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Amazing Story

This is the true story of Twilight and all those other books in the series. You would be surprised to see what really happens. Please know that I never read the books in the first place, but my friend has told me a lot about them.

This is my first, and probably my only fanfiction that I will ever make. I'm sure you will hate it.

2. Chapter 2

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Hello little eggs, this is Madison. Currently, I do not know who to kill next...Anyways, here's the story:

I did not know what to do next; no one was coming to our Friday night parties, and I was really getting mad. I thought that I had friends, but turns out, I do not have any friends. I am a hopeless, friendless loser and I shall never, ever, ever, ever, ever have a friend again. Life sucked.

Life sucks, I kept telling myself.

"I hate life," I said to random strangers I saw in the street.

"So do I," they repeated back to me.

At least I wasn't the only one who wanted to kill myself.

From then on, whenever I went out on the street and told people that I hated life, and whenever they responded back saying that they hated life too, I decided to get their phone numbers so that I could call them.

Why would I want to call them, you may be asking. Well, about a month later, I had around 300 phone numbers of people who hated life. I called them all up, and I told them about a death party that I was going to host, since apparently those Friday night parties weren't going so well.

The death party was on May 23rd, the perfect day to die. I call it "Death Day," which makes sense, don't you think? Anyways, so, Death Day came, and I decorated my house in black, and I put up very discouraging signs up around my house saying, "You only had one life anyways" and things like that. It helped set the mood, so that anyone hesitant of killing themselves, would read the signs and be convinced to die.

Almost everyone showed up and we came inside for a bit. We drank water which I dyed black, and we ate dogs. Not hot dogs, dogs. Alive dogs. I captured a few fat, juicy dogs the day before, so I had them ahead of time. Everyone enjoyed the delicious dogs, and we head out to go to the Death Place.

I had been to the Death Place many time with Edward, and everytime I had tried to seriously injure him, because apparently "vampires can only die by werewolves."

As we arrived, everyone was cheering (probably the last time they would ever be happy). We approached the cliff very fast. Some people even ran, because they were so excited, and they fell off the edge before we could do the ceremony.

The ceremony was just when I spoke to them about how it was such a good thing that we were doing this, because we were making a difference in the world, because no one liked us anyways. I counted down, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...

We jumped. Everyone. No one chickened out. As I watched the ground slowly approach me, I randomly thought about how much I hated those Cullens'. The ground came faster and faster, and eventually, we hit it. We hit is so hard. I landed on the ground. I saw my arms five feet away from me. My leg was right next to me, but it was glistening in the sun. I picked up my leg, and found a computer chip. I took the computer chip out of my leg, and I realized something.

I'm not real.