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The World's Greatest Guide to Magical Creatures

When Alice gets bored, the weirdest things happen, but this is the weirdest yet. Summer break after graduating from Forks High School, Alice is bored, when she desides to make the world's greatest guide to magical creatures... Chapter Three Just Got Up 4/5


3. Magic (Love) In the Air

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“What are you doing here Jasper?” I repeated.

Jasper shrugged. He put me down for a minute, my feet plodding softly of the springy green grass. He raised a marble hand to brush the debris out of his hair, leaves and branches, and who knows what, fell out of his blond locks.

“Well…” Jasper began, snapping his blackened cloak to remove the dirt that speckled it. “Well, um, it’s kinda a long story.”

I crossed my arms, and leaned my petite body against an aging willow tree. “Shoot.” I nodded, venomously. “I’ve got forever, my friend. I’m a vampire.” I spat, harshly.

Jasper flinched, and I felt a slight twinge of guilt, but then I remembered. He ruined my chances of finding a banshee. He didn’t want me to go. This. Was. His. Fault.

Jasper cringed as my emotions draped the air, and smothered everything around us. He looked as if he was going to send some calming emotions, but then thought better of it.

“Well…” I asked.

“Okay, Alice? Please don’t be mad at me.”

I snorted.

“No, seriously. You see, after I forbid… well, after I tried to prevent you from going to find the banshee, I thought about it. I decided that I loved you enough that if this is what you truly wanted I would go with you, to protect you. Even though a seeing the demon of death would pierce your heart stronger than you think, I would do it. I would do it for you, Alice.”

I stifled a gasp, but my gratitude and resurrected love for my Jasper swinging across the meadow like a shooting star.

Jasper smiled a ghost of a smile, and continued grimly. “I decided to go out hunting first, to give you time to calm down and to allow me to spend the entire time helping… and protecting you.” Jasper grimaced. “Do you know,” He hissed vituperatively, “What happen next? DO YOU?” He roared, the bushes and trees trembled, frightened.

I shook my head, to terrified to speak.

He sighed. Calming down slightly, he turned his golden eyes, only framed with black, to me. “Alice.” He murmured. “You have no idea what I went through. Rosalie called.”

I shook my head. Thinking of what she almost did to Edward, I shook my head. That silly overreacting sister.

“I know what you’re thinking, Alice.” Jasper said, surprising me. “And you’re wrong. Rose went into your room to ask your opinion on a new expensive dress she bought, and to ask you if you wanted to go shopping in LA this weekend.” Jasper scoffed. “But you weren’t there. Your scent was fainter in your room than outside your window. She was scared for you Alice. She was scared. So she called me. And do you have any idea how scared I was? How afraid that something happened? That you were hurt? That you were...” He gulped, his eyes flashing, “...that you were dead?” He shuddered.

I stepped forward, hesitating, but he put up a cold hand, motioning for me to move back.

“I thrashed through the forest. I was in a frenzy, Alice. Someone, something, was pulling me, leading me by my soul somewhere. I didn’t care, as long as it led to you. Then, I caught your scent. And… and it was like when the poison finally stopped coursing through my veins, and the pain stopped. It was everything I needed, it was my relief.” He glanced at me, as if to see how I would react. I tried to smooth over my emotions. A deep, and unbreakable tie of affection still wavered in the air, almost palpable. “And there you were. Perfect. Unharmed. Even though, my dear, I should be furious in every possible way at you, I can’t seem to do it. You’re here, I am with you again, and I suppose, that’s all that matters.” As he finished this, he padded across the grass, and gently took my tiny hands in his, and wrapped his fingers around my hands, my wrists. He pulled me toward his, unexpectedly, and pressed his lips against mine.

Everything Jasper had left unspoken pulsed through that kiss, his fear for me, the franticness, the feeling of losing the largest part of his soul. His love. Stronger than anything else, his endless love for me came through. Eccentric wild me. His love rushed through his body, nearly unfathomable if I didn’t have love for him to match it. I pressed my cold body against my sculpted marble angel.

And then, I fainted. For the second time in eternity, I fainted.


I sat straight up in bed, the black and gold sheets crumpling around me. Wait. Bed? Vampires. Don’t. Sleep. What was wrong with me? I glanced around the room, and noted the walls racked with CDs. Ah, okay. So I was in Edward’s room. I turned and plopped my bare feet on the floor, and rested my head in my hands, thinking.

Okay, focus, Alice. Come on, facts. Facts. 1) I had fainted, something I thought impossible for vampires to do, twice this week.

2) I fainted while Jasper was kissing me. Something we reserved usually for Bella to do.

3) I didn’t find a banshee. Jasper screwed that plan up.

4) I was in Edward’s room, as was previously established.

5) I haven’t had a vision in weeks.

6) And my hand felt dead.

