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Into the Dark

Bella's worries about not having a power are laid to rest. Unfortunately, her power is turning her into a monster she never thought she would become. UPDATED CHAPTER 5- "DARK HOUR" IS NOW UP!!!!!! R&RDisclaimer I own a horse, a car, and a laptop. That's it.


4. Chapter 3- Kill the Lights

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One foot after another, I opened up my stride and ate up the tawny Serengeti earth beneath me. My perfect vision blurred as another wave of deep hunger crashed down over me, burning a hole in the back of my throat. Shaking my head to clear my eyes, I pressed on faster. My prey was only two-hundred miles away and the adrenaline pumping through his veins beckoned me. I could have had any other on the abundant plain but he was calling me. The very smell of him drove me insane. He was large, I could tell that. Four, maybe five hundred pounds of pure aggressive power.

It had been three months since Carlisle found a name for my power. Three agonizing months of violent outbursts, deep depressions, and unprecedented happiness. It was also three months since I started my training. I owed Jasper my life. We all did. Jasper took it upon himself to train me these past few months, taking experience from his past and even going as far as to search out other vampires with my power. As hard as he looked, he could only find two other vampires with my power. I didn't understand why it was exactly that he felt so strongly about helping me. Edward said that Jasper was intrigued by me because of the relation between our abilities. Whatever his reasoning, I would be eternally grateful. It had also been three months since I started coming to the Serengeti to hunt, granted I had to earn it by doing exceptionally well during my training. My food of choice: Lion. Fully matured, male. Little Emmett's irritable grizzlies looked like butterflies compared to a provoked leader of its pride during mating season. Absolutely delicious. My family thought I liked the fight. Truth was, I couldn't bring myself to kill anything that wouldn't fight back. I found that if I let my inner "killing machine" take out its anger on a good fight, my outbursts would be less frequent. I was glad for that, even though Carlisle kept promising me that I hadn't seen the true power of my emotions yet.

I picked up the pace. Only two more miles and I would have my catch. Before I knew it I was there, staring into the eyes of my target. My meal wasn't caught off guard. He heard my coming, even at the speed in which I was traveling. Like any defender would, he was standing in front of his family, who were solid with fear. The animals could sense that I was no ordinary human. They knew that I wasn't human at all. A mother lion would defend her cubs to the death. Yet in the face of something supernatural, they were all rendered defenseless. Just like Jacob and his pack of dogs, the pride could communicate without risking a noise. The terrified mothers quietly responded to their protector and gathered the pride's futurity, whisking them away a safe distance until they thought I couldn't see them. Confident that his family was out of harm's way, my opponent paced forward and then stopped, putting only twenty feet between us. His broad chest heaved suddenly as he took in a deep breath. He expelled the air, but with the breath came a deep, bellowing roar. It was angry, serious, and threatening. To anyone else, including a few of my family members, this would have been the perfect time to back out. His battle cry hit me like a brick wall and I smiled. Is that all you got? Just as he had, I took a deep breath, though mine was unnecessary. I exhaled. My roar ripped through my chest, tore out my throat, and shredded through my lips. I felt the ground tremble beneath me as I put everything I had into my announcement. I easily put that lion to shame. When I was finished and the ground was still, all was silent. All wildlife had decided to flee, and we were alone, one on one. Then, like a speeding train, I rushed after the lion, him meeting me halfway. We collided in a crash of flowing mane and angry growls. After tumbling around, scratching, biting, clawing, we were still. I released the limp creature beneath me and wiped my mouth, standing up and taking in my surroundings.

I turned to see a stunned Emmett and Alice and an amused Edward, smirking softly. Why were they so shocked? This had been my third time coming to the Serengeti to hunt. Yes, this was the biggest lion I had found so far, and yes he was the strongest I had fought, but I didn't see any significance in this particular battle. My personal shopper stepped forward first with a smile, trying to hide her worry. Her stiletto knee length boots were plagued with dry African earth.

"That was something else, Bella." She looped her arm through mine and chuckled nervously, tugging my arm in the direction we came from, back to the Jeep we had rented that stood a lonely 200 miles away. Her normal perky tone was weighed down with concern. I looked over to Emmett and Edward, begging one of them to explain.

"It was just like always. I hunted. No big deal." My statement was more of a question, a plea. A plea for Edward to tell me that everything was alright and that I hunted just like them, normal. Ever entertained by my antics, Edward pursed his lips as he wracked his brain for an answer that would satisfy me. I shook off Alice and went to Edward, who held his arms out for me, pulling me in once I got close enough. He had hunted already before we left so his cool topaz gaze was steady and calming. I wanted to say the same for me. Except mine weren't. I was a freak. Now that I was worried, my eyes were a bold indigo, caught somewhere between my sad shade of cobalt and normal shade of lavender.

