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I could not understand why she liked it so much. The rain. When we were in her room packing for her to leave and she mournfully threw all her tank tops into a pile to give to me, she said that she hated Forks because of the rain. Now, on the phone when I called her in response to the wedding invitation, she sounded like the rain was the greatest thing since…well Edward Cullen, her fiancé. For being so against marriage at a young age, Aunt Rene and my mother sure were exited about this wedding. So much so, that we were flying in two weeks early in order to help out. Edward/Bella, Jacob/OC

I can't stop writing. It's boardering on obessive.

11. To Close for Comfort

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Aunt Rene fell into Jacob's arms as soon as she saw him. I didn't think they had ever been formally introduced, but he had been close to Bella and that was good enough for her. My mother came right away and wrapped her arms around me. I looked at Phil, who had a blank expression on his face. There was something in his eyes, so that when I met them, I had to look down..

Maybe I was just feeling guilty. Phil wasn't around long enough to know anything. Still...that's crazy. I wouldn't think about it.

"I'll got get your luggage," Jake said, after Rene released him.

"I'll go too," Phil added.

I watched him suspiciously, while my mother asked me how I was. I answered that I was fine, not really paying attention. I couldn't tell her that I was confused and slightly angry. She wouldn't understand, because she did not know.

Jacob came back carrying two of the suitcases, his lips set in a hard line. I glanced at Phil and he too looked grim. What had happened? I sent Jacob a questioning look and he just threw me a smile. I blinked and he shook his head softly. No one saw the exchange, but my uncle. He just looked away.

I tried not to think too much or to hard about the fact that Phil might know something. He must be more observant then I gave him credit for. I kept shooting Jacob glares from my place between him and Uncle Phil the whole ride home. Rene and my mom had fallen asleep in the back seat. Jacob never took his eyes off the road. I glanced at my uncle who just raised his eyebrow at me.

"I hate you," I muttered to Jacob.

He just smirked.

Billy was at the house with Charlie when we arrived. Jacob unpacked the bags and took my mom's upstairs to Bella's room. He set Rene's and Phil's against the wall in the living room.

Rene talked with Billy for a little while I went into the kitchen to try my hand once again at cooking. I gave up as Phil came into the kitchen with Jacob.

Okay, those two were way to buddy buddy. I tried to remember if they had spoken to each other at the wedding, but I was drawing a blank. I had been a little occupied throughout the event and didn't notice much. Had Charlie introduced his friend and his friend's son to his daughter's mother? I couldn't remember.

I glared at them both this time, but went to the phone to order Pizza. "Are you and your dad staying?" I asked Jacob.

His eyes darted to the window. "Yeah," he said slowly. "I am." He turned his back on me so he was looking out the window as Phil sat down at the table.

"What kind of pizza do you want, Uncle Phil?"

"What ever is fine."

I nodded and placed an order for three large pizzas. I knew Jacob could knock out one no problem.

I hung up the phone and turned to look at the two silent men. Jacob was still staring out the window.

"Jake?" He didn't look my way. "Jacob!"

Starting, he looked over at me and blinked. "Yeah?"

"What's wrong?"

Phil looked out the window also, but Jacob moved in front of him.


"Just be quiet!" he snapped.

I was taken aback. He had never spoken to me like that before.

"Please," he said in a much softer voice.

I took in his tense frame and twitching hands. I had seen this pose once before. At the wedding, when those Italian vampires came. Were they-? They wouldn't be...

Jacob relaxed slightly, but still looked unhappy. "Dr. Fang is here with his mate and the little one."

"Esme and Alice," I said off handedly.

"Dr. Fang?" Phil asked, sounding slightly amused. I had forgotten he was there.

I turned to look at him. "Jacob thinks his teeth are a little to white and pointy, hence the name."

"Ah, I'm sure that's why."

I turned to the werewolf standing behind me. "Jacob Black-"

"You think I said something?" Jacob growled. "He has an over active imagination, Eve. He saw what the Cullens were and now he knows the truth."

"Does he know about-"

"No. His imagination isn't that active."

"He's sitting right here," Phil whispered, conspiratorially.

