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A Surprise of Sorts

Victoria is in forks and she's after Bella. Coming too close she is chased back by certain people close to Bella's heart. What would follow? Would Bella loose someone she loved?

This story is set around the time in Eclipse where Victoria is coming after Bella.

2. Meltdown

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 526   Review this Chapter

“Sam’s dead Bella”, said Alice without looking at me.

My mind froze as the words reached my ears. Sam, dead, he couldn’t be. He always seemed so strong and fierce and... invincible. The leader of the werewolves. He couldn’t die.

I felt tears pooling in my eyes and could barely see because of it. “No” I exclaimed, searching for Alice in my blurred vision “no, it can’t be, tell me you’ve got it wrong”.

Through my tears I eventually found Alice and could see that she, too, was crying. She looked at me and shook her head, all the while smiling a sad little smile that filled me with dread. What about Emily, who had loved Sam with all her heart? She… maybe Emily would… but I couldn’t even think straight with everything that was going on.

My mind went into a frenzy and my thoughts were travelling so fast that I thought I would explode from the stress.

If Sam was dead, then Jacob would take over his role, wouldn’t he? But what about the other werewolves, how would they react? Not just to Jacob being their leader but everything else? And if Jacob was leader, then he would be in even more danger and I couldn’t expect him to come through this in one piece, even with the help of being a werewolf.

As I continued to think, I realized something that made my heart start to beat faster and faster and stronger and with more force until I was quite sure that Alice could see it jumping out of my chest. Hyperventilating, I managed to gasp out “Edward”.

Alice came out of the reservoir that she has elapsed into after telling me and said, “He’s on his way, I better go” and with a gentle spring, she leaped out of my window.

The sun shone on pitilessly through the window as I waited for Edward to come and pull me out of the state of mind I had sunk into. My body was slowly shutting down and I knew I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

It was amazing that the death of someone I never really acknowledged as being that close to me could reopen that hole in my chest, but it could. Sam’s death had torn and that hole and I found myself curled into a ball on my bed, trying to breath with my compressed lungs; lungs compressed with a heavy heart.

I battled with my brain so that I would stay conscious and in control of what was happening. Even with Charlie out fishing, I couldn’t risk myself falling back into that zombie like creature that I was after Edward left me.


He was coming. I completely forgot. Do it for Edward, I argued with myself, it won’t be any use if you’re like you are now.

Slowly I could feel myself winning the battle. My breathing was more even and I could finally let go of my chest. My muscled relaxed and I was just thinking that I should eat breakfast or at least attempt some of my homework when I heard something outside my room.