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Protect Her

Quil is Claire's. He will do exactly what she needs of him. Even when her newly divorced father gains custody and forbids him to go anywhere near her, he does what's best... he leaves her alone. And then, after five long years, he realizes what's been happening to the one he was born to protect. He WILL save her, no matter what it takes.

Quil/Claire. Yes, it's a little creepy. He's in love with a two-year -old. Mostly post-eclipse, will skip around a bunch... *disclaims*

10. Chapter 10

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Someday, maybe, she’ll need me for more than this.

Someday, maybe, the spirits of his evil will leave her.

Someday, maybe, it’ll be a different kind of love between us.

But this is enough. It is enough, enough, enough. More than enough. This is bliss, this is love, this is life itself and I am blessed to be in its midst.

She is sleeping now, and I watch with adoration. She is beautiful. So beautiful.

Her eyelashes flutter on her cheek.

She cries out. Not in words, just a long groan… like an animal in pain.

“Claire,” I whisper.

And she is silent, peaceful, immobile. She does not awaken, merely sleeps on. I am glad.

Claire’s birthday is tomorrow. She will be ten. Double digits. I smile at that mundane thought. I will make that day joyful for her. I doubt she has ever had a birthday party before… but this will be a special one even if she’d had a million. I don’t have much money, but spending it on Claire is a pleasure and an honor. Anything she wants from me, I leap on the chance to give her, now and forever.

Now my Claire has friends to come to her party- that makes me very glad. She’s been going to school for little over a month, and several girls have befriended her.

I wonder if Claire will ever be interested in boys. This is the age when such things begin to begin, I know. Probably, what he did to her will prevent that. This will be hard for her, hearing her friends talk about dating and dancing and, later, kisses, when all these things mean shame and fear to her.

She has not yet opened to me, not yet confided in me what happened to her during those long years in which I failed.

That is how I will always remember that time.

I was made to make her happy and safe.

Born to protect her.

And for five years I failed.

The time that I failed her and myself…

It must have been hell for her. That much I can see in her nightmares. Every night she screams, and every night I sit silently by her side. Anything I can give her…

And my presence does seem to comfort her.

I cannot begin to think of making up the wrong I have done her. It will be years before I can dream of absolution. Yet I do, I do. I want to take it all back, to do it over, to do as my mind bid me on that day and scoop her up and run and run with her in my arms until he could never find her, never hurt her.

Of this I dream.

But I cannot turn back time. I will have to live with this the rest of my life. I will have to look at her face and see the fading bruises and the shadow of his touch.

Oh, Claire.

Do you know how much I love you?

Do you know how much I would give to have kept you safe?

The world, my Claire.

I would have given the world.

Because you are more than that to me.

Sleep, Claire.

Don’t weep.

I swear, you are safe now.

I will never let you be harmed again.