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A New Beginning

Telling Charlie, the wedding, the transformation. Basically my personal version of Breaking Dawn. R&R!

sorry it has been a while, i have been busy. anyways, CHAPTER 4: TELLING RENEE IS COMING VERY SOON!

This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it! Also, this is slightly anti-Jacob. So, if you are a jacob fan, you probably won't like this story.

2. Telling Charlie

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Chapter 2: Telling Charlie

We walked towards the house hand in hand, my own hand sweating viscously, even with the icy chill of Edward’s skin. I began to cling to him nervously as Edward reached his free hand out to open the door.

I took another step towards the house, gazing nervously into Edward’s stunningly beautiful eyes, and, of course, tripping on the doormat. Edward caught me effortlessly and whispered into my ear, “Please, do be careful, love. I would hate to see you get hurt so close to our wedding.”

I was stunned by the fact that I didn’t shudder at the thought of marriage. Suddenly, it just felt right, and all the doubts that had haunted my mind about getting married evaporated. Unfortunately, it didn’t take away the fear of the impending doom awaiting us just a few steps away.

After calming myself down, I slowly and nervously walked into the house, Edward lovingly by my side.

I could hear the Mariners game blaring from the living room, but I knew that Charlie wasn’t really watching. According to Edward, he had been worrying about me.

I shut the door, and instantly I heard Charlie’s voice come from the living room. “Bella? Is that you?” he asked, a fearful tone in his already shaky voice. I could just imagine the worried expression he probably had on his face.

I took a deep breath. It was time to get this over with. “Yeah Dad, it’s me, and Edward is here too. Can we talk to you?” I questioned as we walked into the room, our hands still intwined. I was squeezing Edward’s hand so hard that it may have fallen off, it he were human.

As we sat down on the couch across from him, he put the sound on mute. “So, what is it you wanted to tell me?” he asked, looking almost as pale as my fiancé.

“Well...” I started, feeling the nervous, uncomfortable butterflies flutter in my stomach. “Ed...Edward and I...we...we are...” I said, stuttering shamefully, Edward began stroking the back of my right hand, calming me instantly. I made sure to hide my left hand, so Charlie wouldn’t see the ring.

Charlie’s eyes widened in horror. “Bella, are...are you pregnant?”

“God no!” I replied immediately. That would have been horrendous.

“Well, what is it then?” Charlie asked, somewhat relieved from what I had just denied, but not by much.

“Edward and I are engaged,” I finally spat out after thirty seconds of silence.

I waited for the reaction; for the angered purple-faced Charlie I had seen in my visions. But there wasn’t one. Charlie just sat there, staring at us, his mouth wide open with shock, forming a perfect “O.” His eyes were wide, yet, somehow, relaxed.

Finally, after the longest two minutes of my life, Charlie spoke. “Well, I can’t say that I didn’t expect this. You two have been so serious these past few months.”

I was stunned. Who was this man, and what had he done with my father? Where was the Charlie reaction I had come to know and love?

Charlie’s eyes fell upon Edward and he stared at him with an intense anger. “But you left her once. She was practically in a coma when you left. We had to force her to eat, and she lost interest in everything. How do I know you won’t do it again?” Charlie’s words were like acid, and even though they weren’t directed at me, they stung with a vile hatred.

Edward winced, no doubt seeing the memories of me in my zombie-like state in Charlie’s mind. He looked my father in the eyes, still rubbing reassuring circles on the back of my right hand with his thumb. “Mr. Swan, I love Bella, more than I had ever thought I could love anyone. I care more about her than I care about my own life. She is the only thing that matters to me, and I don’t know what I would do without her. I left her last year because I was scared, I didn’t want to ruin her life with my complicated past, for she seemed so innocent and fragile. But now I see that neither of us can be without the other, and I would never even think of hurting her in that way again. Please, forgive me for what I have done, for it will never happen again.”

Charlie sat there, blown away by Edward’s cordial pleading words. After thinking about it for a few moments, Charlie finally answered, “Though I’m not sure I will ever fully be able to forget what you did to my daughter, you are forgiven, Edward. And though I think you two are much too young for marriage, I trust you in making the right decision. You two have my blessing, but I am not going to be the one to tell your mother, Bella. Welcome to the family, Edward.”

At that moment I had never felt happier. I jumped from my spot on the couch and into my father’s arms, hugging him tightly. “Thank you so much, Dad. I love you.”

“I love you too, Bells. Congratulations, and good luck telling Renée. She won't take it lightly. I have faith in you.” Charlie whispered, his voice warm and loving. I could see the sparkle of tears forming in his eyes.

I hugged him another time before escorting Edward to the door, on Charlie’s orders. As soon as we were outside on the porch, his hand snuck around my waist, pulling me close. “I assume you want me to stay tonight?” he always asked, though he stayed every night that he wasn’t out hunting. He was such a gentleman.

“Of course,” I whispered, before locking my lips with his in a deep, loving kiss.

Breaking the kiss as quickly as it had began, he whispered in my ear, “Goodbye, my love, I will see you again when Charlie is snoring, I love you,” then he kissed me quickly once more before disappearing into his silver Volvo, driving away into the black night, only to return again in a few hours. I would be counting the seconds, as always.