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True Colors

Bella says something in her sleep about not being as great as Edward and it puts her in a bad mood all day. What's Edward going to do write a song of course. This is a songfic to the song True Colors by Cyndi Lauper.


1. Chapter 1

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True Colors

“I’ll never be as great as you Edward” Bella mumbled in her sleep. Her dark brown hair was tousled on her face and Edward lifted his stone cold fingers to brush them away. His fingers lingered on her face.

“She doesn’t know how great she is does she?” Edward asked himself. He frowned and waited for his sleeping beauty to awaken.

When Bella woke up with Edward lying next to her, she smiled up at him then looked away obviously feeling self-conscious. It was just one of those days where everything stopped making sense and she didn’t really know what was happening. Even after all the time they spent together, she couldn’t help but feel the blush creep up her neck. After they said good-morning and such, Bella went to get dressed before school.

While Bella got dressed Edward ran back to his house to get dressed as well. He had been through this routine enough times that he knew that Bella took ten to fifteen minutes to get dressed in the morning and he only took five. As he walked down the stairs to leave so he could get to Bella’s early, he noticed the ivory keys from his piano glistening from the way that the sun was hitting them. Then he saw how inferior the black body of the piano looked compared to the white shining keys. The piano body really wasn’t inferior to the keys the keys were only a convenient way to hit the strings inside of the body. If the piano was without its keys , they could still function or just get a new set of keys, but if the keys were without the piano they were just pretty ivory bars that were good for nothing. This reminded him of what Bella had said in her sleep. Struck with a sudden burst of inspiration, Edward grabbed a few blank pieces of sheet music, the ones he used when he wrote songs.

Edward then stopped staring blankly at the piano and got in his car to pick up Bella. When he got to her house she looked sad, not sad in a way that anyone besides Edward or maybe Alice could notice. When she got into the car she noticed that Edward could see through her facade; she gave him smile to tell him that she was fine.

“Why is she hiding this from me” Edward thought to himself, “She must still be feeling inferior or not as great.” He slightly cringed, much to Bella’s notice, “Oh if she only knew how wrong she was.”

They drove to school in almost silence just making small talk. Bella’s mind was still on her self-consciousness, while Edward’s was on how he was going to fill the blank pieces of sheet music in his jacket pocket.

During the few classes when either Bella was busy and not paying attention to Edward, or they were in separate classes he wrote down his song.

At the end of the day Edward drove Bella home, and she was still in the same mood as earlier. Though instead of turning towards Bella’s house he took the road that lead towards his.

“Edward, why are we going to your house?” Bella asked him, “You know we have an English paper due tomorrow.”

“You’ll see soon enough,” Edward said grinning slyly.

Once inside Edward’s house he went to his piano and beckoned for Bella to sit down next to him. He then took the sheet music out of his pocket and began to play and sing, his velvet voice filling the air with sweet music.

You With The Sad Eyes
Don't Be Discouraged
Oh I Realize
It's Hard To Take Courage
In A World Full Of People
You Can Lose Sight Of It All
And The Darkness Inside You
Can Make You Fell So Small

“I was talking in my sleep again last night wasn’t I?” Bella asked sighing and turning a deep crimson red. She scooted closer to Edward and leaned against his stone cold body.

Edward nodded in response trying not to notice the smell of the blood rushing into her face and concentrated on the music.

But I See Your True Colors Shining Through
I See Your True Colors
And That's Why I Love You
So Don't Be Afraid To Let Them Show
Me Your True Colors
Your True Colors
Are Beautiful Like A Rainbow

“Aww Edward, it’s great” Bella exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her heart began to race making it harder for Edward to concentrate on the music. Edward saw the way her eyes glistened, but forced himself to keep his hands on the keys.

Show Me A Smile Then
Don't Be Unhappy, Can't Remember
When I Last Saw You Laughing
If This World Makes You Crazy
And You've Taken All You Can Bear
You Call Me Up
Because You Know I'll Be There

“Thanks Edward, I really needed that today, but I guess you could figure that out even though you can't read my mind.” Bella said resting her head against his.

“Anytime Bella,” Edward said. Then he stopped playing and pulled her as close to him as possible.