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Into the Dark

Bella's worries about not having a power are laid to rest. Unfortunately, her power is turning her into a monster she never thought she would become. UPDATED CHAPTER 5- "DARK HOUR" IS NOW UP!!!!!! R&RDisclaimer I own a horse, a car, and a laptop. That's it.


1. Prologue- Who turned out the lights?

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"I'm so sorry. It's almost over."

A sweet voice was louder than a freight train as the owner's lips hovered over my ears, whispering sweetly, like they knew that I needed them to drown out the screams. The screams...they were so loud. For days now the shrieking reverberated throughout my ears. Blood curdling, as if someone was being slaughtered in the very room I was in with...with what? What could possibly cause this person so much pain? Random thoughts danced in my head as I struggled to understand this person's pain. A dull knife maybe? No. Something worse. I had never heard someone in such agony. Then they stopped. The room was silent. Had the person finally died? Or maybe someone was helping them. Oh, thank god, I thought to myself. Finally some quiet. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind when a tingle spread throughout my body, overpowering the smoldering fire beneath my skin.

Cool hands moved slowly over my skin, putting out a fire that had been burned in my veins for what seemed like years. The cold hands went over all of my pressure points, bringing my blood from a rolling boil to just a dull simmer.

"Thanks for the tip, Alice. She seems to be feeling better." What was happening? They must be talking about the poor person being massacred on the other side of the room. Girl, poor girl. The man had said "she". The man, his voice was so smooth and rang through my ears like church bells. Edward!

He was there, in the room with me! And he was helping that poor girl! Wasn't he always trying to convince me that he was a monster? Not my Edward. Oh, I thought to myself as I began to put the facts together. The second I felt his cold hands, my blood stopped boiling. The second I felt his cold hands on my skin, the screaming stopped. That was my screaming. I was the girl being killed across the room! I didn't understand. His hands left my skin and I opened my mouth to let out another guttural shriek, expecting my blood to be set ablaze again. I heard Edward inhale sharply as his sensitive ears prepared for the noise. I waited too. But then nothing. Nothing came out. No screams, not even a breath.

My head was suddenly filled with my thundering pulse. It sounded like my brain was throbbing with my heart beat, banging against my ear drums and threatening to deafen me. Then it was over. Nothing, no sounds. Complete silence and solitude.

A second later I felt weightless and confused, like I was no longer occupying my body. I was in a room, lying on a bed, I knew that from before. No cold hands danced over me, no noises flooded my ears, nothing. Black. That was all I could see, black. Was I blind? No! I couldn't be blind. My mouth flew open as I tried to breathe. I felt my chest ride and fall and I finally heard myself gasping for air out of panic. I breathed that way for no more than two seconds before I noticed that it was pointless. As I was breathing, I didn't feel the satisfaction o the pressure being relieved from my lungs. I didn't feel anything. My chest wasn't heavy, begging for oxygen, and my lungs didn't sting like they should. Did I not need air? Why wasn't my body hungrily accepting the breaths I was taking?

I thought about the overwhelming facts tumbling through my consciousness and then let a smile of understanding spread across my lips. This is it; I was changed. Before I could even open my eyes, Edward was beside me on the bed with his hands on my face. I welcomed the feeling and responded with an even wider smile. I was finally changed. I could be with him forever. Forever. Forever used to be just another word in my tattered dictionary, now it was a promise. These thoughts were interrupted by his frantic words, still velvety smooth even though his non-existent heart would have been cracking his chest cavity by now. He was kneeling beside me on the bed and leaning over me with just his torso. The mesmerizing scent of his breath overwhelmed me and my newly acquired senses as his lips hovered close to my nose. I almost fainted. So I'm still weak enough to be dazzled. Figures.

