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A Surprise of Sorts

Victoria is in forks and she's after Bella. Coming too close she is chased back by certain people close to Bella's heart. What would follow? Would Bella loose someone she loved?

This story is set around the time in Eclipse where Victoria is coming after Bella.

3. Pebble

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As the pebble made contact with the window, my immediate though was of Edward, but when I considered that he had never bothered to announce his presence before I started to get worried.

Once again, my breathing became shallower and I closed my eyes as I tried to imagine who else would come to see me. I came up blank. Opening my eyes again as a slightly larger pebble hit my window, I decided it couldn’t be anyone dangerous or they wouldn’t have wanted me to know they were there.

I slowly walked over to my window from the side, so whoever was out there couldn’t see me, just in case. I moved my curtain aside just a fraction on an inch and with surprise saw Jacob. I was about to go down stairs to let him in the front door when a rock came flying past so close to my head I could have sworn it actually brushed again my cheek.

All thoughts of subtlety gone, I put my head out the window and yelled “Gosh Jacob, that almost made me lose an eye, what on earth are you doing?”

Jacob didn’t even bother to look ashamed as he replied, “Would you please let us in? We need to talk.”

“We?”, I asked Jacob, “there’s only one of you out there”. I scanned the area another twice but couldn’t see anyone else.

“Bella, let the dog in”.

The voice like an angle’s came from behind me and I didn’t even need to turn around to know who it belonged to.

“Edward!” I sighed, as I turned to look at him. I ran into his arms without thinking and felt his breath playing with my hair. I looked up into his golden eyes and saw a look of resignation as he gently pushed me away.

Exhaling he replied, “Just get the door Bella”.

I gave up trying to get a better reaction and ran down the stairs. Unfortunately I tripped on the bottom step and almost cracked my head open if it wasn’t for Edward's timely rescue.

“Thanks”. I blushed as I fixed my top and proceeded slowly to the door, leaving Edward standing in the kitchen.

As soon as I opened it Jacob came bounding past me and into the kitchen. I was so shocked at his behavior that I didn’t move until he poked his head around the door and asked “Were you ever going to come in here?”

I moved me legs with difficulty, seeing as they felt like they were filled with lead. When I reached the kitchen I saw Jacob and Edward standing on either side of the room, looking away from each other. My mind was still in hyper drive and seemed only to want to know one thing. “How did Sam die?”.

Both of their heads snapped to me as I spoke, causing the last word to come out in a whisper. Neither seemed to want to answer my question but eventually, Edward spoke.

“There was a bit of a problem regarding the treaty… and some overprotective werewolves”. Jacob let out a throaty growl that was quickly silenced when I looked at him. Edward, however, looked quite content to leave it at that but I stared him down until he continued.

“Victoria seems to have worked out a strategy that she plans to use to her advantage. She knows about the treaty you see. When we were hunting we came across her scent and of course, we decided to follow it. We must have tracked for about three hours before we realized that she was following the boundary line.”

“And what does this have to do with anything?” I asked.

“Well isn’t it obvious Bella?”

I shook my head and he continued grudgingly.

“We eventually found her… after we had split up. I was with Emmett and Rosalie, but… it turns out we weren’t the only ones who knew she was there. After we cornered, her the dogs came from who knows where and apparently we had crossed the boundary line in our eagerness to finish Victoria.”

“Too right you did”.

This outburst from Jacob made me jump, I had forgotten he was here.

“If you had just respected the treaty we would never have lost Sam and put Bella in even more danger! Why couldn’t you and your bloodsucker family just stay out of this town anyway” Jacob’s arms were trembling and it took him a while to get under control.

Edwards glared at Jacob in a way that reminded me distantly of my first day at Forks School.

Not wanting anyone to get hurt, I said “I still don’t understand how… Sam… got killed” I chocked out the last words and immediately Edward came to my side and held my hand.

“Well Emmett never was one for controlling his anger and one of your dog friends retaliated pretty badly. Pete, or whatever his name is, jumped at Emmett and they get into a pretty bad fight. Well Rosalie and I managed to stop it but Sam had gone after Victoria who has used the distraction to escape. The next thing we knew…”

“I couldn’t hear his thoughts anymore, neither could anyone else.” Jacob sounded so overcome with sadness that I couldn’t help but break away from Edward and hug him. I put so many unsaid words of comfort into that hug that I was sure that Jacob could understand.

Jacob sighed and wrinkled his nose as he smelled my hair.

“I have to go” he said. “See you around”.