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A dialoge between Bella and Edward. Bella loves Edward so much and forgives him but Edward feels so bad about leaving her and he feels so much shame and pain.


1. Us

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Bella talking--

To be held in your arms

To be kissed on the cheek

To know that I'm Loved

To hear you speak

Those words of sweet nothings

That you wisper in my ear

Those wonderful words

Ment only for me to hear

Edward talking--

To know that you want me

Even though I lied

To know that when I left you

For months you cried

I'm so sorry

but those words dont take away the pain

I've always loved you

I know you feel the same


I will always forgive you

no matter what you've done

I love you too much

too much to shun

I will never shun you

you'll always be part of my life

I'll be with you forever

I'll be your wife


You need to see the monster I am

I don't deserve you

And behind my mask

You see right through


My heart breaks when

you are not here

My heart breaks

from the fear

But it is not fear of you

Its fear of being left alone

and you telling me

you're going far away from home


My dearest Bella

Please listen to me

My dearest Bella

hear my plee

I will never ever

leave you alone

And I will never ever

go far away from home

I love you too much

Oh, yes it's true

My dearest Bella

I Love You.


Oh Edward, My Edward

I Love you too

and That will

always be true