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Protect Her

Quil is Claire's. He will do exactly what she needs of him. Even when her newly divorced father gains custody and forbids him to go anywhere near her, he does what's best... he leaves her alone. And then, after five long years, he realizes what's been happening to the one he was born to protect. He WILL save her, no matter what it takes.

Quil/Claire. Yes, it's a little creepy. He's in love with a two-year -old. Mostly post-eclipse, will skip around a bunch... *disclaims*

7. Chapter 7

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Emily immediately began making Claire’s bed. She is full of bustle and sunshine. “Now, dear, you’re going to start school, but not for a while. Get used to us first, okay? I’ll let you meet the boys as soon as they come over next. Sam’s friends. They’re loud, but they’re nice fellows. Don’t you be scared of them, all right?” “Okay,” Claire whispered. “You, out. I need to chat with my niece,” she ordered me. I left. Sam met me on the stairs. “Hi, brother.” “Hello.” “I’m sorry.” “I know.” “I shouldn’t have waited so long. If I hadn’t…” “No. It’s my fault, all mine. I was born to protect her. Look how well I’m doing!” I heard a gasp from upstairs. “Sam, bring me a doctor. Right away!” Emily screamed, and I moaned. Sam sprinted off with a last apologetic look at me. I ran up the stairs and dashed into the room. Claire was naked. Nine. Nine. She’s just a little kid and she’s scared stiff. You are not to stare at her. You are to look at Emily. Right now. For her. I succeed, barely. Not in enough time to miss the damage. Her chest, back, and legs are covered in thick scars and dark bruises. Not an inch of skin isn’t mottled purple or grey or red. I can hardly believe that at one point I actually planned to let him live. “Quil, when I said out, I meant out.” “I want him to stay,” Claire whispered. If she wants me here, I stay. I held her hand while we waited. It would have been under a thick, awkward silence, if not for Emily’s chatter about the delights La Push has to offer. Sam came back twenty minutes later, followed by Dr. Fang. I liked that nickname. “I’m the Alpha. I’m making an exception to the treaty, so Claire can have the best doctor.” “Thank you,” I breathed. I could spend the rest of my life fighting the urge to kill this putrid leech if it was better for Claire. The doctor looked at her. “I sincerely hope none of you did this. Otherwise there may be no treaty to make exceptions to.” If he honestly believed I would ever hurt my Claire… “Of course not. Quil imprinted on her seven years ago. Her parents got divorced. She went to live with her father. Quil just found out about it this morning.” “Good. I didn’t want to have to kill you. There’s only a few weeks left until we move, anyway.” The doctor and his mate had stayed behind when Bella was changed, waiting for a few years, working, so on. I was very glad of that right now, though the pack would be believed when he rejoined his family at the end of this month. “Claire, does it hurt?” he asked. For a bloodsucker, his voice was calm and gentle, though I really did not like him being near her. ANYWHERE near her. “Yeah,” she whispered. “Where?” “My ribs. And my back. And stomach and my legs.” I growled. “Okay. I want you to come have an x-ray done. It looks like you might have a broken bone.” One bruise on her face, but hundreds all over, where no one could see. Hidden, just as this had been from me. “I’m so sorry, Claire,” I whispered. She does not hear.