"Bella! My Bella! You're awake! I thought you would never stop screaming. I'm so sorry. So, so sorry. You were in so much pain! Please forg-"

He paused as my eyes shot open and he stroked my cheeks with his thumbs, the fingers on his broad palms holding my head gently behind my ears. So I wasn't blind. Well, I'm still just as smart as ever. Blind. Maybe I should try opening my eyes. My gaze immediately rested on Edward first, draped over me protectively with his normal apologetic expression. He was always convinced he was hurting me. Well at least now it would be much harder for him. Edward sat back and let me adjust, my eyes then falling on Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, and Esme. Emmett and Alice were pushing each other, battling it out to see who could get closer to me. Emmett had his goofy grin plastered on his face and the pixie was bopping up and down as if she were on a Pogo stick. Jasper had his wonderfully calming smile spread across his lips and Rosalie was surprisingly scowl-free. I was a little taken aback by it but I dismissed her for now. Carlisle and Esme were hand in hand, watching me wake with equally warm smiles of satisfaction. The sunlight streaming in between the edges of Edward's custom made curtains, that Esme had designed, bounced off of them, giving off the vampires' signature sparkle. I looked at them all closely for a moment longer before Emmett's booming voice broke the silence.

"Well jeeze, Bell, say something already." Every pair of golden eyes shot a glare in his direction. Rosalie's elbow found itself jabbed into Emmett's ribs, only to be outdone by Alice's stiletto heel stomping on his foot. I chuckled lightly at poor Emmett's painful expression and turned my head to look at my Edward. My dreams during the past few nights hadn't done him any justice. He was more perfect than I remembered. Maybe it was because my vision was clearer now. Flashing me his perfectly crooked smile and grazing my cheek with his finger, he laughed as my breath caught in my throat. I hadn't done it intentionally but my brow soon furrowed and I took on a look of disappointment.

"What's wrong Bella?" Edward looked anxious and leaned closer to me, as if the space between us was what delayed my words.

"You're touching me but you're not...cold. And my heart doesn't feel like it's going to jump out of my chest. I do still feel like I am going to pass out, though," I stated the observation with a slight hint of displeasure. Normally when Edward touched me, it was like my body was jump started. My breathing became irregular and I couldn't feel my legs. I heard a chuckle reverberate throughout the room from the group, amused by my revelation. He wasn't cold anymore. It was a new feeling. The patch of skin that had been graced by his touch was now warm, tingling. i smiled again and erased the negativity from my expression. I was glad to see that he still had some effect on me, a so was he because before I could say another word his lips were pressed to mine. I welcomed the feeling of his marbled lips and sighed.

My hands went to the back of his head and I allowed my fingers to play with his silky hair as I used my new found strength to pull him closer to me. Before my transformation, this sort of passion would be quickly smothered. We would stay like this for no more than three seconds before Edward would have to pull away to prevent my death. Now I could hold onto him for as long as I wanted and it was an amazing feeling. My lips reacted to his as my death grip tightened around his head. Edward pulled his precious mouth into a smile against my kiss and I was sure he was thinking the same thing I was, because he was soon kissing me with a new tinge of passion. The taste of his sweet breath on my tongue was more welcome after three days of sleep as I parted my lips for his beckoning tongue.

I released him from my hold and locked onto his gaze. Forever. We stared into each other's eyes, speaking without words, conveying emotions that couldn't be possibly described with words. Now I knew what it felt like for Jasper and Alice. So many times I had watched the two of them just stare at each other. They never touched or spoke, just stared. Yet, as they gazed into each other's eyes, I decided I had never seen such an intimate moment. Again, my thoughts were interrupted by Emmett's voice.

"Aw, come on Edward, get off of her. Poor Jasper over here is going to bust out of his pants. Anyway, I'm sure Bella wants to see what she looks like now, being that she's one of us now." Another unified chuckle, with the exception of an embarrassed Jasper, and Edward sat back. I had completely forgotten how different I must look. If I looked half as beautiful as Rosalie or Alice I would be satisfied. I never had many complaints about my appearance but we all know that I was no looker. Edward and Mike Newton seemed to be convinced that I was remotely good looking. Edward must have been blinded when he changed. And of course Mike Newton is just plain dumb.

I sat up and placed my feet on the floor. So far I didn't feel too different. I was slightly stiff from laying down for three days but nothing I hadn't experienced before. They all stepped back as I went to the bathroom, Edward close on my heels. He was still protecting me from myself, waiting for a stumble, even though at this time my strength and reflexes would surpass his. I soon found myself at the wall-length mirror in Edward's, excuse me, our bathroom. I was stronger than an ox but the rock on my left ring finger still seemed to weigh down my hand. not in a bad way, just a wonderful reminder that I was forever bound to Edward. I was afraid to look at first, and just watched Edward's fingers draw soothing circles onto my upper arm before I dared look at myself. Edward's lips grazed the side of my neck reassuringly and I looked up at the mirror. Whether I needed the air or not, I gasped as I took in the sight. "I'm...I...I'm..."

