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Reese and David are in love and David just so happens to be a vampire. But what will happen when vampires from a coven he was once a part of want revenge....?

There may be spoilers for New Moon in here so watch out...And don't forget to REVIEW! (I rated this Teen just in case).

7. Michel...

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I woke up to the faint sound a bird chirping. Groaning I rolled over and buried my head in my pillow. But, deciding that it was time to wake up, I sat up and looked around the room. Bella was sleeping on another couch a few feet away. Trying not to disturb her, I swung my legs over the cushion and stood up. I tip-toed across the living room and into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and scanned the almost vacant shelves for something to eat. I sighed as I pulled out half a baloney sandwich. I made a mental note to remind David or someone to get more food. I heard a foot step behind me and turned around fearfully to only see David.

“David!” I whispered excitedly.

“Hey, Reese. I’d better fill you in on what happened while you were sleeping. Nothing much happened but I thought that I’d let you know. Emmet, Jasper, Edward and I searched for the vampires. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find them.” I nodded my head in worry.

“Oh, David?”


“Why was Michel’s eyes gold and not red?” David looked confused for a second, but then thought of an answer.

“He must of fed on an animal before transforming.” I once again nodded my head. “Oh! And you have to wear these sunglasses.” David pulled a pair of dark sunglasses out of his pocket. “So that Leonardo can’t hypnotize you.” I took the sunglasses from him and put them on. David also put on a pair.

“We can’t be on defense forever, you know,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“If we just stay around the house and don’t even look for them, we won’t get anywhere. Either this will go on forever, or Bella and I will end up dead.” David looked a little frustrated.

“Reese, believe me. If we go looking for them, it will only end in disaster. When we’re gone, they’ll come here and get you. If we don’t leave with enough vampires on our side, they’ll get us. This is the best way to go.” His eyes pleaded for me to understand.

“I understand.”

“Good…Oh, and Reese?”


“Stay in the living room at all times, okay? We don’t want you to be caught alone with Michel again, and staying insight of us will make that possible. Okay?”

“Whatever you want,” I said, knowing that I had no choice.

“Good.” He leaned down and kissed me softly. “I just want you to be safe.”

“I know.” A though hit me then. “David…?” He looked at me. “I don’t know if this would be the best idea but…what if I become a vampire?” I bit my lip. I was not sure if I really wanted to be one, but it may be the only solution.


“I-I mean it may be best because then you wouldn’t have to worry about me so much anymore. I wouldn’t have to be protected as much. I could defend myself.”

He started at me for the longest time. I just stood there. He finally responded.

“Do you know how many times I thought about that? How many times I thought it would just be better if that was the case?” I looked at him blankly. “But, Reese…It would be the most painful thing you would ever experience. I wouldn’t want to do that to you. I don’t want to make you the living dead, never being able to eat regular food again. Never being around humans without wanting to kill them.”

“I know but…one day it may be the only solution.”

“Unfortunately…” The sun was almost entirely in the sky. Bella woke up and went in the kitchen to get some food.

“We need some more food,” she stated before walking away to do whatever. David looked up suddenly and ran outside. The rest of the Cullens were there, too. I looked out to see what they were looking at. I saw it then. A vampire with red hair holding a human man. Bella ran outside, but was held back by Edward. I walked away, not wanting to be as far away as possible from Victoria, but my eyes lingered. It wasn’t long before I fell on my face, tripping over my own feet. Still sprawled on the ground, I looked up to see the window open all by it’s self. I didn’t want my brain to register why. A bird flew into the house. I closed my eyes dreading what the bird would turn into. Excepting the inevitable, I opened my eyes slowly. In front of me stood one of the things that I never wanted to see again. Michel…