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Into the Dark

Bella's worries about not having a power are laid to rest. Unfortunately, her power is turning her into a monster she never thought she would become. UPDATED CHAPTER 5- "DARK HOUR" IS NOW UP!!!!!! R&RDisclaimer I own a horse, a car, and a laptop. That's it.


5. Chapter 4- Blinded by the Light

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I'll never know where I found the strength that day to sit on that plane and ignore the small child who sat beside me, begging me to seal her fate with bite marks. She reminded me of myself when I was around her age. She had wavy brown hair and rich, gleaming chocolate eyes. Bright, energetic, completely oblivious to the world around her. She was sitting next to a newborn, uncontrolled vampire yet her only concern was the page of her book she was coloring profusely. I watched her as my knuckles turned white, my grasp on the armrests of my first class seat threatening to shatter beneath my grip and give me away. Her pulse rang through my ears like a gong, the steady scent of her blood stream running through my nose and down the back of throat, settling on my tongue. So sweet and tantalizing. My longing for her blood soon turned to resentment. Not for the child necessarily, but to blood as a whole. What it mean, what it symbolized, the only obstacle that had nestled itself between Edward and myself. The very hatred that I felt for it though only fueled my longing for the little girl beside me, her skin so thin, not yet hardened by the elements of life.

I found some reassurance in my control, smiling slightly at myself, glad I could spare the girl's life even though I knew I would never feel as satisfied as I would had I drained the life from her. My smile soon faded as I remembered why I had been on the plane in the first place. I had no reason to be happy. I should have been disgusted with myself. And I was. Edward and Emmett got to me only a second before I would have embedded my teeth into her translucent skin, tearing away at it until she lay limp in my arms like the lion I hunted for two-hundred miles. What scared me the most was the way in which I longed to kill her. I knew all that needed to be done was to dismember the body to kill a vampire. Yet, as I sprang at Alice, my fingers itched to brutalize her, separate the skin from her faint muscle. Alice was the best friend I could ever ask for and I had almost ended her life. I stared out the window, shuddering at the memory of the day. Violent flashes of white, Alice pleading for her life, the astonished and horrified expression on my Edward's perfect face. Edward. I suddenly felt cold and hugged my shaking body. At least it would be no loss for Edward. His wife was a monster, a killing machine that had been millimeters away from devouring his sister. My departure would be the best thing to ever happen to him.

While going through security, I had decided on my new life. I would train and grow, gaining complete and total control over myself and my power, maintaining my vegetarian life style. I also decided that no matter how long I lasted through training, never would I see the Cullens again. Never. How could I? I was sure that they hated me for what I had done. Carlisle warned me and yet I let my emotion take over and control me. My dear mother, Esme. She would be hardest to face. No doubt she would hide her disgust and welcome me into her home, forever in fear of my potential. And Jasper! I had nearly killed his beloved wife, the adorable pixie that claimed him as her own before they had even met. Alice was Jasper's heart and soul, and I had almost devoured her. Never could I see the Cullens again. I thought of how it would be to see Rosalie, her face full of repulsion and smugness. She knew this day would come and the rest of them had quieted her. "No, Rosalie. Don't say that. Bella will do great." She was right. Emmett couldn't even deny it now, the strong hope he had before was now pushed aside by the sight of me lunging on his sister like a lion on its prey.

There was no doubt that Alice was watching my future and my decisions. The second my plane landed I had to run, run hard and fast until I reached my destination. For sure Edward would be able to catch up to me. A bitter shudder ran through me as I realized my false hope was ridiculous. Why on earth would Edward want to chase after me? Why would he want to take me back home? And Emmett and Alice? There would be no one chasing after me, convincing me to come back. How could I have been so stupid as to think that they would be following me? I laughed silently to myself, at myself. My slender finger tip traced the bold faced print on my ticket. Pisa, Italy. The closest airport to Volterra.A sudden panic washed over me and I felt my chest collapse. What was I thinking? Is irrational an emotion that can spasm? What about stupid? Dumb? Suicidal? Are those even emotions? What am I getting myself into? I felt myself shake at the thought of asking the Volturi to train me. What would their tradeoff be? My mind raced and I attempted to get a handle on myself, trembling like a scared child. 100 years of service? Slavery? Would they force me to feed on human blood? Hell, would they even take me? I shook my head and tucked a wavy tassel of silken mahogany hair behind me ear. Why hadn't I thought about this before I got on the plane? I didn't know and I wouldn't know why I chose to go to Volterra. But for whatever reason that was, I was on my way.

