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Fried Rice and a Wonderful Suprise

bella and ♥edward♥ both thought it wasnt possible to have a child.... but what happens when they get an unexpected gift...♥ Image and video hosting by TinyPic EdwardBiteMePlz makes the best banners. :Dchapter five: Furry Little Face! now posted!!! yay...

ok i hope you like this story... i apologize that it took me soo long to get chapter three posted... and thnx to all your wonderful reveiws... i hope you love my story... enjoy!!! oh... and just to tell you i am totally in l♥ve with edward cullen... disclaimer: sadly i do not own the gorgeous edward cullen or his heart... they belong to the wonderful stephenie meyer... only this story idea is mine...♥

3. Emmet Jr.

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“How can you eat that stuff?” I asked Bella who was sitting next to me in the Volvo.

“Actually its quite good.” she replied.

“Well if I were you I definitely would NOT eat that. What is it any way?”

“Well,” she began. “That is fried rice, that is orange chicken, and that is low mien.”

“I still think it’s disgusting.”

“Well that’s okay because you don’t have to eat it!”

As I pulled up to the house I noticed Jasper and Emmet were home. “Well you’re going to have to tell Jasper… and Emmet.”

“If Alice already hasn’t.”

“No she hasn’t.”

“Well let’s go then.”

And with that we entered the house to be greeted by two anxious vampires.

“Alice won’t tell us what’s going on!” cried Emmet.

“Yeah she says you have to tell us because it’s your big news.” whined Jasper.

“Wow Alice you’re going to let us tell this time?” mocked Bella.

“Well I figured that this time you should tell them. Besides I didn’t mean to blurt out you’re pregnant to Rose and Esme.”

“You’re what?” exclaimed Emmet.

“Thanks a lot Alice!” cried Bella.

“Ooops.” said Alice with a sheepish grin.

“Well,” I began. “We found out yesterday that Bella is going to be having a child.”

“Is it yours?” questioned Jasper.

“It most certainly is!” I yelled. “It is mine Bella, right?”

“Well…” she began.

“Bella!” I whined.

“I’m kidding, of course it’s yours.”

“Well I say that the baby be a boy and that we name it Emmet Jr.!” exclaimed Emmet.

“Ewww! Were not naming it that, besides it’s not a boy.” said Alice.

“You mean it’s a girl?” asked Bella.

“Yup!” said Alice.

“And no,” I said reading Alice’s mind “We will not name her Alice.”

“Fine, but it’s just a suggestion.” she added.

“Ummm…” said a quiet Bella. “What about Charlie? I mean we still have to tell him.”

“Oh, right.” I had completely forgotten about telling him. I mean he wouldn’t be very thrilled to find out Bella was pregnant, and that I was the father. “Umm, maybe I should take you home now. I mean Charlie will be expecting you to come home, and we can just tell him then I suppose.”

“Actually,” said Alice. “Shouldn’t I take Bella home since she was supposed to be having a sleepover with meand not you?”

“Well it’s not our fault you decided to go off Paris, and besides Edward is the father so he needs to be there.” Bella firmly said.

“Fine.” growled Alice stomping back into the kitchen.

“Sheesh!” sighed Emmet. “She acts like it’s her child! I mean seriously! Before you know it the kid will be calling her mom and jasper daddy!”

“Who says I want a little bundle of joy screaming for me? I mean I have felt the emotion coming off those… those… those things and let me tell you, there is absolutely NO joy at all.”

“Are you calling my child… a depressing thing?” I asked.

But before he could answer I was already pinning him down and he was punching at my head.

“Awww,” complained Emmet. “I want to be part of the fight too!” And the next thing I noticed was Emmet, Jasper, and me all kicking, punching and… slapping?

“Who the heck is slapping me?” I asked.

We all stopped to see that Alice had joined the fight. After simply staring at her for a brief moment we went back to fighting, only to be stopped by Esme who started complaining that we would break something and that if we’re going to fight to go outside. So we then stopped.

I then remembered Bella was still here. Oooops. I quickly turned towards her and smiled my crooked smile, the one she says “dazzles” her. In reply she simply grinned and blushed. Oh how I love it when she does that.

Since I wasn’t paying attention, it gave Emmet, Jasper, and Alice the perfect moment to get me. Alice smacked me in the head while Emmet and Jasper Punched and kicked me. I simply glared at them letting them know I would get my revenge.

“Well,” I said. “Shall we get going?” Bella then stood as we headed to the Volvo.

It was at that moment when I noticed Alice’s vision, and then I noticed Charlie was not going to be very happy… and neither would Jacob Black.