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Reese and David are in love and David just so happens to be a vampire. But what will happen when vampires from a coven he was once a part of want revenge....?

There may be spoilers for New Moon in here so watch out...And don't forget to REVIEW! (I rated this Teen just in case).

3. Meet the Cullens

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I never saw another vampire other than David and seeing seven of them right in front of me scared me out of my wits. I stepped closer to David, seeking his protection, but calmed down when he showed no sign of fear. The vampire who opened the door shook David’s hand.

“Hello, David. It is nice to see you again,” the vampire said. I relaxed considerably because David knew these vampires. He wouldn’t take me here if they were dangerous.

“Hello, Carlisle and it is nice to see you again, too. This is Reese.” Carlisle held out his hand and I was a little afraid to take it, but I didn’t want to look weak in front of seven unpredictable vampires so I took his hand. He shook it lightly and I was surprised and relieved that he didn’t break by accident.

“ It’s nice to meet you, Reese,” Carlisle said kindly.

“It’s nice to meet you, too,” I managed to squeak out.

“Would you two like to come in?” Carlisle motioned towards the open door. David took my hand and led me inside. I partially stood behind him, but then decided to stand next to him. If the vampires in the room decided that they wanted me for lunch I doubted David could have done anything about it.

“We actually came here for a reason, which I guess you already knew. We have some trouble with three vampires. Can you, Alice, maybe see what they are planning?” I was surprised that he got to the point so quickly. I supposed that he didn‘t want to stay that long.

“Sure,” Alice said. I turned my head to see a pixie-haired girl. “But I need a mental picture of them. Can you describe them for me?”

“One of them has black, wavy hair. Another has strait blonde hair and another has curly brown hair. They all have red eyes. If it helps you, their names are William, Michel, and Leonardo.” Alice closed her eyes started to concentrate very hard on something. When she opened her eyes they were full of fear. “They are allying themselves with Victoria.” She looked towards Edward quickly. “Edward, get Bella, now!” Before she even finished her sentence a bronzed haired vampire, Edward I guessed, was entering his car and pulling out of the driveway. “I thank God he can read minds sometimes,” she muttered to herself. We stood there awkwardly for a few minutes waiting for Edward to come back. When he did a brown-haired human girl walked in behind him. I was so happy to see someone of the same species.

“Edward, can you tell me now what’s going on?” the girl, Bella I assumed, asked.

“Bella, love, I’m afraid that Victoria has some new companions.” Bella’s eyes opened wide and she looked terrified. Edward pulled her close. “Don’t worry. We won’t let anything happen to you.” She looked reassured at his words. She looked at me and David confusedly.

I was tired of being in the background while David did all the talking. It was tiring that David always had to take charge.

“‘I’m Reese and this is David.” I held my hand out to her and she took it shyly. I saw David roll his eyes at me.

“Has Victoria already allied herself with the vampires?” A very muscular vampire asked. Alice nodded her head.

“Then we have to make a plan,” Edward said. All the vampires started to talk to each other, throwing ideas in the air. I turned to Bella.

“Who’s Victoria?” I asked. She hesitated before answering.

“Edward killed her mate last year and she’s out for revenge. She wants to kill me to make Edward suffer like she had to.” I nodded my head in understanding. Full realization of the danger of the situation hit me.

“Oh! I’m so sorry we brought those vampires here!” I said. We put her in even more danger then she already was in.

“It’s fine. We may even be able to get her for good now.” I sighed with relief. Bella was really nice. No wonder Edward like her so much. We stood there waiting for the vampires to shut up and tell us the plan. After a little while I got impatient.

“Will you all just shut up?” They all looked towards me. I realized that I was the one that talked. David always told me that I tend to blurt stuff out. “Are you getting anywhere by talking all at once? I think that the people that may get killed should at least hear what you guys are saying.” I wouldn’t let the blush creep up my cheeks as they continued to stare at me. I placed my arms stubbornly across my chest. I started right back at them.

“Okay. We should place a guard at Bella’s house and maybe have someone patrol the house. We can’t let anyone into the forest, vampire or human, alone. Considering what David told us about the vampire’s talents, then no one should be caught alone with them.” Carlisle was the first one to talk at a normal rate. Every one else slowly agreed and I was filled with a feeling of triumph that was forgotten as Alice shrieked.