"You're aggression is getting stronger, especially when you are in a combat situation, love." Combat situation? What? So that was what Carlisle was talking about. I had transformed during the chase. At first, I had been eager to catch my prey that rested two-hundred miles away from me. About fifty miles into the chase, something took over and I wasn't myself. I ran faster and harder than I ever thought possible, making it unfeasible for Edward to keep up with me. The wind whipped my face and burned but it only fueled me further. Then there, as the lion roared at me with all of his might, I felt the need for my own battle cry. That earth shaking bellow that tore through my esophagus came from somewhere within me that I had yet to tap into on purpose. Edward kissed my forehead gently and then smiled, lighting up his eyes and almost eliminating any worry I had. Almost. I narrowed my eyes at him unconvinced. That wasn't the reason for his smirk before. Why wasn't he as nervous about the incident as Emmett or Alice? Edward had been so nervous recently every time I showed any sign of changing temperament.

"Is that all?" I raised my eyebrows, slightly annoyed now, holding myself away from him. Even though we weren't touching, my pale skin still burned from where his had been. His crooked grin spread across his perfect lips and he pulled me close, resting his cheek against mine to whisper in my ear.

"It was very...." He answered me in a breathy whisper, causing my knees to shake. He held me close and kissed me below my ear before finishing his sentence. "....intriguing." Oh boy, here we go. Dazzle away Mr. Cullen... As he spoke, I felt my knees give out and my eyes widen, Edward pulling me closer to his granite frame. He continued to kiss my neck gently, blowing cool air along my collarbone. Just as I was about to come back down to earth, I heard Emmett's booming laugh followed by a snicker from Alice. My head shot up and I looked over Edward's shoulder at a doubled over Emmett.

"What!?" I spat at Emmett, my words rolling off my tongue laced with venom. Why was he laughing? And Alice, that little squirt. I narrowed my eyes at them and waited for an answer, my arms still draped over Edward's neck, his lips still lingering on my neck.

"Oh, nothing. I just bet Edward that he couldn't dazzle you within twenty minutes of your anger episode. He said he could. Alice and I thought otherwise. Alice even saw you getting mad at him." The bear was chuckling again, his entire frame shaking in heaves. WHAT!? They bet on me? I felt heat rush to my cheeks. I would surely be blushing if I had blood running through my veins. I was mortified. How could Edward do that to me? Emmett was always pulling pranks but Edward? My husband. And Alice! My best friend was even in on it. As much as I knew they loved me, it hurt more than it should have. Edward's hands rubbed my back gently and I felt a lump form in my throat, mortification setting in. Did he think I was some sort of idiot? That he could do that to me and expect I'd want him touching me? I pushed away from him and stepped back twenty feet, arms crossed over my chest tightly, my eyes on Alice.

"Thanks, Alice. It's bad enough my own husband is in on it. But my best friend?" I felt nauseous. Alice and I were closer than sisters and our bond was almost as strong as mine and Edward's, or so I thought. I had yet to figure out why they felt the need to bet on me, like I was some sort of entertainment. Like they were seeing how long it would take for their prey to die if they only slashed one wrist.

"Oh, Bella! It was just a joke. You're over reacting. Come on, let's go to that mall." She smiled and skipped forward to come join my side. As soon as the words escaped her mouth I felt a wave of rage crash over me, tumbling through me like an avalanche. I shook my head furiously, trying to shake it. No matter how hard I tried to fight it off, I felt violently angry. My arms dropped from my chest and fell to my sides, my hands balling into fists. Through clenched teeth, I warned the girl not to test her luck.

"Do not tell me I am over reacting." I spat out each word carefully and deliberately. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at me, almost quivering. So apparently I was scarier than I thought. For the first time, I felt my eyes change. I felt a film come over them, which I was sure was the black rage Edward had told me about. Both increasingly nervous, Edward and Emmett stepped forward. I couldn't shake it off now.

"Bella...calm down." I heard Edward's placating voice but saw nothing except for Alice in front of me. I shook my head at him, warning Emmett with my eyes to not take another step.

"Don't come near me, Emmett." I said his name with such disgust that I surprised myself. I needed to stop, to calm down and relax, but I couldn't. No matter how hard I tried to push it away, I was livid. Again, Edward tried to calm me, catching the shift in my eyes.

"Isabella. Look at me." My hands still balled into fists, I turned my head sharply to look at him. I had never seen him so nervous or worried. His eyes were intense yet calm, his mouth in a sharp straight line, accenting the perfect angle of his nose. I narrowed my eyes. My husband. With his amber hair and perfectly sculpted body, amazing intellect, and an amazing ability to love me in such a way that I couldn't stand it sometimes. The man I gave my life to. He could do this to me? How many times had he told me he loved me, more than anything in the world? How much could he love me if I was just entertainment to him? I shook my head slowly, staring him down before averting my attention back to Alice. So it's funny when I'm the punch line? Alice decided to try her hand at calming me.

