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No one told me that mythological creatures existed. No one told me that they would be such a major part of my life. If I could go back, would I choose to never have met any of them?

it all belongs to stephenie meyer.

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter Four

Despite the fact that he had so valiantly fought with the monster inside of him, despite the fact that he had not killed her, that he had saved her from a fate worse than death, his family was furious. He felt the anger rolling off of Emmett, Edward and Rosalie, the curiosity from Bella, Esme’s concern and Carlisle’s as well, though his was also laced with curiosity. The emotions that stood out the most were those belong to his precious Alice. Hurt. Confusion. Desolation. Anger. Pain. Agony. Distrust. Some more hurt. No one understood. Not even Edward who had most certainly read his mind.

The Denali Coven, while curious, had already taken leave. They did not want to intrude on the family matter. Jasper wished that they had stayed. he knew that somehow, they would be inevitably involved in the matter. Miss Remembrance needed help.

Jasper sat calmly on the couch and waited for it to start. It did so with a bang.

“Jasper! How could you-”

“What the hell, man!”

“Just how stupid are you-”

“A human? Are you insane-”

“I’m not sure that this was the wisest course-”

“I can’t believe you-”

But Alice never spoke. She couldn’t. Her betrayal was too much for her to bear. Jasper felt it all. It cleaved his soul in two to feel the pain of the one that he loved above all else. What hurt the most was that he caused it. It was his fault. A part of him wanted to place the blame at the face of Miss Remembrance, but he knew it was not her fault. It was he, Jasper Whitlock Hale that had wanted to play the hero. He had brought her into the lion’s den and was responsible for the raw emotions present. He would have to survive it in order to get anything accomplished. Somehow, he knew that he had to protect Miss Remembrance, like Providence had had them cross paths so he could do so.

“I can explain,” he whispered, holding his hands up.

Rosalie crossed her arms and fell down onto a chair, huffing loudly. “You better,”

“What is it, Jasper?” Esme asked kindly. She sat across from his and took his hands in hers.

“I was in Port Angeles, looking for a present for Alice. Our sixty-eighth anniversary is a few weeks,” he said in a way of explanation though everyone knew it already. “I suddenly was hit with all of this emotion. I felt lust and anger, a lot of pent-up rage as well as anxiety and fear. The girl who I brought here- Miss Remembrance- she walked past me and a few minutes later she was followed by five men. That’s when I knew.

“I tried to stop them but before I could catch up with them, I saw Miss Remembrance sitting on the beach. When I spoke to her, she mentioned off-handedly that she had no where to go. She had come from the south and had no family up here. The men were getting closer.”

“Why didn’t you just deal with them and forget about her?” Emmett asked.

Jasper sighed and put his head in his. His entire family waited in anticipation. No one yet thought that he was in the right bringing Miss Remembrance there. No one knew why though. He had not yet revealed that. He felt everyone who was infuriated at him.

“That was what I was going to do originally. But then I saw her neck. And I couldn’t. She was still in too much danger. At first, I thought it was a vampire bite.”

Everyone gasped. Jasper nodded. His family was at least appropriate if nothing else.

He nodded, “I know. I got her to the car and tried to find it out who it was.”

“But that wasn’t it,” Edward whispered. So he had read Jasper’s thoughts. But he still had no idea what it was that was on Miss Remembrance’s neck.

“She had not eaten anything in a long time so I took her to McDonalds. That was when I got a good look at her neck. It was not a vampire bite but instead a mark.”

Carlisle stopped and starred. The rest of the family suddenly knew that something was wrong. Tension radiated from his body as he stared at Jasper agape. “She had a mark?” he asked, flabberghasted.

Jasper nodded. “Yes, she did. Right on her neck very close to her right carotid vein.”

“What’s a mark?” Emmett asked the question that everyone wanted to. Only Jasper and Carlisle knew what one was.

“A mark is where a human is quickly bitten in a pattern and then the venom is sucked out so rapidly that the victim does not feel it at all.” Jasper explained sullenly. “Normally, a vampire will place one on a human to signify to all others that the human is off limits.”

Bella subconsciously moved her hand to the base of her throat. “Why would someone do that?”

“Various reasons,” Jasper muttered darkly. Carlisle moved over to his son and friend to comfortingly place a hand on his shoulder. The others did not understand just how vile it was to do something like that to a person. Though Carlisle was aware of markings, he did not know what it felt like to have placed one on someone. You died a little bit each time when it happened. What he had done to his poor victims was unforgivable he had not even told Alice all of what had happened when he was part of Maria’s coven.

