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The Scratch Game

What happens when Edward buys a lottery scratch game? Funny how that happens....

Author’s Note: I was bored…so I wrote a random story involving Bella, the Cullens and a scratch game.

1. Chapter 1

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 990   Review this Chapter

The Scratch Game

By: Nymphadora_Cullen

Edward Cullen walked into the large white Cullen house, and set a long thin scratch game card on the unused dining room table. He glanced around for a few moments before sitting down and taking a penny out of his pocket.

He stole another glance around the room, but saw no one. Alice and Bella were upstairs, and by the sound of things, were playing Alice’s new Dance Dance Revolution game. Emmett was on the computer (He was now into The Mysterious Ticking Noise, for some odd reason). Jasper was watching television. Rosalie was out shopping as always. Carlisle and Esme were in Alaska. There was no one to disturb Edward, who brought the penny over to the first golden box on the colorful card. But no sooner had the penny touched the edge of the card than Alice, Edward’s ‘sister’ appeared.

“I wouldn’t try scratching that square if I were you,” she said, “that one is going to cost you $40 off your total prize money.

“You’re telling me this because….” Edward muttered.

Alice looked at the card again. “Now why would you, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, buy a lottery scratch game?” she asked, interested.

Edward set the penny down. “Roslie and I had a race early this morning, while you and Bella were out. ‘I bet that I can beat you in a race from here to Port Angles and back. Winner does whatever he or she wants, loser has to buy something stupid, like a lottery scratch game.’ When she gets back she is going to be in major trouble.”

“Alice?” Bella’s voice called. Alice stiffened; she was having a vision.

“Oh no…” Edward muttered.

A crash echoed from the stairs, and a scream. Edward rushed from his chair to save his Bella, whom he caught as she fell down the stairs.

“No more high heels for you on those stairs,” Alice said. “From now on the highest thing on a set of stairs for you is a Slinky.”

Bella looked very lovely today: She wore a light blue halter top with fake diamonds on the halter, white denims and blue one inch high heels that looked like sandals, which also had fake diamonds on the straps.

“Good. I don’t think I can bear these things again!” Bella said, taking them off. “I feel like I’m gonna trip over them, even when I’m not on stairs.”

Edward set her down. “Now I need to return to my end of the race bargain, or else Roslie will bite my head off.”

Bella stared at him. “What is it?” she asked.

“Lottery scratch game.” Alice said.

“Alice.” Edward growled.

“Hey! Don’t get so touchy!” Alice said, “She wanted to know, so I told her. She probably knows more about those things than I do.”

“No. Charlie usually doesn’t buy them, so I couldn’t help you.” Bella said. “What game is it? The best one is ‘Black-Jack,’ according to Charlie. Personally, I like ‘Scratch-and-Go.’ The card is covered in all these different colors, and it had clowns on it.”

“Scratch-and-Go.” Edward muttered.

“I knew it!” Jasper yelled as he came into the room. “Roslie told me all about your race, and I made a bet with her. I said you’d get ‘Scratch-and-Go,’ but she said you’d get a slot game or something like that. She’s gonna hate me.”

“So let’s get it started.” Alice said. Bella nodded.

They spread it out on the table, talking and whispering. Bella grabbed a box of Thin Mints, and ate those while she watched. Edward took the penny out, and laid it on the first box again.

“No.” Alice said.

Edward moved it over one.

“Scratch.” Alice replied.

Edward scratched. “$35? That’s better than I thought.”

“Keep going.” Jasper said.

Edward set his penny on the next box.

“No.” Alice said.

Edward moved it.

“No.” Alice repeated

Edward moved the penny again.

“No.” Alice said.

Edward placed it in the next box.

“Scratch.” Alice said.

Another $35 joined their first haul.

Edward placed the penny on the next one.



Edward moved it again.

“No.” Alice said.

Edward moved to another box.


Another box.



So it continued on, Edward moving from box to box, Alice saying whether Edward should scratch or pass it by, Bella kept munching on Thin Mints, and Jasper kept the atmosphere feeling calm and relaxing.

Soon there were only five boxes left.

“Scratch.” Alice said.

Edward paused, listening. “Roslie is coming.” He whispered.

“Holy crow!” Bella whispered.

“Quick, scratch!” Alice whispered.


Edward moved it over.


Edward moved it over again.


Edward moved one more over.



Another box was under the penny.

“No.” Alice muttered.

“I think Abe’s getting a headache. Let George take a turn.” Jasper said, holding up a quarter.

“Should I scratch it?” Edward asked.

“You have to scratch the last one.” Bella said. “It gives you a total of whatever you won, and a prize, which can be anything from a free game to a trip to the city of your choice, as long as it’s in your budget, of course.”

“Yes, Edward,” Alice said, “Scratch the last one. Jasper, Abe is not getting a headache, but you will if you don’t--”

“What are you doing?” Emmett came into the room.

“Stuff. Done watch Mysterious Ticking Noise, or did the computer die?” Jasper asked.

“Neither.” Emmett said. He turned to Edward. “Hey, isn’t that ‘Scratch-and-Go?’”

“I won!” Edward yelled, throwing the penny to the floor. "Trip for two to Paris!”

“Can I come?” Roslie asked as she walked through the door.

“No,” Alice said, “Edward’s bringing Bella.”

“That reminds me.” Jasper said. “$100, Rose. Edward bought Scratch-and-Go.”

“Paris.” Bella whispered. “Je t’aime, Edward.”

“Oui, mon petite Bella.” Edward replied.