"Stop it, Bella. Relax. You're getting out of control." Her firm words were pleading and normally, the sad tone to her high pitched voice would be heart wrenching to me. Not now. I exhaled sharply through my nose and shook my head. I was getting out of control? Maybe they shouldn't bet on me, make me a joke, humiliate me. Anger took the place of my blood and flooded through me, circulating through every dried up artery and vein, straight through my heart and up into my brain. Before I knew what was happening, I was crouched low to the ground just as my dinner had been during our little foreplay dance. My fingertips sank into the earth and I glared at Alice.

"I do not need to relax!" No sooner had my words hissed from my lips when I inhaled a heavy breath. That same, vicious, ruthless cry that came from me only ten minutes ago made an appearance again. My roar ripped through my chest, tore out my throat, and shredded through my lips, shaking the ground beneath us and rustling the trees for miles. The wildlife took off and my eyes narrowed ahead of me, on my next target. I leaped, sprang from my strong legs and pounced. Just as I left the ground, Emmett and Edward were after me. Apparently with this hostile personality cam an abundance of agility and speed. I met Alice before Edward and Emmett were even remotely close. In half a millisecond I was on top of Alice, pinning her hands down to the ground, my venom saturated teeth pressed against her neck. Alice squirmed beneath me, trying with all her might to push me off of her.

"Bella! Bella, please!" Her pleading voice was laced with tears, terrified to the point where she wasn't even moving anymore beneath me. I felt two strong hands clamp down onto my arms and rip me back. I stood, panting heavily, looking about frantically at my family. What just happened? I attacked Alice? My best friend! I didn't even have a chance to stop myself. This urge came over me and I couldn't stop it. And the only reason Emmet and Edward were able to pull me off was because I had let them. Maturing stage or not, I was a monster. I began to shake, not with tears but out of fear, fear of myself, wrapping my arms around my body and falling to my knees, too embarrassed and ashamed to look at any of them. No one spoke. Edward helped Alice up and I could hear her ragged breathing as she composed herself, understandably still terrified. Now I understood why my family had been so upset when they found out my power. This was why. They were upset because I just tried to kill one of them, over a simple joke that I would normally laugh at, and they knew that day would come. Edward could control himself around me when I was a human for how long and I couldn't control myself with my own family, let alone best friend? How could I do that to them? How could I possibly face Carlisle and Esme? I couldn't. That was the answer. I'm a killing machine. Looking up from the ground, I dared to gaze at Alice, shaking still with dirt all over her, breaking the ten minute silence we had fallen into. I shook my head and whispered to her, knowing she could hear me well enough.

"I'm so sorry. I am so, so sorry Alice." With that I sprang from my feet again and took off, leaving behind my endangered family. I channeled the inner beast that had surfaced earlier and opened my stride. Even Edward couldn't catch me now. My next destination was not Forks, to the beautiful home where I lived with my supportive family. I couldn't do that to them, plague them with my inner demon. We had shared many happy days when I was going through joyful phases, but this was too dangerous. Rosalie was right. I was better off human. Edward. The love of my existence. I needed to be away from him, protect him. If I so readily pounced on Alice, what was stopping me from killing my husband in a fit of rage? If I ever got to that point, who would be strong enough to stop me? The killing machine. Carlisle couldn't have provided a better description. I had turned into an unstoppable beast. It's best for them. Under no circumstances could I live with the Cullens until I was in control of myself. Only eight months, right? Five more months to go. Burdened by guilt, I ran myself to the airport. Away. Just until I'm ready...

My ability to control myself around so many humans shocked me. Maybe it was my desperation, knowing that this would save my family. The small airport was mostly for tourists going on Safari, so there were many small children as well as confused adults I could easily whisk away without a second though. No, that wasn't my mission. At a human pace, I made my way to the ticket counter. The clerk was typing away quietly for a moment before realizing she had a customer. Once her attention moved to me, I heard her breath hitch in her throat. I'm sorry, you poor girl. I'm dazzling you and it isn't even on purpose. I know how it feels. Don't be embarrassed. I couldn't help but feel empathy for her. No doubt, my unnatural beauty would be the only thought on her mind for the rest of the day. She smiled sweetly and greeted me in a thick accent.

"Hello! How may I help you today?" Her eyes wondered about my face, taking me in feature for feature. My high cheek bones and pouty lips, piercing indigo eyes framed with thick lashes and perfectly arched brows, all plastered on flawless porcelain skin. Not to mention my hair that never seemed to stir, draping over my bare shoulders. I tried my best to fake a smile, but I had yet to perfect the art of forcing my emotions. I couldn't force happiness after what I had just done. In a plain, steady but plain voice, I answered.

"I'd like to purchase a ticket please. One way." I had only minutes before Alice, Emmett, and Edward would catch up with me. My fingers tapped on the counter top impatiently and the flustered clerk did her best to remain composed.

"Alright, where to?" Oh. I hadn't thought of that yet. I racked my brain for possibilities. Who could help me? Who was strong enough to help me. Then I thought of it.