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Fried Rice and a Wonderful Suprise

bella and ♥edward♥ both thought it wasnt possible to have a child.... but what happens when they get an unexpected gift...♥ Image and video hosting by TinyPic EdwardBiteMePlz makes the best banners. :Dchapter five: Furry Little Face! now posted!!! yay...

ok i hope you like this story... i apologize that it took me soo long to get chapter three posted... and thnx to all your wonderful reveiws... i hope you love my story... enjoy!!! oh... and just to tell you i am totally in l♥ve with edward cullen... disclaimer: sadly i do not own the gorgeous edward cullen or his heart... they belong to the wonderful stephenie meyer... only this story idea is mine...♥

2. Of Course!

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“Carlisle!” Bella called.

“Bella you don’t have to yell.” I said quietly.

“Oh, yeah sorry.”

Just then Carlisle appeared at the foot of the stairs. “Yes Bella?” He said quietly.

“Oh, um… Edward and I need to talk to you… its very important.”

“Then talk away.” He said cheerfully.

“Well… um… I’m… um…” Bella stuttered out.

Carlisle had a puzzled look on his face.

“Um… what Bella is trying to say Carlisle is that she’s… well… um pregnant.”

“Wow! Well that’s great!” Carlisle shouted with excitement. “Esme will be so happy and Alice… well don’t even get me started on her. Wait, has Alice already seen this Vision?”

“Of course I have!” Exclaimed Alice darting from the door.

“Alice? What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t come back until this afternoon.” Asked Bella.

“Well I just had to come home early. I mean it’s not every day I get to become an aunt!”

“Wait,” I said “Does Esme and Rose already know?”

“Of course not! I decided you could tell those two yourselves…. after all it is your big news, not mine.”

“Tell us what?” asked Rosalie coming through the door.

“That Bella is pregnant.” said Alice.

“So much for our big news.” mumbled Bella.

“Sorry. I was just so excited I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore.”

Rosalie glared at Bella and me for a few seconds before stomping off, and thinking something about how Bella gets everything she wants.

Esme rushed over to Bella with glee and started to speak excitedly with Alice. “Oh Alice we’re going to get to plan a baby shower and everything! Wow. I’m going to be a grandmother!”

“And I’m going to be an aunt!” Said Alice as she and Esme went into the kitchen to start making plans.

Bella let out a large sigh and spoke. “Well, I guess that’s why Alice has been smiling and winking at me all week.”

I chuckled and spoke. “That also why she’s been singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Our Song’ in her head all week.”

Carlisle got up and was headed back to his office when I stopped him. “Carlisle I have a few questions I wanted to ask.”

“Then why don’t Bella and you come with me to my office.”

When we sat down in Carlisle’s office I quickly spoke. “Is the child going to be human or… like us? Will it be part human and part… vampire?”

“To be honest Edward, I really don’t know. Since this has never happened before the only thing we can do is wait until the child is born.”

“Well, thank you Carlisle.”

As Bella and I exited the room she began to speak. “Edward?”

“Yes Bella?”

“Can we go to Port Angeles?”

I really wish I could read her mind. “Why?”

“Because I want some fried rice and orange chicken.”

“What is with all the Chinese food?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve been eating it non- stop this whole week.”

Before I could speak Alice was beside me and speaking for me. “It’s what you’re craving as a pregnant woman now. It happens a lot when you’re pregnant.”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Well, when I had the vision I started to do some research.”

“You mean they have books and websites about that kind of stuff?” I asked.

Bella and Alice both started laughing hysterically.

“What?” I asked very curious.

“It’s just a girl thing.” Oh how I wished I could read her mind. Alice was no help either as she continued to sing ‘Our Song’ in her head and skipped away.