? To get acquainted with your new family. Screw my new family, I want my old one.Edward seemed to disapprove of my attitude. You mean the ones who took your life away? That family?I snorted out loud. No. I mean my actual family. The ones who gave me life, not the ones who took it away. Joseph and Anna might have called me their son, but I was no where near calling them my parents. At least come down for a while.

I grumbled a protest but decided that I had nothing better to do. Packing up my notebooks and pencils, I pulled the book bag across my shoulders in a liquid movement and leapt off of the roof. I landed smoothly in the green grass below. Dusting myself off, I sauntered into the house and watched the surprised expression on the others faces. Edward was the only one looking expectant.

“Pleased you could join us,” he said pleasantly enough.

I growled a response, “At least one of us is, right?”

Bella inched closer to Edward but kept her large eyes glued to my face. Her innocent demeanor and honest curiosity was annoying. Always full of questions and demanding answers, using her puppy eyes to soften Edward. Then, question after question after question.

Then again, I reasoned, I don’t really care.

You should care, the irritating thoughts came again.

Irritably, I shouted, “Edward, do you mind?!”

Edward blinked twice then smiled. “Does it bother you?”

“Yes,” I answered bluntly.

“You’ll get used to it.” Alice seemed to bounce next to me. Her voice was bubbly and trusting.

“And how would you know?” I asked, more out of sarcasm than for actual curiosity.

“I’ve seen it.”

What…? Is she crazy?

No. She’s right.

I turned to Edward sitting next to Bella. “Stop. That.”

He flashed a crooked grin. “Well, it’s true.”

“What’s true?” I asked. Now I was completely confused.

Carlisle sauntered up to me and coached the girl aside. He seemed courtly and practiced at speaking to strangers. Like a lawyer.

Or a doctor, the young man thought again.

How do you do that? I wondered as I glared at Edward. He simply smiled his crooked smile and gazed.

Carlisle began to speak. “You look-”

“Confounded? Desolate? Something like that?” I snapped impatiently.

“Yes,” the man said, bemused. “Something like that.”

Esme used this silence as a time to intervene and introduce herself.

“Hunter!” she said joyously. Her complete happiness made me a little nauseous, to be honest. Sincerity wasn’t something I was used to see in vampires. “We’re so happy to have you as part of our family, really. We hope that you find you’re just as happy to be here.”

I could feel my face become skeptical as I examined her, the way I examined everyone else. Long brown hair and an elegant, willowy body complimented her golden eyes. Just as I opened my mouth to say something, I closed it again. I felt a surge of venom leak into my mouth. I swallowed, knowing I would need to spit it up later. Thinking back, I realized it had been two weeks since my last feeding. My mind tried to tell my body that two weeks wasn’t a long time, but to no avail. My body was addicted and needed to feed in regular intervals.

Jasper noticed.

“Struggling?” he asked seriously.

I shot him a side-glance but said nothing for fear that venom would leak out of my mouth and be visible to the entire family.

“Perhaps a hunting trip is in order?” Carlisle mentioned casually.

“Good timing, too. It’s about time for the grizzlies to come out…” Emmett oozed with excitement.


They’re Emmett’s favorite.

I glared at Edward.

“Who’s all going?” Bella asked quietly. Edward turned his whole body to face her and drink in every word that came out of her mouth.

“Let’s keep it small,” Carlisle suggested. “Emmett, Hunter, and I. Maybe even, you, Bella…?”

Bella shook her head. “I’m fine, now.”

“Bella,” Edward said smoothly, lacing his fingers with hers, “I think it’s time for me to go, as well.”

“Just try not to get eaten,” Bella replied jokingly.

I rolled my eyes. There was no reason for me to be looking forward to this hunting trip at all.

“I’m going, too,” Rosalie announced. Emmett grinned and placed his arm around her shoulder. My own shoulders slumped dramatically. No one noticed except for Esme, who I pushed away from me. This hunting trip just got worse.