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Into the Dark

Bella's worries about not having a power are laid to rest. Unfortunately, her power is turning her into a monster she never thought she would become. UPDATED CHAPTER 5- "DARK HOUR" IS NOW UP!!!!!! R&RDisclaimer I own a horse, a car, and a laptop. That's it.


6. Chapter 5- Things That Go Bump in the Dark

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Three months, 2 weeks, 6 days, eleven hours, and 48 seconds. But who's counting. My lavender gaze settled on the ceiling, scrutinizing the small chandelier fixture above me. I hadn't noticed it before, but for some reason it was brought to my attention that there were small, intricate carvings on the brass piece. Tiny swirls and dips adorned the chandelier, accenting the silk bows that paved the way for the candle-like bulbs in place. They were pretty and dainty with just enough detail to keep them elegant while not too gaudy. Stop procrastinating, Bella. I shook my head and hoisted myself up, pushing aside the sheer lace curtain that enclosed my useless bed. I did this every day. I would wait until the last minute to face realty, sitting at my desk or on my bed until the very last minute before I would descend down the long hall that lead me to my trainers for the day. Straightening my shirt and adjusting my pants on my waist, I stood in front of my mirror and fixed my hair. It wasn't necessary, being a vampire made my hair pretty much perfect every day, but it was a futile action I tended to every day to keep some familiarity in my life. My gaze ran from my feet all the way to my eyes, checking each detail on my body, procrastinating further.

I had on a pair of black patent leather pumps, black jeans, and a black v-neck sweater. It made me feel like Batman but for the past three months, I hadn't worn anything but black. I had succeeded in persuading Heidi to take me shopping and we had practically cleaned out every boutique in Italy. I explained to her my desire to recreate myself and separate my new life from my previous. She understood surprisingly well and didn't bother to ask before choosing a wardrobe of all black for me, to add mystery to my appearance she had said. I was thankful for that. I had never had much desire to shop and picking out clothing was probably my least favorite thing to do, let alone design a new style for myself. It also ensured that I never put on any article of clothing that was blue. No powder blue, indigo, navy, robin's egg, not even periwinkle. No more blue.

My clothing wasn't the only thing to completely change. After two excruciatingly long months and with much strenuous effort from Heidi and myself, my room had finally become my own. It hadn't taken much pleading to have Heidi take me shopping for furniture. Aside from obvious differences, I decided that Heidi was fast becoming the Alice of the Volturi. Not only was she just as energetic, but the girl knew how to run up a credit card bill. We had gone through every shop in Italy, boutiques and antiques alike, buying me furniture. My once dungeon-like room was now somewhat enjoyable. I had gotten a bookshelf and continually added to my collection and set up a desk adjacent to it to study.

While living in Volterra, I had found it necessary to learn multiple languages. On my trips outside of our living quarters, I had picked up various books on languages. Italian was my obvious first, and then came Spanish, Russian, and French. Why I chose Russian and French I had no idea. But I then branched on to Latin. Backwards, I know, but from Latin I taught myself German and Polish out of boredom one evening. I had made the decision to keep my new knowledge a secret, glad that I understood people when they thought I couldn't. Felix and Demetri were the easiest to trick. The two could not read minds or thoughts so when they felt the need to talk about me while I was in the room, they resorted to their native Italian. I found the most challenge in not reacting to their banter in fear of revealing my understanding. I had learned a lot that way. For one thing, Demetri was angry that I had made such progress so quickly and was growing more and more jealous with each obstacle I overcame.

I gazed back into my piercing lavender eyes, mesmerized momentarily at their intensity. Rarely did I look at myself long enough to notice, but as each thought flickered through my brain, my eyes reacted accordingly. At the moment, I had been thinking about how nice my hips looked in the black jeans I wore. So my eyes were lavender. Then a split second later I had thought of how my shoulders seemed to be rather square in the sweater. As I thought about it, my eyes began to grey slightly and fade off into a deep blue. They were lavender again as I reveled in the uniqueness of my characteristics. With a sigh and a shrug, I padded off out of my room, closing the heavy wooden door behind me. As usual, I made my way through the dark corridor, making no noise as I sidestepped around the uneven cobblestones and such that posed a threat to my steady gate. Being with the Volturi hadn't fool proofed me, but Aro was delighted to have the opportunity to give me walking lessons. I recalled that said he had never once met a vampire so clumsy. He took it upon himself to teach me how to walk, or more so pay attention to the ground beneath me to make up for my inability to remain balanced. I thought it was more of an excuse to speak with me, being as that he couldn't read my thoughts no matter how much he touched me. And I was thankful for that. Countless times during my training, I had driven my opponent to frustrated screams at the realization that I was simply unaffected by their powers, besides their obvious strength. Jane in particular had been reduced to childish tantrums multiple times and redirected her anger in various Italian slurs and curses. The small girl could make a sailor blush, given the circumstances.

