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Amazing Story

This is the true story of Twilight and all those other books in the series. You would be surprised to see what really happens. Please know that I never read the books in the first place, but my friend has told me a lot about them.

This is my first, and probably my only fanfiction that I will ever make. I'm sure you will hate it.

1. Chapter 1

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I walked into Edward's room. I called out for Edward, but there was no response. I called out again, but still, no reply. I walked toward his closet, and opened up the door. There were purple ashes all over the floor. I was delighted. My "true love" laid there, on the floor next to me, dead.

I walked into Alice's room, and called out for her. But still, there was no response. Not another death. Not another one of the Cullens gone.

As I walked into everyone's room, there was purple ashes all over the room. Everyone was gone. Although I would have normally been devastated by the loss of Edward and his family, I was actually overjoyed and I left his house immediatly to spread the news. \

I went home, and told my father about the wonderful news. Since my dad didn't know about the Cullens being vampires, he thought that my "boyfriend" was dead. He was extremely happy to hear the news too, and spread it on to Billy Black.

Life was good, I thought. No more boyfriend troubles, no more worrying about Edward sucking blood out of me. They were dead. The whole family was gone forever.

Who had done this wonderful deed, I wondered. Well, of course, it must have been the werewolves. Ah, how much I loved those werewolves! How could I ever repay them, I pondered. I decided to go to La Push to visit these wonderful werewolves to thank them. There was not enough money in the world to thank them for finally executing the Cullens.

I got in my car, and drove to La Push I saw many werewolves, and I saw Jacob, my true love. All this time, Edward thought we were in love, when actually, I was having an affair with Jacob the whole time. As I approached Jacob, I asked him if he had killed the Cullens. Jacob had said that he, in fact, did kill the Cullens. I was extremely excited to know that my boyfriend loved me enough to get rid of those Cullens.

There was a funeral for them, and I attended. But, I attended wearing pink instead of black, and I brought balloons and party stuff to celebrate. There was practically no one at the funeral, and by the time Jacob and I showed up, everyone left. We had officially successfully crashed the Cullens' funeral. I doubt that anyone cared though.

Not only did we have a party at their funeral, but we also had a party when we got home. We invited everyone we knew, and it was an amazing party. Actually, I think it was one of the best parties I had ever been to. It lasted 48 hours and it was a lot of fun, too.

After that wonderful party, Jacob and I decided that we should host a weekly party every Friday night where we celebrate the Cullens' death. Every Friday night for about a year we did that, and people showed up everytime, always ready to party.