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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Hunter is cocky, cynical, and careless. His two weaknessess are lack of trust and writing. When his mother encourages him to do something other than writing, he drives to a nearby state park for some peace and quiet. However, when darkness closes in around him, Hunter finds himself lost. Frustrated and tired, he decides to look for it in the morning when the sun is up. In the dead of night, Hunter wakes up to unfamiliar voices. One is a beautiful voice of a woman and the other is the voice of a hateful man who wants nothing to do with Hunter. The man and woman turn him into something he thought never was possible. Hunter is then forced to endure a new life, a new set of values, a new family, and a new diet. He then comes in contact with the werewolves of La Push and meets Jacob. After he eventually comes to terms with himself, a massive responsibility is forced on his shoulders that changes him…hopefully, for the better. Most characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. IRIS!!! Beautiful banner, I owe you a high five and maybe a surprise... ;)

Disclaimer: pretty much, all of these heart-melting characters belong to that Stephenie Meyer chick. Except for some choice additions... P.S. Is there any way I can bribe you guys to review more?

9. Temper

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1611   Review this Chapter

“No way!” Hunter shouted, moving backwards towards the front door. He clutched his book bag closer to his chest. Bella let out an angry breath and folded her arms, tapping her foot.

“What’s the point of writing something if you won’t let anyone read it? Isn’t that the whole point?” she asked.

Hunter shook his head. “It’s not ready yet,” he said, turning his back towards her.

Bella sidled up to Hunter who regarded her coldly, “But…you can trust me.”

Hunter laughed in monotone. “Not yet I can’t.”

Bella blinked innocently, trying to conjure the same effect that Edward frequently used on her. Her wide, golden eyes and pleading face leaned closer to Hunter breathlessly. “But you want to, right?”

Hunter paused and considered her proposition. He seemed not as hostile and nearly vulnerable as memories of his family were dragged through his mind. Bella waited patiently for his reply. While Hunter thought to himself, he looked up at Bella and back down at his book bag. Bella waited patiently, feeling sorry for Hunter. He was torn away from his family with an entire life before him through a single act of selfishness from Anna. Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett were all at the end of their lives. Alice didn’t know her family and Bella had made the choice on her own. Hunter had no choice. She could vaguely understand why he was so bitter. Finally, after an exaggerated sigh, Hunter handed her a single notebook.

“This is the first,” he said and walked away.

Bella looked down at the unlikely source of Hunter's relief and opened the cover. As she read the pages, she understood Hunter. When she was finished she hurried in the direction of Hunter and found herself in the living room. He was sitting on the couch with Emmett and Jasper watching the latest news story on a massacre in Moran State Park on Orcas Island, which was over six hours from Forks. Bella quietly sat down between Jasper and Hunter, resting her head on Hunter’s shoulder. He looked down at her then looked back at the television set, which proceeded to explain the gruesome details of an entire family that was found bloodless on their kitchen floor and the oldest daughter has not been accounted for.

“Did you see what’s going on up on Orcas Island?” Hunter asked casually.

“You’re avoiding the subject,” Bella accused, flipping through the pages of his notebook.

“I’m not avoiding the subject. There was no subject given, therefore you’re just changing the subject,” Hunter pointed out. “Now, did you or did you not see what’s going on up on Orcas Island?”

Bella rolled her eyes, now aware of how sensitive Hunter was on the subject of his family and writing. “No, I haven’t. But, in your notebook-”

“Well, it’s really sad,” Hunter interrupted. “You see, there was an entire family found dead this morning, except for the oldest daughter who they still haven’t found. She was visiting from college and not due back on campus for another four days. They think someone kidnapped her.”

“That’s awful,” Bella whined, turning towards the television. Shaking the mental images of the broken bodies strewn across the kitchen floor, she turned to Hunter again. “I was wondering if you would-”

“Tell you more about it?” Hunter said, pointing to the anchor man whose face now filled the screen. “Sorry, no. It’s too depressing, I think, to repeat.”

“Hunter,” Bella said sternly.

Hunter’s eyes darted over to Bella and then he groaned. “Yes, Bella?”

“Anna’s…end. Does it still bother you?”

The air grew stale and Hunter felt Bella’s, Emmett’s, and Jasper’s golden eyes glued to his face. He paused and chose his words carefully.

“Well,” he began, “yes. But I didn’t think it would have been a good idea to…meet…the werewolves. Jasper offered after I first went hunting with them and I turned him down when we got home. I didn’t think I was ready.”