“Mostly, a vampire has a particular thirst for the human’s blood but cannot yet drain it. The person is marked with an individual symbol and lets the human live for a short while before returning to drain it.”

All of the family noted how Jasper referred to humans as its. They all felt sick in the pits of their stomachs just a little bit. Jasper assumed that it was because of what he was describing.

He pressed on. “Sometimes, the vampire will keep the human alive and keep it as a plaything of sorts. Sometimes, humans will live for years as a pet until the vampire either gets bored or hungry.

“Yet still, a human may be kept alive because the vampire is in love with the human and does not want any one else in his coven to eat her.”

Immediately, every one noted that Jasper had changed from impersonal terms to very personal ones. They all wondered who this her was. Alice felt despair in a way that she had never felt before.

Jasper felt it too. He looked at Alice, his face crestfallen. “No, Alice! Wait! Let me explain.”

If she could be crying, Alice would have been sobbing. But she could not. “What happened, Jasper?” she whispered.

“I met a human in eighteen sixty-two. Her name was Ella Rose. She befriended me despite my demonic eyes. It only took about six minutes to convince me not to drain her right on the spot, but somehow, she did. We were close friends for three months before Maria caught on. She threatened to kill Ella Rose unless I did.

Jasper sighed, “But… I couldn’t. Ella Rose quickly understood that something was wrong and she begged me to do it. She did not know what but if she did, she still would have let me. I am sure of it.”

“So you marked her?” Alice whispered, wringing her hands tightly.

Jasper shook his head. “Yes. It is an unwritten code enforced by Caius himself who has done it to many a human. If a human is marked, it is up to that vampire and that vampire alone to kill it.”

“Did Maria obey the code?” Esme whispered.

“At first, she did. But as the years passed. Ella Rose grew up from the fifteen year old child she was into a beautiful woman. She married a rising political figure who was also a devout believer in the supernatural. He used her to find our coven. It took him several years, but find us he did.

“Ella Rose barely got word to me before he arrived. Maria was furious that we had to not only move ourselves but our army of newborns as well. They were also instructed to kill her despite their instincts.

“Killing her husband and his friends was not enough. Maria became convinced that Ella Rose needed to either die or be turned. Naturally, I chose the latter. Ella Rose adopted very well to the lifestyle, and showed great potential. If it had been anyone else, Maria would have let her live. Because I was so attached to her, Maria killed Ella Rose nearly a year after her change while I was out looking for recruits. It devastated me to no end, and it is an adding factor to why I left Maria eventually.” Jasper finished.

His entire coven stared at him, completely taken aback by his confession. They had never dreamed that Jasper, so easily swayed by the call of human blood, could have withstood it for love. Even the simplest love of friendship.

“Jasper,” Alice whispered. “I’m so sorry. I ddn’t know…” she trailed off.

“No one knew,” he looked down desolately at his hands. “Ella Rose was not the only human I marked. She was the only one I ever intended to keep alive. The others were just so I could drain them later,”

He struggled with the monster within himself as he uttered each word. He felt the awe and disbelief from each member of his family. It hurt him to feel that they did not think that he was strong enough to resist the call of even one human.

“I’ve seen the mark before,” Jasper interjected suddenly, speaking only to Carlisle.


“It is a vampire of Italian descent though I believe he was born in America during the Jacksonian Era. His name is Carson Vendretti and he is an associate of the Volturi, but not a direct member. More like an affiliate of them.”

Carlisle hissed. “I have heard Aro mention his name before if once and only briefly.”

Jasper nodded. “Maria greatly admired his ability. His power is that of seduction and hypnosis. He can easily control a human’s weak mind and manipulate them to a certain extent. It is not mind control but something much less powerful though so much more sly. He is a scout for talent and will change people for the Volturi.”

“Among other things,” Carlisle muttered dismally.

The family looked at him. Only he and Jasper knew the extent of the evil that Carson preformed. Not even the mind reader could worm it out of his thoughts.

“Is he going to come for the poor girl?” Esme asked.

“Yes. He will keep coming for her until he has her,” Jasper whispered.

“That’s not very good,” Bella noted.

“You got that right,” Emmett agreed.

“So what are we going to do about it, then?” Edward asked.

“Protect her,” Jasper answered immediately.