Terrified would not have been an appropriate word to describe my feelings as I stood in the dark, dank hall of the Volturi. They sat before me, like a panel of judges as I awaited my fate. A shiver ran through my spine, starting at the small of my back and resting itself where my skull joined my vertebrae, fear coursing through my veins at an alarming rate. The silky smoothness to Aro's voice wasn't nearly as calming as the rest of the Cullens' was. Aro was sickeningly elegant and graceful, moving about the room, watching me from different angles as he took in my new appearance. No matter how smooth he was, I couldn't forget the screaming of his victims the last time I had left Volterra. I had relayed the account of my attack on Alice, explaining to them exactly what happened and my feeling at the time, hoping the more information I could provide them with, the more willingly they would accept me. Why I so desperately wanted to live with them, I had yet to figure out.

Somewhere, in the deep pit of my stomach, I knew that they were the only ones who could help me, human-hunters or not. What frightened me even more than Aro's fluid movements and the gut wrenching glares from Caius was the reaction I received when I told them the name of my power. A pleased, satisfied smile spread across Aro's angled jaw, approving eyebrow raises from Caius and Marcus despite the sneer on their faces. They were fully acquainted with my power, maturing period, and strength. Even the wretched little Jane seemed interested at hearing my talents.

"Well, dear Isabella. I am very pleased to see that you have been transformed by your mate. And just as I thought, you do have a great talent. Your inability to control it at this time does not reflect limitations you might have in the future, I can assure you of that. And your eyes! How wonderfully different it is to see them change so, even as you stand before us, reacting to us, your emotions shifting." I steadied my breathing, begging the higher powers to let me be calm, to not explode in a fit of rage or happiness, whichever bipolar spell my subconscious threw onto itself. My eyes already gave away the fear boiling inside me, I didn't need to confirm their suspicions with an "episode". The papery thin, onion skin wrinkles surrounding Marcus's eyes creased in amusement at my visible internal battle, wondering when I was finally going to crack.

"We have indeed made a decision, but I have to ask you, Isabella, how is it that you are leaving your family? Never before have I felt a relationship so strong as when you were here with your Edward some time ago. The strength of your relationship had been frightening, the intensity. What makes you sure that this is an appropriate decision?" As the name of my husband escaped his lips, I felt a hand reach inside my chest, wrap its fingers around my heart, and squeeze with the power of one thousand horses. Edward. My Edward. The man that could make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time, make my skin burn beneath his touch while sting with a blistering chill. He made my knees go weak, yet gave me the strength to move mountains. My Edward. As quickly as the pain had come, it had gone as I separated myself from my family emotionally. No, there would be no one chasing me. The Cullens would not be following me, begging me to return home. Alice knew where I was, no doubt in my mind, but after my actions prior to this, my family would have no desire to see me, not matter how much I longed to be near them. Clearing my throat at the layer of venom coating my tongue, I gathered my thoughts into a coherent answer, attempting to hide the wave of pain that Edward's name had caused.

"I..They're better off without me. I'm out of control and I endanger them. They don't want me anyway. After what I did to Alice, they're happy I am gone." My words came out rushed and Jane snorted at my uneasy demeanor. Even as a vampire, I had the steady cool of a...well...bipolar mess. A pale, long slender finger went to Aro's chin. He nodded slowly and took the hand of each of his brothers, collecting their thoughts on my answer to Marcus's question. A steady, frightening smile played over Aro's face.

