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Edward once said that if he could be human for Bella, than he would do anything. But what if her was human when they met... in 1917. Would that completely change the relationship that we know and crave for, or will their love burn as strong as ever??

This is a story that I have been thinking about for awhile. I really hope that you all like it.

4. First Look...

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I walked quickly but carefully, so as not to harm the dress on my body, or the one in my hands.

The town passed by me, and I saw small girls and boys stare in awe at my finery as I walked. I stepped past the city limits and off the cobbles into the dirt road of the Masen pathway.

My stomach tightened sharply, as the nerves began to make their appearance, finally catching up with me after I had been able to avoid them so well before hand. I could see the beautiful mansion looming above me, and almost turned around twice.

However, my mother’s words kept my going, urging me up the pathway.

He was standing by the front door, and vision in black. His beautiful green eyes searched along the drive until they locked onto my face. A sudden sparkle lit his eyes, but was quickly masked. I lost my concentration, and tripped on a rock, but was able to steady myself in time not to fall flat on my face.

My cheeks flamed, and I could hear him chuckle. His beauty was beyond anything that my mind could have ever naturally comprehended. He was too perfect for words.

I stepped up to him and swallowed hard. My body slipped down into an awkward curtsy. To my immense fury I stuttered.

“H-How do you d-do?” I bit my lip hard at my stupidity as I felt more blood rush up to my cheeks. He laughed his face brightening considerable, and I realized that I would do just about anything to get him to do it again. This was not a sound that should be kept inside. It was light, and joyful. It made me happy.

His words were as soft, and beautiful as his laugh. “Fine, how are you.” It wasn’t fair how he could be so calm, sound so perfect, and yet I had to be a bumbling idiot.

“Good.” I managed to get that word out.

He offered his arm, and I shifted from one foot to the other unsure of how to react. Finally, after taking another deep breath, I slipped my hand into the crook of his elbow, and we walked up the steps and into his house.

They had the most astounding house I had ever seen. The cherry wood looked infused with gold, and sparkle at every angle, anywhere in the house. I felt sudden shame for my meager lifestyle, and wished that he would never have a reason to see it.

We walked by many beautiful rooms, and various closed doors. I felt uncharacteristically curious about those doors. In fact, I seemed to be curious about everything that involved the elusive Edward Masen.

He steered my through a set of large doors made of the same golden cherry wood, and the room that I saw made me gasp. Dining rooms were typically the most elaborately decorated rooms, simply for the fact that it was the room that saw the most entertainment.

However, all the ones that I had ever seen did not do this one any justice at all. I suddenly felt remarkably insignificant.

The table was made to sit at least 30, by the look of it. A giant fireplace stretched from the floor to the ceiling on the far wall.

“Isabella!” Mrs. Masen’s squeal made me jump slightly, and tighten my grip on Edward’s arm. She rushed over and planted a light kiss on my cheek, laughing when she saw the look on my face. The laughter soon turned to worry, however, when my expression didn’t change.

“Isabella?” Her voice was filled with so much concern that I was almost certain that she had confused me for someone else. I quickly cleared my throat and smiled at her.

“Mrs. Mas… Elizabeth… thank you for inviting me,” I hesitated trying to find a compliment that would suffice without overdoing the generosity.

“Your home is beautiful.”

She beamed at me. “Stunning, talented, and well-mannered… she is a keeper Edward.” She winked at him, and both of us flushed brightly. The red on his cheeks made him even more attractive than normal, and he looked down at me with an odd look on his face.

His eyes were magnetic, and I shivered unconsciously taking a step toward him. I could feel myself sinking into a sea of jade jems, and emerald mountains. I suddenly felt like the richest girl on the planet standing here next to Edward Masen… I was standing next to Edward Masen. Extremely close.

He cleared his throat, and took a step back... I almost followed him, but restrained myself, and turned to look at Mrs. Masen.

She was once again beaming.

I felt my cheeks burn again. I had just exposed myself to one of the most perfect men in Chicago. I couldn’t detect the emotion that had lurked in his eyes.

There had been confusion, embarrassment, and… attraction? That wasn’t possible, why in the world would Edward Masen be attracted to me. It defied all laws of social class. He shouldn’t like me. I should like him. I would have to be very careful.