Small things such as that entertained me and distracted me from my hidden feelings. I was learning quickly and had absorbed more knowledge then I thought possible in such a small amount of time. The Volturi kept their word and allowed me to feed on local wildlife, sparing multiple humans that were intended for me. I even found myself smiling occasionally at the competitive bickering between Felix, Demetri, and Alec. No matter how many distractions I had, I could not ignore the unwavering pain I held in my still heart. My body literally ached for Edward. There was a pain shooting through my veins, down each of my limbs, and branching up my spine that held me prisoner to the memories of my husband. I wanted nothing more than to forget him, for his sake. Instead, I lay on my bed, staring at the wall, recounting every word he had spoken to me since my transformation. I recalled every fight I had caused with my bipolar phases, every reassuring sentiment we had shared, everything. Every time I closed my eyes, he was there. I could see every fine line to his chiseled jaw line, every indentation on his perfect muscles, every slight movement of his expressive lips. How I wanted to kiss him, to pull him close to me and wrap my arms around his neck, feel his hands hold my waist or cradle my face, smell the sweet tingle of his breath lingering beneath my nose. But I had quickly learned to push it all aside. Edward would not want me anymore. Never again would I feel those things. I had almost killed his beloved sister. How could he possible want me? He couldn't, that was the answer and I accepted it. I had originally thought that I was leaving for them, to protect them. I soon came to terms with the fact that it was for myself, so I wouldn't have to face them. Them, him. The Cullens, my Edward.

I pushed my way through the door to the lobby and took a seat in one of the leather couches parallel to Gianna's desk. I was greeted with a small, fake smile from Gianna, who was looking rather pensive behind her desk. Normally, she sat there looking indifferent with her intense green eyes, no doubt debating on whether she should run or stay. Even though I was the only vegetarian in Volterra, I frightened her. I hadn't had an "episode" in an entire month but she still saw me as an uncontrolled threat. Strange, the Volturi constantly spoke of how easily they could kill her and I was the one she feared. It didn't bother me. The first time I had met the Volturi I was sure I would need a change of underwear. The one thing that did bother me about Gianna was her hostility towards me. I had tried to remain civil, even though I had the power to shatter her with one hand, yet the petty mortal remained nasty. She constantly annoyed me with questions based on my previous life, no doubt intended on upsetting me, and found ways to spark my anger. Marcus insisted that I ignore her and use her as an exercise in self control. He explained that she was jealous that I had been changed before her and that they had taken me in without so much as an hour of deliberation. This past week, Gianna had seemed to be coming around and her questions were starting to border asking for help with certain things rather than antagonize me. I crossed my left leg over my right and crossed my arms over my chest, wiggling my foot nervously as I stared down at my jeans and counted each stitch while waiting for Caius, Aro, and Marcus. I was in a trance, counting each threaded strand of my denim when her heavily accented voice broke my concentration.

"Isabella? Can I ask you a question?" She stared at me with pursed lips, hoping I would remain calm and patient. I mustered up my self control and patience and answered the beauty with a simple raised eyebrow and a blank face, signaling for her to go on. I hadn't thought about it at the time but I looked rather hostile myself. I had my arms and legs crossed and the intensely blank expression on my face was far more intimidating than any sneer I could throw at her. She shifted nervously in her seat and continued. "Do you regret it?" Her eyes were soft and the sincere curiosity behind her voice was startling. She hadn't used such a tone with me yet but my cruel blank face went unwavering, reflecting the cold person I had become. I thought about her question and could only come up with one answer.

"What does it matter? Can anything be changed now? Will dwelling on the past put you to rest?" The cold tone to my voice was an indication of my opinion on the matter. At my expression and tone, Gianna visibly stiffened. She smiled nervously and looked down at her hands in her lap.

"I suppose you are right." My eyes never left her and I watched as her mental wheels turned, her face changing with her thoughts. If one thought my eyes were as expressive as an open book, then Gianna's face was a book on tape, projected on one universal megaphone. I caught the subtle change in her face as she realized she had sounded anything but nasty in her question to me and seemed angry with herself for being so nice to me. To redeem herself, she had thought up another question for me.

"Isabella? Can I ask you another question?" Her tone was the same as before, this time faking innocence. My position on the couch remaining the same, I answering her just as I had before. I twitched my eyebrow up slightly, my face painfully blank and cold. "Do you miss anything from being a human?" I thought about her question for a moment and then shrugged slightly, my tone still icy.