"Absolutely stunning," Edward whispered in my ear. I couldn't speak so Edward had finished my sentence. His lips found my neck again and he wrapped his arms around my stomach, inhaling my scent. Was this really me? My once limp, simply brown hair was now full of shine and luster. It seemed to be thicker, too, and about three inches longer. I ran my fingers through my hair and let them rest on my shoulders. just as I had expected, I was pale. But not sickly, just milky and smooth. A smile spread across my lips, still blushingly red, as I noticed the similarities between my body and Edward's. he was still behind me, his muscled forearms wrapped around my stomach, his chin resting on my shoulder. We had matching skin and smiles, both content with my transformation. I critiqued my figure, noticing the new curve my hips had taken on and the subtle padding that was now seemingly attached to my chest. My cheekbones were more pronounced and my face was thinner and more refined. I stared back at myself, a smile still on my face, until I stared at myself straight in the eye. My eyes! Edward had always called them chocolate pools, warm and inviting. Now they were a vibrant red. They had taken on the normal hue for a new born vampire. My hand went to the side of my face and I opened my mouth to speak.

"My eyes are...horrible. I looked heinous." If I had tear ducts, I would surely be crying. Instead my face just twisted in horror.

"Beauty is that which is simultaneously attractive and sublime." Edward's lips caressed the frigid skin just below my ear as he whispered to me. his hands stroked my arms again in an attempt to calm me. His poetic words couldn't soothe me this time. At my lack of a response, Edward whispered in my ear again. "That would be you, love." The rest of the family had left a moment ago. Apparently I had been staring at myself for quite some time. My lashes were thicker and longer, making it appear as if I had on layers of mascara. The crimson hue to my blood thirsty eyes couldn't be hidden by them though, and I was unconvinced that I could possibly be beautiful now. he was unable to read my thoughts but he managed to read my face and turned me around to face him. Edward's hands cupped my face gently as if I could still crumble beneath his touch, and he brought his lips to mine. We kissed for only a second before his lips withdrew from mine and were planted gently on each of my cheeks then on the tip if my nose.

"Isabella Marie Cullen." He stressed the Cullen with a smile and I spun the wedding ring on my finger. I stared up into his ocher irises as I tried to believe his words. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. If you had no eyes at all I would still think you were the most beautiful thing on the earth." My brow furrowed at that.

"If I didn't have eyes? Edward seriously, you need to get out more." With my words he let out a bellowing laugh and crushed me to his chest, no longer feeling the need to hold back. He buried his face in my hair and kissed me there, holding me snugly. My arms flew around his unbreakable waist and I greedily pulled him closer to me. It no longer felt like hugging a brick wall. Instead, we melding together perfectly and I could truly appreciate every dip and curve of his form. I held onto him like that for a minute or two until I realized I had another reason to be unhappy. My tongue ventured out of my mouth and ran over my bottom lip. It felt brittle, dry. I pulled away from him and looked up into his eyes.

"I'm thirsty. I need some water." My mouth felt like a desert and my stomach felt as if I hadn't eaten in years. He raised his brow and kissed me lovingly, shaking me to my core, before returning to my stare.

"Bella, love, you are not thirsty for water." Edward looked at my apologetically and tried to lighten the mood. "Maybe you'll enjoy mountain lion, too." So this is what it felt like. A burning pit in my stomach, tearing at my insides and scraping for a trace of blood. I shuttered at the thought and clutched my stomach as my knees gave out. My face was contorted to convey my pain and I strained to regain my footing. His vice-like arms held me up and he kissed me forehead gently.

"I'm sorry. That was inconsiderate. You need to hunt though, before you jump the mailman." His marble lips found mine once more before he took my hand, my left. He kissed the rock he had given me just one week before and smiled up at me. "Time to hunt." If his eyes weren't intoxicating enough, I caught the scent of his breath on his last word and almost fell over. My heart swelled at the sight of his smile and I brushed my lips over his before following him out the door.