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Reese and David are in love and David just so happens to be a vampire. But what will happen when vampires from a coven he was once a part of want revenge....?

There may be spoilers for New Moon in here so watch out...And don't forget to REVIEW! (I rated this Teen just in case).

6. They Fooled Us!

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The next few days held no interest for me. David would check in on me and tell me everything that happened when he was gone. I was glad that he was being truthful but…he was pushing it.

I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine when Alice burst into the room. Her face was panicked. She announced that she had a vision. According to her, the vampires, who I now call the Clan for convenience, were planning on a direct assault on the house with Charlie as a captive.

Almost all the attention was going to the front of the house. I for one, wouldn’t believe that the Clan would do something that risky when they were laying low for almost a week. To keep myself from expressing anymore of my doubts to them, I ran around the house a lot. Running seemed to get my mind off the worries in my life. After a few hours, I finally got sick of it. I plopped myself down on the top of the steps leading to the living room after running in circles for hours. I decided that I would demand to be taken outside later that day. Alice, who was walking through the living room, must have had a vision and shook her head at me as if saying “Don’t even think about it.” I snorted at her and stood up to seek out another form of entertainment. I started to walk away from the stairs when I bumped into something cold and hard. I looked to see that it was David.

“David! Save me! There is nothing to do around here! You have to find or kill those vampires soon or else I’ll go crazy!” I said jokingly. But then I remembered that David was supposed to be outside with Edward and Emmet. David would never abandon them while trying to protect me.

“Don’t worry. This will all be over soon,” he reassured me. It didn’t feel like a reassurance, though. There was a sparkle in his eye and he looked very eager.

“Maybe it would be over sooner if you were outside like you are supposed to be.” Something was not right. I was sure of it. A fake look of sorrow and hurt passed over his face.

“You don’t want to be around me?” I had to try very hard to keep from shouting my doubts at him.

“Of course I do! But I thought keeping me safe was your top priority!”

“It is!” He took my arm and I tried to yank it out of his grasp. “Reese! Calm down! I would never let anything hurt you!”

I relaxed a little, but the feeling of uneasiness was still present. I didn’t let my guard down. David’s face lit up. “Come with me!” He tried to lead me away from the stairs, but I wanted to stay in plain sight. He might of sensed my unrest because he yanked harder. It dawned on me then. David would never drag me away. David would never abandon his post. This was not David.

“Get off me…Michel!” The fake-David looked both shocked and panicked. His grasp on my arm loosened considerably and I pulled my arm loose. I was still very close to the stairs. I sprinted to them. Several thoughts ran through my mind. He would defiantly catch me if I tried to run down them. Even though I really didn’t want to, there was only once choice I could think of.

It only took a few seconds for the fake-David to come out of his shock and run after me. By then I was at the top of the stair case. I jumped. The thrill of flying through the air rushed through me. I felt a tug on my pant leg and a hug chunk of the bottom of my jeans tore off. I was falling through the air and the fake-David was still at the top of the stairs. It took me a millisecond to realize that it would hurt really bad when I land.

“DAVID!” I yelled. Thankfully, my cry was heard in time and I landed safely in David’s arms. I looked back up stairs and briefly saw the fake-David, now in his true form, jump out a window. I buried my face in David’s shoulder, waiting for my heart to stop it’s erratic thumping.

“Reese?! What on Earth happened?” David asked worriedly. I tried to speak, but I was breathing too quickly to talk. The rest of the Cullens gathered around us. The scene replayed in my head. Edward, who was most likely reading my mind, widened his eyes considerably. “Reese!” David tried again. He set me down on the ground. My legs being to shaky to hold upright, collapsed under me and I fell to the ground. David caught me before I hit the floor and settled me into a sitting position. I looked around the room. Everyone’s faces mirrored David’s. Worry, confusion, impatience…I was taking a very long time to answer, so Edward answered for me.

“She was at the top of the stairs when David walked up behind her. He wanted her to come with him. When she resisted he pulled on her arm. She figured out that it wasn’t David standing next to her. Michel, realizing that his hoax was seen through, panicked. Reese took advantage of the situation and tried to escape by jumping off the stairs.” He looked at me like I was crazy and then continued. “She succeeded in getting away and fell into David’s arms.” By then I was shaking but could breath normally.

“Oh, Reese! I’m so sorry!” David whispered to me. I nodded my head. And breathed deeply in an attempt to calm down. Alice ran over to me and threw her arms around my neck.

“I’m so sorry, Reese! I should have saw this coming!” Alice rushed through a string of apologies almost too quickly for me to understand. “I can’t believe they tricked us! They sent me a false vision to trick us!”

“Then they know about mine and Alice’s powers and blocked their minds,” Edward concluded. I leaned into David, finally calmed down.

But soon after, I felt another surge of panic. I was almost killed. They were a centimeter away. If I was any slower I would be…dead. Dead! What would they try next? I was doomed…Jasper, sensing my anxiety, sent a calming wave through me. I relaxed immediately.

“Reese?” David asked. I looked towards him, fighting to keep my eyes open. “Promise me that you will never jump off the stairs again.” I nodded and managed a chuckle. He carried me to the couch and laid me down on the soft cushions. “Try to sleep.” I closed my eyes obediently. Before unconsciousness took over, billions of questions ran through my head. Being too tired to do anything, I let sleep come willingly