"Some things." Like being able to see Edward, for one thing. Gianna nodded again and I could feel her start to think up another hurtful question.

"Isabella?" My stance hadn't changed and I remained seated just like I had while putting up with her petty questions. Again, I simply twitched a brow, allowing her to continue, my arms wrapped tightly around one and other. "Do you miss Edward?" At the sound of his name I felt a knife slice through my almost impermeable skin. Gianna was back. There was the nasty question I knew she felt brooding in the pit of her human stomach for days on end. Inside I was sobbing at the sound of his name, aching to run to Forks and settle into his side on our bed, kiss him senseless and cry in his arms as he cradled me. On the outside I was just as solemn and just as calm as I had been before. While I could help my body, I couldn't help my mind.

"Gianna, run. Run away. Run far away before I get up and catch you. Because if I do, I will separate the skin from your body while removing each of your limbs slowly. Then I'm sure I will find some creative way to dispose of your dying body." My words were chilling and sent a shiver through me a the sound of my voice. It took every bit of power in me to keep myself on that couch, keep my arms crossed and not strangling Gianna. My hands were clenched into white-knuckle fists and I watched as she quickly gathered her belongings to retreat to her room. She was roughly five feet from leaving the lobby when she turned on her heel and looked back at my over her shoulder.

"He visits, you know. Every day. He comes into this very lobby and sits on that very couch. He waits for me to allow him through. Roughly two hours a day, random times. You are always out training, though." I sat still as stone while she spoke, a nervous heat filling my body. He came to visit me? Why hadn't they told me this!? Then I remembered. I told them not to let him in. They told me I wasn't allowed to leave. Of course they wouldn't tell me. No sooner had she gone when my trainers for the day floated into the lobby where I sat waiting, a reassuring expression shared between the three. I quickly pushed the thought out of my mind and reserved it for later, knowing that Caius would surely pick up on my anxiety and turn my training into a Bella Freak Show Day. Here we go...

"My dear Isabella. Shall we begin?" Aro's cool voice soothed my growing temper as we moved off into the clouded daylight. As always, I followed and they spoke, giving me tests and techniques, watching my reactions and helping me through obstacles. I had an intense reaction to a purposely offhand comment made by Marcus to distract me, and it took careful coaching from them to not shred Marcus to pieces. My training had been especially tiring and mentally draining. I had worked on drawing on my emotions purposely, Caius especially helping me pick up each feeling as I asked for them. We worked on the daunting task of commanding my anger, resulting in a scuffle between myself and a local mountain lion that I quickly drained. I was getting better, fast. I had successfully called on my anger and turned on my "killing machine", turning it off just as quickly once I was told to do so by Aro.

Satisfied with my abilities and my control, Marcus had decided I was able to be on my own for an hour or two. I used my time wisely and sat with a book beneath a large tree just a mile away from my new home. My mind got lost in the pages of my book, graciously lending itself to the fictional characters that distracted me from my pains and dilemmas. After forty-five minutes, I had read the entire book cover to cover and felt quenched of my thirst for entertainment. I was also proud of myself for reading a book written in Russian. I could feel the warm sunlight begin to peek through the trees and settle on my skin, heating me to my cold and achy core. With a disappointed sigh, I stood up and began the brief run back to the Volturi. I opened my stride and tested myself, seeing how fast I could run the exact mile back. As a human, I had run a seven minute mile. It was good enough for me, yet average for a person. As a vampire, the fastest I had run a mile was twenty-nine seconds. I opened up my stride and pressed myself, desperate to beat my record.

Inside I was delighted with myself for running the mile in seventeen seconds, but I kept my usual cold façade on as I entered the underground home I had grown accustomed too. I focused hard on my footsteps, working to keep my balance and remain upright. The last thing I needed was for Jane to hear me stumble and give her another fault of mine to pick on. My careful steps kept my stable and I safely made it to my room without so much as a miscalculated stride. I was calmly engrossed in another story, lying beneath the canopy of my bed when the familiar sound of Gianna and Felix caught my attention. The two were always bickering in harsh Italian slang, mostly fighting about me. The daily banter between Felix and Gianna was seemingly normal until another voice interrupted them. It was rich and calm, though horribly hostile and tense and sickly familiar. I rose from my bed, pushing aside the lace curtain and went to my door, opening it just enough so that I may hear the conversation better, being the nosy person that I am.

"Felix, kindly escort this gentleman outside of Volterra or else he will sit here for hours on end and wait for someone who refuses to see him."

"Let him be. Let him wallow in self pity and wait for Bella. Perhaps he should know that she still refuses to see him? Perhaps he should know that I will not give up my Bella so easily and that he would find himself in a great deal of pain should he decide to push my patience?"

