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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Hunter is cocky, cynical, and careless. His two weaknessess are lack of trust and writing. When his mother encourages him to do something other than writing, he drives to a nearby state park for some peace and quiet. However, when darkness closes in around him, Hunter finds himself lost. Frustrated and tired, he decides to look for it in the morning when the sun is up. In the dead of night, Hunter wakes up to unfamiliar voices. One is a beautiful voice of a woman and the other is the voice of a hateful man who wants nothing to do with Hunter. The man and woman turn him into something he thought never was possible. Hunter is then forced to endure a new life, a new set of values, a new family, and a new diet. He then comes in contact with the werewolves of La Push and meets Jacob. After he eventually comes to terms with himself, a massive responsibility is forced on his shoulders that changes him…hopefully, for the better. Most characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. IRIS!!! Beautiful banner, I owe you a high five and maybe a surprise... ;)

Disclaimer: pretty much, all of these heart-melting characters belong to that Stephenie Meyer chick. Except for some choice additions... P.S. Is there any way I can bribe you guys to review more?

8. Bonfire

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1384   Review this Chapter

“Did you see how fast that one was?” Paul shouted at Embry as they entered the familiar, comfortable bonfire circle as they had done so many times before.

Embry laughed loudly, trying to keep the four litters of soda and three pizza boxes from falling into the sand. “Yeah, and did you see how close Sam was to ripping his head off?! That was the best fun we’ve had in a long time.”

“It’s the only fun we’ve had in a long time,” Paul chimed in, handing out packages of uncooked hotdogs to each individual sitting around the bonfire. “Remember when we all got together to tear up those newborns?”

Jacob groaned nearby. “Don’t remind me.”

Paul and Embry snickered in unison. Paul shouted something vulgar about Leah’s intelligence and Embry wholeheartedly agreed. Leah was often the target of the group’s remarks due to her bitter hatred towards Sam and Emily’s relationship. Since the near-war-experience brought on by Victoria and her cohort of new vampires, Leah has become the increasingly more popular target concerning her arrogance and stupidity. Jacob, although he was the one to pay for her carelessness, didn’t often take part in the jokes.

“You guys, get over it. That was almost two years ago.”

Paul and Embry saw that Jacob was serious and went back to talking about their newest adventure.

“Hey, Paul! Toss me some more hotdogs!” Jared demanded. Paul chucked a package of hotdogs at Jared’s head with one smooth motion. Jared, to Paul’s disappointment, caught it before it collided with his head. It only took an hour and a half for the pack to devour all of the pizzas and hotdogs and soda…and even some of Billy’s fish stash that he’d been saving for Sunday dinner. It wasn’t until Sam stood up and cleared his throat that the entire group silenced themselves.

“How long has it been since we’ve been able to dismember a blood sucking leech?” he asked, looking around for an answer.

Seth, still the smallest werewolf, piped up. “Nearly two years!” he shouted.

Sam nodded. “And have we forgotten the threat and the menace of the revolting leeches? Have we forgotten why we call them leeches?!” Sam’s last words were threaded with a hint of anger. Everyone around him was eerily still, they knew better than to upset Sam more than he already was. He cleared his throat again and spoke a little louder. “We managed to take one of them down but there are still two of them out there. You saw the one only a few hours before and how fast he was. I didn’t think it was possible for a leech, a leech, to outrun any werewolf. Not even a new one. Especially not a new one.” Sam paused to look around at his pack. His eyes rested on each solemn face. Finally, after a long moment, he began again. “We need to work twice as hard to track those two down. And one of us,” Sam said in a hard tone, focusing on Jacob, “needs to alert the Cullen family.”

Jacob objected loudly. “What does this have to do with them?”

Sam growled and Jacob sat down quickly. “What’s wrong, Jacob? Still upset about Bella?”

Jacob snarled, clenching his hands into fists. His knuckles whitened with the pressure.

“Jacob,” he said quietly, “someday you’ll imprint on someone who will become everything to you. Bella. Isn’t. That. Person.”

