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A Surprise of Sorts

Victoria is in forks and she's after Bella. Coming too close she is chased back by certain people close to Bella's heart. What would follow? Would Bella loose someone she loved?

This story is set around the time in Eclipse where Victoria is coming after Bella.

4. Terrible Truths

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Jacob’s point of view

If there was ever a time I longed I could turn into a werewolf and just stay there forever it would be now, but I knew I couldn’t. If I did, the rest of the pack would hear my terrible thoughts, terrible because I knew something that no-one else did – that it was me who was responsible for Sam’s death.

It took all the strength I had to keep it from that mind-reading bloodsucker, but he seemed too caught up in Sam’s death to really pay attention to what I was thinking, otherwise I am sure he would have complained about how Bella appeared in my mind.

I slowly trudged into the forest near Bella’s house and once far enough away that I was sure he couldn’t hear me, collapsed against a moss covered tree a little off the path. I let my mind take over my conscious, and replayed the day in my head…

“Jacob, come on. We need to leave or else we might loose the scent!”

Argh , I thought, Sam was really getting on my nerves now. I just wanted to sleep, but he couldn’t respect that could he? For the past week he had kept me constantly on patrol and I was so tired I could barely think straight.

I walked outside to Sam and Paul. They phased and I took their lead, changing into the russet coloured wolf that I was. Immediately, their thoughts clouded my brain. “

Follow me and don’t do anything rash”.

Sam again. Argh.

“Jacob, quit it. We need to focus. This is Victoria ok? I’m sure you remember her. FOCUS”.

“Yeah Jacob”.

I growled at Paul and Sam immediately stepped between us.

“Cut it out Paul”.

We kept running until the stench of vampire hit us full on. We passed through the trees to find not one vampire, but four. It looked like they had been arguing, but our arrival stopped that. The red head turned to look at us and the tall, muscly vampire took that as his chance to pounce.

The red head was quick, darting away at the same time the blond vampire shouted ‘Emmett. NO!’

Nice one. I couldn’t help thinking. Unfortunately ‘Emmett’ went careening into Paul and that was enough to set him off.

The fight that ensues wasn’t very pretty, or tactful to tell the truth. Paul and the big bloodsucker were going at each other with such force that half the trees they smashed into snapped in half or were uprooted. I could only assume the blond was with him as she immediately got caught up in the fight, attempting to pull them away from each other. It was a lost cause. Only then did I think to look around.

No Sam.

No red head. Victoria - as Bella had said.

“Jacob. Where are you? Come quickly. I need your help”

I decided to purposefully play dumb, just to get on Sam’s nerves.

"With what?” I thought.

“Jacob. It won’t work. I know what you’re trying to do. Come over here now!”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Jacob. I am the alpha and you have to obey my orders!!”

His thoughts were getting more aggravated and harder to understand. He stopped conversing with me and all I could hear was thoughts of killing… from Paul and Sam.

I waited another couple of minutes before I decided to help Sam. I took of to where I knew he was. Sam’s thoughts suddenly turned to Emily, causing me to stop in my tracks. Why would he be thinking about Emily at a time like this? I pushed my body faster as I realized why.

His thoughts filled my head and encouraged my body to go faster and faster.

“It’s too late Jacob”. He thought. “Go back. You are the alpha now.”

“No. Sam I’m coming, I’ll get there. Hold on”

“Tell Emily I love her Jacob. Tell her I’m sorry”

I couldn’t even think. All I knew was that Sam’s thoughts were no longer there in my mind.

I pulled my self out of my frame of mind. It was too painful to think about. Instead, I sat looking up to the now dark sky, and cried.

I cried for Sam, for Emily, for Bella, but most of all, I cried for myself.