Hunter stopped himself from continuing. It had been so hard for him to adjust to being a vampire and then to change his diet after three months of frequent feeding. With his new family, he had been able to get over some of the betrayal that he felt when Anna first changed him. Bella reminded him often of his younger sister. Even though he wanted to trust the Cullens and wanted the Cullens to trust him back, he wasn’t ready to open up to them. Despite how closely Bella resembled his younger sister.

“I think that you need some closer,” Bella said after a long silence. Jasper snickered to himself and Emmett elbowed him sharply in the ribs. After a fierce staring contest, the two left the room. Hunter didn’t doubt that it was partially due to Edward’s inaudible suggestion. Bella continued speaking. “If you’re able to see the werewolves in their human form, maybe you wouldn’t be so upset.”

“No,” Hunter replied bluntly, turning his attention back to the television. The anchorman was now showing pictures of the missing college woman.

“Are you sure?” Bella asked hesitantly.

“Let me think…” Hunter said sarcastically, stroking his chin like it was a beard. “Ummm…well… No,” he said abruptly, his eyes glued to the television.

“I bet I can get you to go,” Bella said slyly, prodding Hunter’s side.

Exactly like my little sister, he thought to himself as he pushed Bella’s hand away.

“I bet you can’t,” Hunter grumbled in response.

“I told you I could!” Bella said happily as Edward parked the car just behind the invisible line that marked the beginning of the werewolves’ territory.

Hunter grimaced, the sour smell stinging his nostrils as the werewolves moved closer. He snorted with the grimace still on his face. Edward and Jasper had lied to him, telling him that they were going hunting. Hunter thought that it was suspicious that the entire coven was going at once, but didn’t think twice about it. His suspicions were affirmed when they had neared the territory of the werewolves. Stepping out of the car, Hunter stood on what he deemed was the “vampire” side of the invisible line. The itching burn inside his nose became almost unbearable as the pack came into view. To Hunter’s dismay, they were all very human looking. The tall man in the lead made the introductions and waited for Hunter’s response. Hunter studied the faces carefully, trying to understand how such large beasts could be fit into such small human frames. Hunter’s thoughts were interrupted when the tall, broad shouldered one introduced as Jacob cleared his throat.

“It was you,” Jacob said quietly, thinking back to the night where he and his pack destroyed Anna and hunted another vampire. “Why are you here? Are you that stupid, leech, that you don’t even realize that we tried to kill you that night?”

Hunter smiled his cryptic smile. “Kill me? In order to kill me, I would have to be alive. Are you that stupid, dog, that you don’t even realize that I’m dead?”

Jacob was silent.

“One more thing,” Hunter said coolly, becoming more and more comfortable with the aspect of mocking Jacob, “at least I know when to let go.”

“What?” Jacob snapped, his hands now balled into fists.

“You see, to love and to let go is one thing. To love and love and love, with no remorse for stealing away a piece of the other’s sanity, isn’t fair.”

Hunter watched eagerly as Jacob became angry enough to start shaking.

“That’s not what happened. You don’t know,” Jacob seethed rage between his teeth.

“Lying to yourself isn’t healthy,” Hunter said in a business-like tone.

You don’t know what you’re talking about, leech!” Jacob shouted. Without waiting for Hunter’s reply, Jacob turned around and ran. He stripped off his clothing as he ran and shifted into his wolf form in half an instant. The crowd watched as Jacob disappeared then turned their attention towards Hunter, who stood with a smug look on his face.

“Did you ever hear the phrase ‘let sleeping dogs lay’?” Emmett asked before turning around and heading for the car, no longer comfortable with the situation.

Bella’s face was paler than usual and Edward pulled her lovingly into his arms and cradled her close to his chest. She whimpered sorrowful sounds and Edwards tried to consol her the best he could.

Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme walked away without a word and Edward shortly followed with Bella in his arms.

Sam approached Hunter with his arms folded across his chest and waved away the others from the pack. “So, at least you know when to let go, huh?”

Hunter watched Sam’s face carefully. Instead of replying, he folded his arms across his own chest. After spending most of the day mimicking Sam, Hunter knew it annoyed him to no end.

With a scowl on his face, Sam continued. “I think you need to look inside yourself and really examine whether or not you’re able to let go.”

Hunter’s composure disappeared for half a second and his face split into an angry scowl. However, he was able to regain it quickly. “What makes you think I haven’t let go of Anna and Joseph? I hated them, in case you weren’t aware of that, and-”

“I wasn’t talking about Anna and Joseph,” Sam snarled. “I was talking about your human family. You had better come to terms with what you’ve become before you’re consumed by bitter decisions, Hunter. And try not to pull others in after you. I know that misery loves its company, but you can’t be miserable forever.”