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The World's Greatest Guide to Magical Creatures

When Alice gets bored, the weirdest things happen, but this is the weirdest yet. Summer break after graduating from Forks High School, Alice is bored, when she desides to make the world's greatest guide to magical creatures... Chapter Three Just Got Up 4/5


2. Alice and the Banshee

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It’s tiiiime! I thought to myself, giggling. I flew off to Home Depot and Best Buy, to get the best camera and video camera ever… and then have Rose make it even better! Impatiently, I paid with a gleaming silver credit card (God, I love those things), and went home as fast as my size six shoes could carry me.

“OKAY EVERYBODY!” I squealed. “The first thing we’re gonna find is…” I paused for dramatic effect, but Emmett interrupted.

“Alice. You’ve done some crazy things before, but this is taking it right over the edge! I mean, this is worse than what you want to do for Bella’s wedding!”

Bella, who unfortunately was present, started trembling at this. “A-Alice?” She asked, her pale human face flushing scarlet, “W-w-what…” She trailed off nervously.

I gestured to Edward to escort her out of the room before she ruins all the fun I had planned for her wedding.

“Anyway.” I continued, “After many hours of careful thought, I decided that I will go searching for…a banshee!”


I paused. “No. But isn’t that the whole point?” I asked, confused, “to learn about these creatures?”

“Alice.” Jasper began firmly. “We cannot-will not- allow you to go looking for a banshee.”

“But…but…” I stuttered, “You promised!”

“Not to a banshee? Alice, eerie wail of a banshee announces that someone is about to die.” My little bookworm informed me.

Dude!” Emmett sprung up from his chair, with amazing grace for one his size, “Alice, you tiny insane…”

I cut him off with a glare that spoke levels. “Emmett, shut up.” I hissed.

“But, Lice!” Emmett protested.


I turned my attention on Jasper. “Please? Please-please-please-please-please? Its not like I’m gonna die or anything! A banshee can’t kill me!” I scoffed.

In my peripheral vision, I saw a fuzzy chocolate brown creeping upwards. I spun around to find myself face to face with the wooly smiling face of… Mr Wuzzle. I stared for a moment at that fluffy brown teddy, and then I tilted sideways.

“Emmett?” I asked threateningly. “What are you doing?”

He stared purposefully at the door, as if willing it to open. And after a moment, it did, and an exasperated Edward stuck his head through the door.

“He won’t stop pestering me with this meaningless thoughts until I tell you something.” Edward explained to my cold and furious expression. Edward sighed. “He thought that I should tell you ‘I’m not doing anything. It’s Mr Wuzzle.’” And with that Edward waved goodbye and sauntered off, shutting the door behind him.

I blinked. Emmett smiled contented, and Mr Wuzzle’s head did a strange flopping bob.

“Alice this is a stupid idea.” Came a squeaky voice from behind Mr Wuzzle.

“Emmett, I know that’s you.”

“Nope! It’s Mr Wuzzle! And this idea is ridiculous.”

“I love you, Mr Wuzzle,” I cooed as I snatched him from Emmett, “but you need a timeout.” I strode over to the window and placed the bear careful on its sill, and kissed the top his head.

“Please, Jazzy? Please, sweetheart? I can’t die! I’m a freaking vampire, isn’t this one of its perks? Searching for a creature of death, and not dying?”

“No…” Jasper whispered, straining to speak. “I can’t lose you. I’m nothing, do you hear me? Nothing without you. I need you, Alice. I can’t lose you.”

Oh. I thought, surprised, Oh, I thought…I thought he just was being stubborn. Oh, man…

Rosalie snorted, “God, this is awkward. I’m out.” She stood up, and flicked her liquid gold hair over her shoulder, and stalked off toward the door, but Emmett stood up, and grabbed her slender wrist wrapping his massive hand around it. He tugged her purposefully toward her seat, making really weird movements with his hands and facial expressions.

“Oh, for goodness sake, Emmett, just spit it out!” Rosalie sighed. But Emmett shook his head violently, gesturing at me, and making the ‘zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket’ motion they taught us in kindergarten.

“Emmett, go ahead.” I allowed.

“Oh, thank you.” Emmett groaned. “You have no idea what its like for somebody like me not to be able to talk. I mean honestly, Lice!” Emmett babbled.

“Emmett, shut up.” I ordered.

“Dude! Not again! I’m out, see ya guys!” Emmett waved, and Rosalie followed.

“Alice, sweetheart, I will not let you go looking for a banshee. That’s final.” And with those last words Jasper walked, bristling, out the door.

This was all okay though, ‘cause I had a plan…

~Later That Week~

Perfect! Jazzy, Emmett, Edward, and Rose are all hunting! I thought. Time to put my plan into action!

Checking the dusk sky, I leapt out of my open window, and landed silently on the damp earth. I swing my gorgeous Coach purse over my shoulder, and I run. My feet pad the ground like a panther stalking its prey, like a lost ghost stumbling upon the living. The wind roared in my ears, and my petite body wove around the forest trees. Before dawns first light, I was far away from Forks, and I could now look for my banshee in peace.

I drew my camera and video recorder out of my bag, and I looped the strap of the camera around my minute wrist, and I fixed the video recorder on its stand. Then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

It had been four days. And no sign of a banshee. Then it hit me. I knew absolutely nothing about banshees; let alone how to capture one on tape.


All of a sudden, a shrill scream cut through the crisp air like a knife. A piercing note trilled and rang through the forest air. Chills ran up my spine as the screech pierces my heart and fills me with the feeling of doom.

This I thought must be the banshee.

I struggle to concentrate on setting up my video camera, and focusing it on where the scream is coming from.

The banshee screeches again, like a nails being drawn across a blackboard, the sound makes me want to run as far away from the noise, and hide until the end of the Earth. But I can’t, I couldn’t.

I stay firmly put, and the strident racket continued to reverberate abound the wooded area. After what felt like forever, a darting shape, clothed in shadow, trampled around the clearing.

I frowned. This spirit was a little less graceful than I envisioned, but this was the ghost of the dying. I bent down to my video camera, and zoomed in.

The creature in front of me rampaged around the clearing. It howled and growled and screeched. Its body still mostly covered by darkness, it stopped. Its head whipped toward me, and it hissed. My breath caught in my throat, and if my heart was beating, it would of burst out of my chest.

The thing flew toward me in a craze, the blonde mane of hair on top of its head was full of leaves and small twigs, making it look like it lived in the forest.

I gasped, as I was smashed into the grasp of the wild thing. In fear, I lifted my head up to scream, when I saw only relief in those deep golden-black eyes.

…Golden-black eyes? As soon as the feelings of confusion washed over me like an ocean wave,

The banshee fell at my feet and gave me the most bone-crushing hug ever. It smelled of wood and forest smells. I couldn't help it, I cracked up. The arms around me tensed up, wondering why I was laughing. The banshee's golden-black eyes looked curiously at me.

"What are you doing here, Jasper?" I asked.