I lifted my left hand up to look at it. I mean, it looked normal, but God forbid anything in the Cullen’s life be normal! I sighed. Ah, well. Maybe I could just watch the video. Even if it was a total debacle, watching Jasper be an imbecile always cheered me up. I leaned forward from Edward’s gold and black sheets and pressed the cherry red power button. And then pressed play.

I leaned back against the bedpost to watch. I watched Jasper rush in as a banshee. I saw him apologize. I saw me stepping into the camera’s frame. I saw us kiss. And I saw…I saw a shimmering blue and green light. I flashed forward on the bed and pressed pause, as only a vampire can do. I snatched the slick silver camera, and slammed the door open, accidentally smacking Emmett in the face. I glared at him, and he shrugged, holding a glass cup in one hand, thought why he would need that was beyond me. Hasn’t he ever heard of ‘vampire senses’?

I shaking my short black hair I flew down to Emmett’s room, ‘cause he has the best computer, (Besides Jasper with all his war games) for all his video games and stuff. I yank out the cord from behind the computer and smack it into the video camera’s connection cable. Impatiently, I drummed my fingers against the desk, snapping a staccato tune. The surface of the fading wooden desk began to dent and crack.

“Oops. Sorry Emmett.” I muttered absentmindedly. Then the picture from the video camera popped up on screen. I rewound a little bit and the flicker green blue and gold… thing flickered to my hand and then away. Jasper started flipping out like the apocalypse had come early. He flipped me, unconscious, onto his shoulder and reached his hand out to turn off the video camera. I rewound again, and again, each time zooming in or out. Again, and again and again and again. Over and over, until I found the perfect picture.

I stared at the screen besieged. There it was, absolute. I had found a faerie.

‘OH MY GOD! IT’S A FAERIE! EDWARD, GO GET EVERBODY, b34;OH MY!b34;’ I thought/screamed thrilled. I started singing and dancing frantically, until the rest of my amazing family arrived. Quickly, I composed myself.

“Hey Allie.” Rosalie shrugged, bored.

“Lice!” Emmett slapped my back with enough force to break a couch in half.

“Mary Alice, what have you done this time?” Esme asked me affectionately.

Edward just shrugged, grinning brightly, eager to get over with the formalities. Bella glanced at him, concerned. “Is he on something?” She stage-whispered. Edward whipped his head around, his golden eyes blazing, but Bella just laughed. “Edward.” She laughed, “I have an eternity to lighten you up and teach you to take a joke.” And with that, she stood on her toes to reach his lips, and wound her arms around his neck.

“Oh God, you guys.” Emmett groaned. “Get a room.”

Bella reluctantly removed herself from Edward to stick her tongue out at Emmett. But her eyes were bright, and Edward’s promise of ‘soon’ rang in her ears. Edward smiled at her, an angel’s smile, and squeezed her hand.

I coughed to regain everybody’s attention. “Okay everyone, as exciting as Bella and Edward are,” I flashed a smug smirk and Bella a dazzling smile. “You guys will never guess what happened!” And then I realized who was missing, why I’d felt like my heart was disconnected. “Guys? Guys, where’s Jazzy?”

My family exchanged troubled looks. Carlisle coughed, preparing himself to speak, to be the bearer of bad news.

“No, NO!” I screamed. “TELL ME WHERE JASPER IS!”

Esme walked over and placed a soothing hand on my shoulder. “He’s not dead you know.” She promised.

I glanced up, my eyes wide. “I know.” I whispered.

She bent down and kissed my forehead. “We thought…” Her voice caught and she started again. “Alice, honey, we thought you knew where he was.”

Confused, I glanced around at my family and they nodded in agreement, except Bella. “Alice?” She whispered, heartbroken. I smiled sadly, she understood. “Alice, it’ll be okay.”

“What did he tell you?” I asked.

Carlisle stepped forward. “He told us he needed to make amends. That if there was one thing the army didn’t teach him, it was love.”

“Whaaaaat?” I asked, startled.

“Do you know what that means?” Esme asked softly.

I peered around her gently frame to see Rosalie leaving, followed by Emmett pulling along Bella. Edward stayed. “Alice.” Esme repeated. “Do you know what that means.”

“Yes. No. I don’t know.” I stuffed my hand into my front pocket and a paper crumbled. Baffled, I pulled out a crisp white sheet of paper.

‘I am so sorry.’ The note read. ‘Alice, I’ve gone to make it up to you. I will come back once I make things right. I love you Alice. ~Jasper. Whose heart is yours forever and always.'

“Where did he…” I stopped, my golden black eyes glazing over, a force suddenly slammed into my skull. A vision.

Jasper was walking down a graveyard, his hands in his pockets. He glanced around, and stopped. He pulled out a single red rose from, and placed it in front of a single gravestone. He straightened up, and brushed off the knees of his pants. He straightened, and the wind ruffled his blond hair, pushing it in front of his tawny eyes. He spoke, determination and love ringing clear and true in every word, ‘Come. This is for Alice. For her sake, Come.’