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Rich Girl

Lauren Mallory's life after high school. Once a bitch, always a bitch. Isn't that how the saying goes? Based on the song: Rich Girl, by Hall N' Oates

IT all belongs to stephenie meyer. i don't want it. she can have it.

1. Rich Girl

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I can't believe you are reading this. I told you not to. I'm not even joking.

Rich Girl

The best thing that ever happened to Lauren Jane Mallory was when her mother died. She’s not a bitch or anything, she’s just blunt. Her dad had this outrageous life insurance on her mom. She never understood why until her mom died.

It was a brutal car crash. The oncoming truck- one that looked remarkably like Bella Swan’s old one before that little tramp died, hit her mom’s mini cooper. The sun roof was open and Mrs. Mallory was decapitated. Lauren took the loss hard and sobbed for two days. After that, it was just time to move on.


Her dad felt the same way. The million dollar life-insurance paid out and Mr. Mallory took his only child, his perfect little angel of a girl, to the happening scene of New York City. They lived in the penthouse of a nice hotel in Greenwich, the art district where her father invested heavily in art and beginning businesses, while Lauren attended college.

She met a boy named Shinta. He was from Tokyo, Japan, and was the son of a multi-millionaire. He was the heir to boot. Lauren had met her future husband. It was no problem getting the smoking hot foreigner to ask her out. Lauren herself was the definition of hot.

Really. She was hot.

Too bad, she spent so much time investing in her relationship with Shinta, doing everything from lap dances to exotics sex parties and then on to the cocktail parties with prominent monied figures, Lauren’s grades fell. She was averaging C’s. Then, her dad dropped a bombshell.

He was getting remarried. The girl was Lauren’s age. At first, Lauren was not so sure how she would handle her father being a sugar daddy. Then she met Christine. Big boobs, unnaturally thin waist, bright green eyes, long brown hair and the snobby personality of a bitch who ruled her high school, Lauren had her first real best friend.

Lauren and Christine did everything together. They shopped at all the right stores, determined to add the Mallory name among those of the Hiltons and the Hilfigures, ate all right foods, got the right surgeries together to enhance their already “perfect” bodies, wore the right clothes, shunned the right people- they did everything perfectly. Two years passed and Lauren was the happiest girl alive.

Shinta preposed to her with a six carat blue diamond ring. Lauren said yes and she and Christine began to plan the wedding of all weddings. It would top Bella Swan’s, who had somehow spared no expense at her’s.The girl had even had two dozed doves released as she walked down the aisle! What a tramp! Christine agreed completely. With glee, they filled out the invitations, sending one to the Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. They lived off in some forsaken little town, probably dirt poor. Seriously! Who lived in Alaska? No one with money went up to the polar bears and penguins!

Lauren shuddered at the thought of it all.

They invited her entire high school class, just to show them how much better she was than them. Their lives probably sucked, especially compared to hers. She was the All American Girl: rich, beautiful, getting married to a hot guy with tons of money. She had the perfect life. Okay, so what? Maybe, she wasn’t as happy as she had been at once point, but still. That was just the nerves. She would be happy again after the wedding. After the stress was over.

Nothing, she determined, would ruin her big day.

Christine helped her get ready that fateful morning. Her dress was like a white ball gown, even if her dress should have been as black as a crow. It was only made of silk and lace, and Shinta would have no problem tearing it off of her that night. Not that that night would be anything special. Hell, they might not even have sex that night, depending on how tired they were. They had had it enough in the days leading up to the wedding. Skipping the wedding night wouldn’t hurt too much, right? Fuck tradition.

Well… huh. Tradition was to be fucked, technically, so perhaps… she had no idea perhaps what. Virgin tradition? Or forget tradition? Forget tradition sounded better, though virgin tradition was probably more correct. But who gave a damn? It didn’t make sense.

Christine adjusted the veil over her honey hair which was piled artistically on her head like Audrey Hepburn, though Lauren looked way better than the actress. That was just in her humble opinion.

Her step mother handed her the bouquet of flowers- Lauren wasn’t specific in what type she wanted, so Christine went with pink and yellow.

“You look hot,” the twenty-three year old said to the twenty-two year old.

“Thanks, Chris. You look super hot yourself.”

Christine winked a green eye. “I know, but thanks.”

The two perfect girls- no the two perfect women laughed. They were adults now, Lauren supposed.

“Let’s go,”

They linked arms and walked down to the elevator that took them to the chapel. The other bridesmaids stood waiting with bright smiles. All were blonde, tan, big boobs, the perfect American high society girls. No one of them was married or was getting married. To Lauren, they were still girls. Not the women she and Christine were. Lauren did have some emotion for them. She liked them well enough and would miss them when she left for Tokyo. They had the semblance of friendship.

“The church is packed,” Tracy informed Lauren.

She smiled. “Excellent.”

The music began and her father appeared with a smile. He had not blinked once at the cost of the wedding his wife and daughter planned. The Mallorys truly had money.

One by one her brides maids started down the aisle. Christine was her maid of honor, and went last before the wedding march began. Lauren walked down the aisle, proud and tall, glowing in the feeling of all eyes on her. They always deserved to be on her. She was that special.

The vows did not take long. Neither did the ceremonies. Neither was religious. They did not go to church or gave a shit about religion at all. They lived life for the moment.

At the reception, Lauren grinned malignantly to all of her old classmates. Jessica who was not married or even with someone, Mike Newton, the hot rocker- Lauren wished she had fucked him before getting married. Maybe she still could. Mike was engaged to a homely little chit named Melanie, but Lauren could easily pull him away from her. She was not pretty at all. Very plain. Very ugly. Just like Bella Swan. Or the Bella Swan that Lauren remembered.

The Bella Cullen at the reception was the most beautiful woman Lauren had seen since Rosalie Hale who had not earned an invite. She now looked like the perfect match for Edward Cullen, who was as hot and rich as ever, more so than Shinta, though Lauren would never admit that. Edward did give her an ironic smirk whenever she thought that. Oh- he definitely thought she was hot. How could he not? She was still way better than Bella could ever be.

The reception ended at one o’clock in morning. Shinta took Lauren to Waldorf Hotel where they rented the penthouse for the night before the private jet would take them to the Bahamas for a month. Then they would return to their normal lifestyle.

Shinta gently lay her on the bed. Despite her earlier misgivings, Lauren knew that they would be having sex. Long sex. Shinta was never the one to miss an opportunity for it.

With the nimble fingers of an expert, he quickly removed her dress. She had worn the sexiest underwear she could find for it, but Shinta did not take the time to look at it. He tore it off without as much as a glance at it. As his fingers trailed up and down the inside of her leg, Lauren disrobed him.

Five years later, Lauren was miserably happily. She and Shinta still had sex every night and they kept the romance alive. They adopted a child that neither paid the slightest attention to. Both had their several affairs and casual fucks, but Lauren was unhappy. She supposed that this was how everyone felt.