"Well, dear Isabella. Felix and Demetri will show you to your room. Just remember what our trade off is. We will not accept regrets." As afraid as I was, a smile crept over me and I nodded, thanking them for agreeing to train me. I hugged my body, wrapping my arms around my sides, and turned behind me to face Felix and Demetri. I had forgotten the way Felix's size commanded presence in a room. Like Emmett, his square frame was threaded with muscle and minimized the average build of Demetri. The robed guards, who were to be a part of my training, stared me down while approaching me, an unfamiliar expression on Felix's face. During my brief encounter with the Volturi before, I had noticed that all except Aro had been incredibly hostile and distant. Today, it felt as though I pleased them with my unfortunate "gift" and moved one step closer to being considered respectable. Felix wore a face of intrigue, watching me curiously as my eyes and body language reacted to every step they took.

"Follow, Bella." Felix's thin lips pulled up into a smirk and he put his arm out for me, crooking it so I could wrap mine in his. At the sight of his arm held out for me, my head began to ache and I shrunk back, looking away so that my hair could form a curtain between us. My breath hitched in my throat and I had to cough to clear it. Edward had held his arm out for me that way as we walked down the aisle at our wedding, taking out first step together as Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. Demetri's knowing glare shot through me, no doubt relishing in my bout of pain. With a grunt, Felix turned on his heel and followed Demetri out of the great hall and into the main passage way. We silently treaded on, making no sound through the natural echo chamber. The two ahead of me seemed to walk on air, float over the uneven ground beneath us, and I had managed to stumbled once or twice. After moving through different corridors, all equally dim and dank, we arrived at a door, a heavy solid mahogany with solid brass hardware. Demetri turned the knob and pushed it open, walking away immediately, completely uninterested in me. I stepped forward, having been three paces behind the guards throughout our journey, and entered the room. My skin crawled as I took it in.

It was just as dark as the hallway and I habitually searched the wall for a light switch. I found one and cringed at the sight of the newly illuminated room. Cobwebs clouded the corners, climbing the stone walls. The hardwood floor beneath my feet was polished but dusty, showing some promise. My new bed, put there as a mere prop, was a cast iron four post canopy, covered in cobwebs as well, graced by a thick black blanket. If my skin wasn't crawling enough by the sight of my new room and lifeless furniture, Felix's presence behind me had made it worse. He stood behind me, his eyes burning through my skin. I spun on my heel, turning to dismiss him, but was caught off guard by his proximity. He was leaning down to look at me, towering over my 5'4 frame, his face only inches from mine. The contrast between his chalky skin and black hair was suffocating as I was forced to stare into his frightening red irises. I felt my eyes widen and my breath hitch, a shiver of terror shuddering through my body.

"If I can help you with anything at all, Bella, please let me know." He smirked again, mocking me with his tone it seemed, before straightening himself and entering my room. I watched closely as he moved throughout my room, sweeping his hand about the corners, collecting the cobwebs and dust balls. I got another annoying smirk as he moved to my bed, shaking out the dusty blanket and pillow, gathering the cobwebs that clung to the canopy as well. My arms were still tightly wound around my body, my only source of comfort as I watched the cloaked guard float over the floor, cleaning my room for me with a strange motivation. What did he want? Why was he showing so much interest? I looked about the room, a sudden twinge of hope burning in my stomach. Yes, Felix could help me with something.

"Uh, Felix?" He snapped his head in my direction, surprised that I had found my voice after the events of the evening. He raised a brow on his big square head in question, urging me to continue, his one hand still aimlessly sweeping over the cobwebs on top of my canopy above him. "I don't think I will, but um, if I should get any visitors....p-please send them...a-away. Tell them I live here now and I do not wish to see them." It was hard to get out, knowing that those words could possibly be relayed to Edward. Edward would have to hear that I did not want to see him. It was literally the opposite. All I wanted at that moment was to feel Edward walk up behind me, wrap his strong arms around my waist and kiss my neck softly while whispering to me in my ear. I shuddered, silently scolding myself for thinking that Edward might want to speak to me after what I had done to Alice. Felix flashed me that mocking smirk again and nodded, stepping up to speak to me. He stood only inches in front of me, leaning down again to stare directly into my nervously indigo eyes.

