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This is a poem about how Bella feels when she wakes in the morning, and feels Edward's touch.

I am not Stephenie Meyer. I do not own anything: not the books, not the characters, nothing. I simply let my love for her stories flow into my keyboard and onto the website. Enjoy.

1. Chapter 1

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I wake up easily, my heartbeat slow.

Slow and steady; calm.

Then I feel your cool fingers touching my skin.

Beat, beat, faster, quicker.

Your topaz eyes melt me.

Your onyx gaze stuns me.

Your scent intoxicates me.

You are the one who is meant for me.

Me, and me alone.

Nothing can separate us now.

You broke my heart, then healed it.

I challenged you like no one else could.

They will try to ruin us.

To make us falter.

But we are fierce.

Our will, strong.

Our hope, everlasting.

Our love shall survive.