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A poem about the hole on Bella's chest when Edward leaves her in New Moon. WARNING: Mildly Depressing. CLARIFICATION: The Healer referred to is Jacob. "He" or "Him" in caps is referring to Edward, because she doesn't like hearing his name.


1. Chapter 1

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There's a hole in my chest.

Holding what could have been.

What should have been.

Keeping me numb.

Then the Healer comes.

The edges begin healing.

But never close.


I am dying inside.

The Healer can not heal enough.

I ride. Fast.

And I hear His voice.

The numb is gone.

Where did it go?

I must keep riding.

I need that voice.

The Healer speaks of Him.

I clutch at the hole.

Wanting it to close.

Yet wanting to be reminded of its presence.

The Healer grows distant.

Unloving, unkind.

I am desperate.


I find out.

What he is.

I am upset.

He is not human.

I grow desperate for His voice.

Off into the air.

The water. The current pulls.

The Healer saves me.

His sister comes back.

She thinks I died.

So does He.

He is in Volterra.

I save him from himself.

His perfect, beautiful self.

My true healer.


We leave.

I want to be a monster.

I want to stay with him forever.

Both Healers are upset.

The hole inside me will always be there.

Reminding me of how I felt.

I have two sets of stitches.

And they both are important.