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Reese and David are in love and David just so happens to be a vampire. But what will happen when vampires from a coven he was once a part of want revenge....?

There may be spoilers for New Moon in here so watch out...And don't forget to REVIEW! (I rated this Teen just in case).

11. Reunited

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My heart was racing and I didn’t know how to calm it down. The thought of my evident death brought immense panic to me. I was going to die. I was going to die. I was gong to die. The thought kept on repeating it’s self over and over again. If the vampires didn’t kill me, then I would die of hunger or a wild animal would kill me. I sat down on the leaf covered forest floor and put my hands over my face.

I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind. Blankness came and I relished it. I let my self calm down until there was no panic left to work me up. I slowly let a thought come into my head. What now?

That almost sent me into panic again, but I reined myself in and didn’t let the panic envelope me. What should I do next? Should I wander around some more? Should I just stay put? I weighed each possibility very carefully. I considered the consequences of both actions. The worst thing in each scenario that I played in my head ended in my death. So I would most likely die. Death. Was that so bad? I would be in paradise forever. I wouldn’t be on Earth anymore though. Maybe I could be. Be life a guardian angel so I could watch over David even in death. I would protect him from the world even of he didn’t know it. I liked that idea. Maybe death wouldn’t be so bad…

I suddenly heard a noise behind me. I jumped up and quickly turned around. I didn’t know what to expect. I assumed that it would be Michel or Leonardo, but to my complete pleasure a God stood before me.

There was a faint streak of sun light shining onto David. It made him glow and turned his hair golden. I practically fainted when I saw the one thing I thought I lost. Before I could think I threw myself at his perfect body and hugged him with all my might. I sobbed into his shoulder as he rocked me back and forth trying to calm me down.

“D-David! I can’t believe you are actually here! I t-thought that I would never see you again!” I cried out half chocked by sobs.

“Shhh…” David whispered. “It’s all right, now…I’m never going to leave you alone again. Can you ever forgive me? I shouldn’t of left your side. I left you all alone! Can you ever, ever-” I placed my finger on his lips.

“David, how many times do I have to tell you? I would never blame you for what happened. It was my choice. I chose to stay with you and be with you. I will never decide otherwise,” I stated. He smiled a gorgeous smile that made my heart flutter. My heart swelled for him. He was my angel and I undoubtedly was his and nothing could tear us apart again.

We stood there for what seemed like hours just staring at each other, taking in the sight that each of us missed so much. How did I ever live with out him? How did I live my life with out my angel watching over me? How could I ever leave him alone on this Earth with out myself right by his side. I knew right then from the way he looked at me that if I died, he would never love again. I would never let that happen to him. That train of thought brought me back to my earlier argument with myself.

To be changed or not to be changed. That is the question.