Angrily, Jacob lowered his head. He felt the eyes of the pack on him. He knew that they were sick of hearing about Bella, especially when they changed into their wolf forms. Even though they were fed up with him, Jacob felt that they finally began to pity him when Bella made her decision to become a vampire. Looking up at Sam, Jacob met his eyes and knew there was no argument on the matter. Jacob would be the one to call the Cullens. Pulling himself away from Sam’s gaze, he glared into the bonfire. The hazy purple smoke circled up into the night sky and the beautiful limbs smoldered into ashes.

Two days passed before Jacob found the courage inside himself to call the Cullen family.

“Hey, Bella!” Jacob greeted enthusiastically when Bella answered his call.

“Jaaacooooobbb,” she answered in a high pitched, silly voice. Jacob chuckled to himself, forgetting how easy it was to love Bella. She was fun and energetic…

...and loving and beautiful and sweet and beautiful, Jacob thought to himself as he spoke. “Actually, I was calling on strictly business,” he said, trying to make himself sound important by emphasizing the last two words. Bella laughed, something that sounding similar to tinkling bells.

“Whatever,” she said, her voice happy.

“Well, last night three vampires came into the territory and-”

“Was it Emmett, Jasper, and Alice playing truth or dare again?” Bella tried to sound stern but Jacob could sense a smile on the other end of the phone.

“Well, not so much truth and dare as it was hide and seek,” Jacob laughed. Bella returned the favor, her new laughter sounding like wind chimes. Jacob wasn’t sure if he altogether liked her new laughter as much as the old laughter. He cleared his throat and continued talking. “Actually, there were two males and a female. We caught the female, but the two males escaped into your territory and-”

“Oh. That.”

Jacob hesitated. “What do you mean?”

“Well, a few weeks ago Alice had a vision of an incoming coven. Two males and a female. Alice knew when they’d be out of your territory so Edward, Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett went to wait for them. They found the older male first and he refused to change his…” Bella tried to think of a fitting word, “…diet. So they had to get rid of him. Then the other male ran out of your territory really fast. He’s staying with us, just to see what it’s like.”

Jacob stood, dumbfounded, holding the phone to his ear.

There goes my weekend, he thought woefully to himself.

“Jacob?” Bella sounded worried.

“Yeah?” he responded.

“You okay?”

Jacob let out what was supposed to be a laugh but turned into a simple huff. “Sure.”

“Okay…” Bella said warily. “If you need anything…”

“Yeah, yeah. I’d think it would be you that needed something,” Jacob said lightly, his humor back.

Although Jacob could see, Bella rolled her eyes dramatically. “Jacob, you’re my best friend.I had hoped you would understand how important Edward is to me.”

Jacob growled. “Friends don’t let friends kill themselves, Bella.”

Bella promptly hung up and the line went dead.

“Who was it?” Edward asked casually, even though he knew full well who it was. Bella only became irritated after an exchange of sharp words with Jacob. Besides that, Edward had listened to the entire conversation on another line.

“It was Jacob,” Bella sighed, quickly overcoming her anger and turned to Edward.

“What are you thinking?” he asked quietly, pulling her into his embrace. Edward studied the details of her eyes as he combed through her hair.

Bella blushed. “Well, I…”

“No editing,” Edward added, seeing the concerned look on Bella’s face.

“…I was hoping he would be happy for me.”

Edward shook his head sadly. “Until he finds someone of his own, he will never fully comprehend how much we need each other.”

Bella smiled softly and stood on her tiptoes to reach Edwards face, leaving a small kiss on his lips. She immediately drew back when she heard a retching sound coming from the roof. Edward looked to the ceiling, amused.

“He seems to think that affection between vampires isn’t natural.”

“Oh.” Bella paused to think to herself. “Have you figured out what he’s writing about up there?” she asked, thoroughly curious.

“Actually, not really. I can hear some pieces of what he writes and where he wants to take the piece…but sometimes he thinks so quickly that it’s like a low hum.”

“Oh,” Bella said, hanging her head.

“Why don’t you go ask him?” Edward suggested as he stroked the side of her icy face. Her eyes lit up at the proposition.

“I think I will,” she said with confidence, walking away with her head held high. Edward smiled to himself as he watched her walk away.