The doorbell rang and I jumped. Jacob's body took on that tenseness again and I touched him. He was shaking. I felt cold, if he phased here and now, we would have problems. I took his hand gently and rubbed it. Jacob was breathing heavily as he tried to regain control.

"What is your problem?" Phil asked, seriously curious about the boy.

"He's a werewolf," I said. Jacob shot me a glare, before nodding. "They're vampire's natural enemies and all. Now, shh before they hear you and kill you."

"Dr. Cullen," Charlie greeted.

"Hello, Chief Swan."

"Hi Charlie," I recognized Alice's voice. According to Bella, Charlie loved Alice, though her presence made me nervous. She must have seen something.

"This is Marcus. He's an old friend."

"Good evening," a silky voice greeted. I nearly fell over. I had seen Marcus before, at the wedding. He was creepy...very creepy and I knew given half the chance that he would eat me. "I am sorry for you loss," he continued.

"Stupid bloodsucker," I muttered under my breath. Jacob wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer. Phil got up and went into the living room. I was worried for him, but I was not about to leave Jacob's side.

"Can I wash my hands? I'm afraid I put it in a mess at the airport."

"Of course," Charlie said.

"I'll show him the kitchen," Alice said softly.

Jacob growled when the two vampires entered. Marcus didn't even shoot him a second glance as he turned the tap on and began to wash his long, pale, hands. I stared in sick fascination, until he finished. Slowly he toweled his hands dry and to look at us.

"Your pack still lives because they are no threat to us. Attack me and they will not survive the night." He looked between me and Jacob. "Neither will your mate."

Jacob looked surprised, so did I. How did he know?

"He sees relationships," Alice explained from her place near the corner of the room.

"Yours is strong. Stronger then I have ever seen. Except maybe Bella and Edward's. This town is just fill of surprises." He laughed a little, a sound that caused chills to run up and down my spine. "As long as you live, though, dog, she is safe to know. Call it...a diplomatic immunity of sorts."

"How is it-?" I started.

"Don't question me, little girl."

"So..." I started, "you're not going to eat me?"

He glanced at Jacob. "My suicide stage ended centuries ago."

I accepted it. Why was I going to question him? I mean he wasn't gong to eat me and start an all out war between the vampires and werewolves. I nodded. "Great, well now that, that's settled."

"We'll leave soon," Alice promised.

"Is that a fact?" Marcus asked with his odd smile.


Marcus nodded and left the kitchen. Alice hurried closer to us. "I am so sorry. I did not know they would come, I didn't even think about it. I was keeping an eye on Charlie and I saw him so I grabbed Carlisle we raced over here."

"What would he have done, had you not come?"

Alice was silent for a moment, before she said, "I explained imprinting to him. He didn't believe it though. He can see relationships and when he saw yours, I guess he was satisfied."

Jacob nearly roared, causing me to jump and even Alice to shrink away. "You mean to tell me that there was a chance he would have killed her?"

Alice did not answer right away. "I'm sorry. I could not stop him."

"You're lucky he didn't," Jacob growled again. His whole frame was shaking and Alice held her hands out in front of her.

"Relax, please. I would have...tried to do something."

"I'm sure!" Jacob snapped back, but he stopped shaking and walked over to the window again. He kept his back to me and Alice and his hands gripped the windowsill.

I hesitated, before walking up behind him and wrapping my arms around his waist, laying my face on his back. He put his hands over mine and relaxed. Alice left, making enough noise as to not seem weird to the humans in the living room.

"It all turned out okay," I whispered. I was a little shaken at the thought of him killing me and Alice or Jacob not being able to do anything until it was too late. I hoped he hadn't heard our conversation with uncle Phil. If he had...I pushed the thought from my mind. I could hear them talking. There was no screams, so silence. Marcus hadn't killed them.

I pulled away from Jacob and he groaned a little. I smiled, before kissing his shoulder and going to find some money.

I heard the Cullen's leave as I was counting out bills and my mother came into the kitchen. "Strange man, that friend of theirs," she said softly, sitting down.

"I called for pizza," I told her.

"Oh, good," she said off handedly. "I need to talk to you." She shot a meaningful look at Jacob. "Alone."