"She is not your Bella, nor is she your anything. This is absurd. I do not for one second believe that my wife refuses to see me. My wife . Did you hear me? My wife. I have been here every day for three months and six days and I have yet to hear any evidence to support this. I demand to see her."

"Alright, Felix. You may touch him now. But do not hurt him too much. Aro would not be pleased to find that you have hurt Carlisle's son."

My breath caught in my throat and I suddenly felt nauseous, my knees giving out as I slid down the wall beside my door. Edward. He did visit me. He was here, so close to me yet so unbelievably far away. My hands went to my chest as I frantically tried to control my breathing. I had worked so hard to distance myself from him, to drag my heart out of Edward's hands and put it back in my chest. Apparently I had failed. Just the sound of his voice had sent me into a panic attack and I felt my subconscious instruct my body to go to him. Every muscle in my body twitched as I fought to keep myself in my room, to not run to him and staple gun myself to his side. My frigid skin tingled in want, desperate to feel him against me. Bella, stay calm. Don't do this. He's better off without you. You almost killed Alice. Don't do this. I became my own cheerleader as I hugged my body, tucking my knees into my chest and resting my forehead on my arms crossed over my knees. I couldn't go out there. Not only had Felix already brought him out of the vicinity but it wasn't safe for the Cullens to be around me. Never could I give in to my own selfish desires to be with Edward and put him at risk of getting hurt. But he had said he wanted to see me. He should hate me, why did he want to see me? I demand to see her. Why would he want to see me? Then the thought hit me. He wanted revenge. Edward had come every day to see me to kill me. I had almost killed Alice and he was now coming after me. He had demanded to see his wife to kill her.

I unfolded my arms and spent the rest of my night on my useless bed, sobbing dry tears and silently begging the higher powers to turn back time and put me back with Edward in our meadow, back to the day he had allowed me to see him in the sun. And I smiled through my cries, unable to deny the happiness I felt at the memory.

Nine months, 3 weeks, 2 days, eleven hours, and 12 seconds. But who's counting. I sighed softly and sat up in my bed, doing my usual routine of checking myself over in front of the mirror before going out to receive my daily assignment. These past few months, I had not only trained during my time with the Volturi but carried out my responsibilities as a member of the "Clean Up Crew". Every day there was some pitiful vampire that got a little too excited and made the foolish mistake of pissing off Aro, Marcus, and Caius. Adorned in my Batman attire, I flounced out of my room and went on to meet my partner for the day in the lobby. I had perfected the art of walking and managed to make it to the lobby without one stumble. Only took you nine months, genius. Jane and Alec were side by side on the couch, awaiting the arrival of the last guard, me. Felix was waiting for me there as well, showing off his venom drenched teeth in that horrible smirk that seemed to be permanently adorning his face whenever I appeared in a room.

"Come, my Bella. We have a wonderful assignment today. It will only require four of us, but never the less, it promises to be entertaining." The cloaked stooge stood in the lobby, arms hanging limp at his sides. I had felt a strange desire to pummel him, knock him to the ground and viciously put him out of his misery. Ever since that day when Edward had lost his temper, Felix had called me his Bella. I was nobody's Bella, certainly not Felix's. He stood before me, roughly 6'5 and as wide as the doorway he was standing in. I can take him. No, that would only anger Aro. I couldn't do that. I owe them too much. But one day... I shook my head and went to Felix, awaiting the instruction I was sure to get from Jane, who sat on the couch with her nose in a book, Interview with the Vampire. The little brat did have a sense of humor. Never bothering to look up, she gave us the instruction relayed to her from Caius.

"An older vampire new to the area has decided to make a statement and claim the streets as their own. You Bella, will be soley responsible for getting rid of it. We of course will stand by and watch, step in if need be. Although, Marcus and Aro have given specific instruction that you are to take care of it yourself. Marcus thinks it is a woman but they aren't sure." Nothing new. They had been preparing me for weeks for missions such as this and I had even taken part in some of the fighting up to this point. I'm not ready. Would I ever be? I nodded and allowed them to lead me out of the walls of the Volturi. As I walked the long corridor to the street, I realized quickly that I was no longer a visitor. I was a member of the Volturi. It scared me slightly, but a strange tinge of pride overpowered the fear. I was accepted and needed in the oldest and most respected coven in the world. I also realized that this "clean up" would be no ordinary task. I would not be called upon if my inner anger would not be necessary. Aro had warned me many times that with my talent came great responsibility as well as need. This vampire that I was about to kill would not go down without a strong fight and I was the only member of the guard that could possess enough strength to safely kill the vampire. So even Jane would not be enough on her own to take down the perpetrator. The task called for my inner killing machine. Fan-frickin'-tabulous. This is going to be fun.