"Your Edward would be quite stupid not to follow you, with how nicely you've changed since he bit you. But you need not worry, Bella. I will surely send him away if he dares to come and take you away from me, from us." I jerked back, leaning against the wall behind me when I had no more room to move, his slight Italian accent making my name sound almost criminal. And his breath. It wasn't sweet, but bitter. I decided that it was related to his diet. The beast chuckled lightly and straightened, taking one last look around the room for anymore cobwebs and ducked out, winking at me, and shutting the door softly behind him. I shook my head, confused by the attention I had just received from Felix.

I wandered around the room, taking in each foreign feature as I tried to accept it as my own. Before I knew it, I was pacing the room nervously, shaking at the thought of how lonely I felt. I desperately craved the warmth of Edward next to me, the laughter of Emmett and Jasper, even the glares from Rosalie. And Alice. My wonderful friend, former best friend. I wanted her here with me, bopping about the room trying to convince me to buy new furnishings. I wanted Edward on my bed, laying back with his arms behind his head, ankles crossed, grinning my favorite crooked grin, waiting for me to join him. I wanted Esme and Carlisle yelling at Emmett and Jasper to stop fighting. I wanted my family. I fell to my knees, still clutching myself as my body was overcome with violent sobbing. I cried dry tears, silently begging for this to be over. Shaking my head back and forth like it would bring me to my family, I rocked in place, comforting myself like a child. I continued to cry, no longer silent but quiet enough that my new coven couldn't hear me, crying out in a whisper to Edward, miles and miles away in a chilly Forks, Washington.

"This wasn't what I wanted. Edward we didn't plan this. Come get me, please, Edward. Oh Edward." I shook again, my shoulders carrying my heavy breaths as I was racked with sobs, pleading to my husband who couldn't even hear me. Edward would be at home, wishing he hadn't married me, begging Carlisle to get him a lawyer so he could get divorce papers written up. The pain I had felt in my heart at that moment easily outshone the pain I had felt during my transformation. I missed Edward with every fiber of my being and it felt as if it was literally eating me from inside out. After hours of wallowing, I was sparked with a calm and immediately settled myself, thanks to my overbearing range of emotions. Stop it, Bella. He doesn't want you anymore. None of them do. You almost killed Alice. Get over it. You are no longer a Cullen.

I brought my trembling left hand to my face and stared at myself in the mirror. I was a monster and there was no way Edward could possibly love me. The ring he had given me on our wedding day glared back at me as it reflecte the light. I sighed heavily and with trembling fingers, removed my wedding ring. I moved to my bed and placed the ring beneath the matress, then crawled up to rest my throbbing head. I would have to ask Heidi to go shopping with me tomorrow so I could gather a wardrobe. Alice would be proud. I wanted to go shopping. But it wasn't for pleasure.

I needed to recreate myself, separate myself from my previous life. If it meant designer clothing that I had sworn off before, then so be it. No matter what, I was no longer a Cullen, no longer Bella Cullen. I closed my eyes and thought over my new life, running the evenings events through my mind. I had arranged a trade off with Aro, Caius, and Marcus. They had been fair with me, allowing me certain privileges. 1) I am allowed to be a "vegetarian." 2)They will train me. 3)I will have to work for my training and I will receive food when I perform. 4)I am on clean-up crew. Clean up crew. The very thought caused me to shudder. I would accompany Jane and the guards, killing the vampires that threatened to expose us. Clean up crew. I shuddered again at what it meant. As long as I was training with the Volturi, I would be in charge of killing delinquent vampires. Fan-frickin'-tabulous.