Jacob shifted a little and muttered something before leaving the room. My mother looked at me. "Charlie told me that you two are close."

I tried not to panic. What would she do? She had never let me have a boyfriend and she could easily forbid me to see Jacob and drag me back to Arizona. "When did he tell you this?"

"A few days ago. I can't believe he is allowing this! He's way to old-"

"He's seventeen, mom."

She paused, mouth agape. "S-seventeen? But he's so..."


"Yes, or something."

"You should see his friends. It runs in the...genes. You know."

"Yes," she seemed thoughtful. "Evelyn, you have to come home you know. There is a good chance you'll never see him again and I don't want you to be hurt. In fact I doubt you'll ever see him again."

"Yes I will!" I snapped. "You don't know what you are talking about." I was angry for some reason. She couldn't just come in here with all her wisdom. She didn't understand, she couldn't.

"Don't take that tone with me! This is for your own good."

"It isn't," I protested.

"Look. You are coming home after the memorial with me. Do you understand?"

I felt the tears in my eyes and I knew that my face betrayed everything. "Fine," I hissed. "I hope you get-" I was going to say I hope you get eaten by vampires, but then that would make her think I was crazy. I just left the kitchen instead and ran up to Bella's room.

Jacob took the initiative and left with his father. I heard the pizza arrive, but I did not come down from my room. Instead, I snuck out the window. It was a lot harder then I thought. I was hanging precariously from the window, trying to get my foot on the branch when I heard a hiss from bellow me. I looked down in surprise, to find an amused Paul looking up at me. I gave him an emmbaressed smile. "Hi."

"What are you doing?"

"Sneaking out."

"Well you're doing a shitty job."

"Thanks," I rolled my eyes.

He grinned. "Drop and I'll catch you. Jacob would never forgive me if I let you break your neck."

"You're kidding me right?" I sent him a wry look.

He shook his head and held up his arms. "Hurry before someone sees you. And why do you need to sneak out?"

I glanced in the direction of the kitchen, where I could hear dishes rattling, and back at him. "I'll tell you later." I paused. "Do you promise to catch me?"


I took a deep breath. This was stupid, if he didn't catch me I was dead and then so was he for letting me die. So...it was in his best interest not to let me die. I shut my eyes tight and closed my mouth over a scream as I let go.

I fell heavily into a pair of strong, warm, arms.


I cracked my eye open and looked up at him. "Thanks."

"Sure." He set me on my feet and pulled me into the shelter of the woods.

"What are you doing here anyway?"

Paul shrugged. "I got stuck on baby sit the family duty. Embry should come to replace me in a few minutes and I can take you to Jacob."

I nodded and wrinkled my nose, the conversation I had had with my mother playing in my head. I wonder if he had heard it. All he knew was that I was upset and it had sent him pacing. I had heard his footfalls on the porch, but didn't want to give my mother anything more to gripe about so I did not go down.

"Everything alright?"

"Fine. Just perfect."

He raised an eyebrow, but did not comment. A thoughtful look passed his face. "I'll be right back," he said suddenly and without waiting for an answer he took off into the trees. He came back a few minutes later.

"Jacob is coming with Embry," he told me, sitting on a tree stump.

I sat on the one next to it and stared off into the woods. "Being a minor, sucks," I said finally.

Paul shrugged. "We're lucky...we don't get carded."

I laughed a little. "Can you even get drunk?"

"It's expensive," he admitted. "But possible. You should see Embry drunk. Now that's a sight."

I smiled. He was trying to cheer me up and I appreciated that. "Thanks."

He just shrugged and looked away.

Jacob and Embry appeared a few minutes later, melting out of the trees like they belonged to the forest.

"You can't come home with me," Jacob said, after he pulled me into the woods and way from his brothers.


"Your mother will worry. They think Bella is dead. You can't stress them out like that."

"You heard what she said."

Jacob's face hardened momentarily. "We both knew that you would have to go home some time. We'll make it work, I promise."


He silence me with a kiss, as cheesy as the sounds, pulling me close to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and savored his warmth and the taste of him. He pulled back and smirked. "You need to trust me. Remember, I would never do anything that was bad for you."

I nodded and kissed him again.